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  1. Agree with S4pp3R. I have played with CE and Steering Gears 2 and had fun on both. CE is more traditional but Steering Gears 2 makes Charles Martel difficult to hit at range (range +movement are key). With Steering Gears 2, I liked to have IFA so that the moment there is incoming, you change tack. Slightly different skills - to use MBRB as much as possible. It works well on Algérie too. (1) GtG, (14) CS (3). PT. (16) Pyro (6) AR, (13) SI (10) CE PT is a personal thing, but in high insight I would take S4pp3R's build and replace RL for IFA and SI...
  2. gummyhaai

    KOTS CODE (expired)

    Hello all, Related confirmation #1 - I claimed the Kots code while watching the stream and the Kots crate mission appeared. I subsequently watched the entire stream and claimed the mission, but nothing happened. I assume that the code (when live) and the "watch for 2 hours" will only deliver 1 mission. Correct? Related question #2 twitch drops. I recently claimed 0.10.3 Mission #3 and a Twitch Container. According to the "Claimed" section of twitch It was "2 days ago". However no mission or container has appeared. These things worked in the past. Is this delay normal? And, if not, is there are ways to fix? (according to my twitch settings, I am connected to wargaming.net). Google didn't come up with any recent matches. thanks in advance for any pointers
  3. gummyhaai

    Epic Games Test issues

    Thanks for the answer. I must be a bit slow, as I dont' really see how or where I can use the epic id. THe epic id was used to generate the code, but at initial login I chose a new "username" - now I can't change the username.
  4. gummyhaai

    Epic Games Test issues

    I'm looking for some help advice on the "WoWS Epic Games Test" I Downloaded the game using epic plaform using the code that was sent by email - all ok. I selected the Asia server, same as my regular game id, but: When I tried to use my gameid, i had an error message that the id was taken, so I typed in something different and it logged me in (I suppose). Now, the only ships available are the tier 1s plus a hire of Dunkerque. The Shop section is empty. Has anyone had different/same experience? How can I change the account (no option as far as I can see) thanks
  5. gummyhaai

    Advent Calendar Website Issues

    Hi There WG. Confirm that the site works for me. HOWEVER... Special Quest for 7 December is "Take Part in the updated Ranked Battles" But there are no Ranked battles currently on the Asia server. How can we fulfil the quest in 7 days??? Meaning, no Big Container
  6. gummyhaai

    Spot The Difference

    Hello There are 10 differences - black circled items are missing, and blue are changed.
  7. gummyhaai

    Weekly Combat Missions: Day of the Russian Navy

    Yay! Russian Navy Missions have appeared!
  8. gummyhaai

    Weekly Combat Missions: Day of the Russian Navy

    I'm on the asia server and its the same with me: Have Simon Bolivar, but no Russian Navy Mission. I have the weekend mission. Does anyone have Russian Navy?