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  1. uhm, i did say i verify and i got this, nvm, i already unistalled, im reisntalling it
  2. nvm it, im just going to reinstall, theres my play time down the drain
  3. uhm what? i just woke up and wanted to play the game, an it wont launch despite me keep clicking play so many times, it just closes and when i open the launcher again it just be a huge orange play like i didnt press it, and when i went to verify i get this, i have already verified 5 times. any fix?
  4. KwsQRina

    Aft or ce for 4th skill for blyskawica?

    i see, thanks for your guys suggestions!
  5. KwsQRina

    Aft or ce for 4th skill for blyskawica?

    hmmm i see then, ill go with ce even though aft is pretty tempting
  6. 1 point away from getting 10 points, with ce its still has terrible conceal of 6.8km but at least safer but still get out spotted by everything, with aft i can play it like a russian gun boat so i can atleast do some dmg and not get outspotted and just die, and grinding the captain is just pain so any suggestions or which one to choose and why?
  7. ah ok, thanks for the suggestion, ill buy back the hermes to learn the bombers
  8. This has been frustating me when i play mid tier dd's, i try to dodge and everything, dosent work, the bombers cover the whole area, and Yes i am nearby friendly ships, i have never sucessfully dodged these bombers, so what can i do to dodge the bombs, the usn bombers at least i have some chance to dodge them
  9. KwsQRina

    Critical Error

    shet, i didnt get the notifcation for ur reply (lol 3 months later) 😕 , sorry for the late reply ill try it, i think it fixed it, i can play with mods again ❤️ ~
  10. KwsQRina

    Critical Error

  11. KwsQRina

    Critical Error

    i have no idea whats causing this, my game was running fine before 9.2.0
  12. KwsQRina

    Critical Error

    welp, the problem is back, fml
  13. KwsQRina

    Critical Error

    Im using mod station, is mod station known for crashes?