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  1. Oh how the turn tables... Immediately after writing this post I had a game with 2 Smolensk and a couple other typical cancer boats - 150k damage 3 kills and a hard carry for the team.
  2. The Montana, only tier X (for me) is useless in the current meta. Unless you get lucky matchmaking putting you as one of 2 or 4 Tier 10s in a given game, you'd be lucky to survive 5-6 minutes without getting burned to death by the swathes of cruisers with the same if not more range than you, or if you're lucky farmed by a Yamato, Thunderer or Conqueror from 25km-It also doesn't help that the Kremlin (it's Russian) can shoot straight through perfectly angled side armor for some reason. If anyone has any suggestions as to how to avoid this and not loose hundreds of thousands of credits - I'd be open to hearing them. The fact that I can do well in mixed tier matches but abysmally in Tier X games tells me that it's not me entirely, but the ship. I'm not even getting more than a few salvoes off before dying to fire, and the sheer lack of targets tells me its just extremely difficult for the Montana to survive in the current meta. Hell, the Zao just bombs you for 8k then disappears at a 12-13km range! So any ideas when the Montana will be less reliant on matchmaking to be actually good?
  3. sdrgio

    Tips for Tier X Gameplay?

    Better target selection - by this do you mean shooting at ships that I am more likely to damage heavily? Eg ships such as GK that get penned easily by American ballistics (atleast in my experience)? If so, is setting up a training room with common Tier X ships a good idea to see which ships are easily damaged given the ballistics and shells on the Montana?
  4. sdrgio

    Tips for Tier X Gameplay?

    That's the problem - when I play too passive I end up with 30-40k damage and losing credits.
  5. sdrgio

    Tips for Tier X Gameplay?

    Pretty much how I feel about it at the moment. At least in the Iowa and North Carolina I felt as though I was evenly matched. The Montana, while I can definitely see her strengths, feels like a massive magnet for invisible long-range HE snipers like Smolensk, Worcester, DM, and the RN BBs that are just horribly broken.
  6. sdrgio

    Tips for Tier X Gameplay?

    Is that... good?
  7. So I recently got the Montana, and I've heard she's really good. I can see that - great AA, accuracy and speed, 12 guns etc... I have found my play to be inconsistent, however. Most of the time I either get HE spammed to death (Smolensk, Conqueror, I'm looking at you) or on the rare occasion trying to escape the fiery hellscape of HE shells, I get torpedoed by an opportunistic DD. Rarely do I find myself citadel'd by another BB in an evenly matched fight, leading me to believe that my angling and positioning are decent. Often trying to stay out of range of the HE spammers I just keep myself too far from the action and end up with a paltry 30-40k damage. I have had a few decent games, what I consider 100k+ matches, mainly these games are devoid of Smolensk or Conquerors. So is it something I'm missing about Tier X gameplay, or is the Montana just obsolete in the current invisible light cruiser HE spam meta?