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  1. It is obvious that MissMeMiss is stating that these things(Cruiser hiding behind cover & showering you with HE Shells, cunning Destroyer with clairvoyant torpedoes shots & master chief god level sniper skill battleship) happen in random battles but do not happen in Co-Op SO
  2. What? You cant read? You do know the bit I quoted. MissMeMiss was referring to random battles just as i was referring to it, not Co-Op mode
  3. exactly why i don't spend money on this FREE to play game... Games filled with aimbots & bots Wargaming wont care till the real money stops rolling in. There is even a post WG on Bots showing comments that Wargaming cant get rid off them.
  4. Inoperative

    What's going on here WG?

    Yesterday 12k players & got 6v6 three matches in a row so i wouldn't class that off-peak.
  5. Inoperative

    What's going on here WG?

    Tier 6 matchmaking with 6v6 in random battles with 2 CV, 2 BB & 2 DD or 1 DD 1CL a side with 1 of each in split spawns on either edge of map? Do you people at Wargaming have any common sense? Gameplay is terrible... Battleships can't survive more than 2-3 minutes. If you have to make stupid 6v6 matches, limit CV & DD numbers to 1 each per team or even better scrap 6v6 matches altogether.
  6. Wargaming seem to be more worried about protecting sensitive, you hurt my feelings bad players with bad gameplay & banning players for chat violations for pointing that fact out then combating the real problems with the game..... one of which is. BOTS… CHEATS... OF ALL KINDS Yet another reason I will never spent a cent on a Wargaming game
  7. Inoperative

    Why i will never spend a cent on this game

    Ok put your heads back in the sand...… they don't exist.... no one is using them... my bad
  8. Inoperative

    Why i will never spend a cent on this game

    lol... epic.… Not detectable according to 2 of the sites I visited... they were pay to use
  9. Inoperative

    Why i will never spend a cent on this game

    Red line with red cross at end to indicate citadel hit Just google it..... plenty to choose from Take your pick Wargaming doesn't care
  10. Wargaming consistent failure to address this problem..... A problem that has been around since day one F2P all Wargaming games.... Don't waste your money