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    IJN CA

    I am just starting out with Edinburgh, but am thinking because of the vulnerability that its better to take Smoke rather than Radar (seeing we can’t have both 😞) and do the smoke-firing support role. Which means I am now more scared of radar cruisers than BBs...
  2. GrumpyAJ

    SuperBattleship, Satsuma and Hannover

    The amusing part of the proposed game mode - Playing a super-battleship depletes your Intelligence 😕
  3. So now a triple nerf for Thunderer... range reduced twice and Deadeye being removed. I feel the need to channel @S4pp3R on this - slow down WG (https://youtu.be/GmG7yvsOPpc), do things one at a time and observe the differences... Why is Thunderer so strong? Good dispersion, RN BB HE penetration, high fire chance and good concealment that in the current state keeps DE active for longer than most other BBs. This means if she can see you at distance she has a very good chance of dropping a load of nasty HE on you and burning you up... No fun I agree. However we need to pick this apart a bit... Deadeye means probably another 1-2 hits from each well aimed salvo and thus probably another fire. Shouldn’t WG wee what removing DE does first before chopping off more range? The other aspect is the if she can see you question... Either: you have fired your guns, an enemy ship is inside your concealment, or an aircraft has spotted you. In early game it is probably the latter and others have already raised the issue of how CV spotting supports the snipping BB meta. Perhaps if this was addressed she wouldn’t seem so OP? On the other changes (e.g. HMNZS Leander, HMS Fiji, HMS Edinburgh, Stalingrad) I think we are seeing the impact of the Consumables Enhancements skill having buffed their main party trick and this now being nerfed back...
  4. GrumpyAJ

    New Underwater environments !

    And probably on the menu somewhere
  5. GrumpyAJ

    i got a problem

    Sounds like you have a corrupted game file somewhere. I have had similar odd issues in the past. With the latest patch I have the issue that WoWS is not picking up my reversed mouse button settings from Windows :-(. As a first step download and run WGCheck (or if WoWS deployed via Steam use Verify Game Files). If you raise a ticket with WG the first response will be to ask you to use WGCheck, so you may as well get ahead of the curve :-).
  6. GrumpyAJ

    ​📰 ST, Adjustment in Firing Mechanics

    I had a brief look into shell storage a while ago... USN BBs and RN CLs typically had storage for approximately 1 hour of firing at maximum rate for their main guns (I assume this carries through as typical for other BBs and CXs), so no issue in a 20 minute game :-). If we were talking about torpedo storage that would be a completely different question as many ships did not carry even a single reload for their tubes, however I think we all support the in-game approach in order to allow DDs (in particular) to have a purpose for more than the first 5 minutes of the game.