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  1. Minato_Aquakinn

    Wonderful Design#2

    Real naval battles BB guns World of warships is so historical!
  2. Minato_Aquakinn

    Wonderful Design

    Are these what your guys called "Submarine's TORPEDOES"? Wonderful design, for SS player, isn't it?
  3. Minato_Aquakinn

    Are you serious? Insufficient funds

    That’s pretty..... WG, please give compensation for our credits and fix it as soon as possible.
  4. Minato_Aquakinn

    Are you serious? Insufficient funds

    Also can not earn credits for battle. I need to do mission and earn credits in battle.
  5. Minato_Aquakinn

    What’s happened with you WG?

    I just don’t know why??? You dockyard mission is too hard to complete, and why happened this thing. WG, please give compensation
  6. Minato_Aquakinn

    What’s happened with you WG?

    Why I can not pay my credits for fixing my ships I need to play it for my mission!
  7. Minato_Aquakinn

    But PvE just isn't popular... ...

    Respawn mode, plz And maybe they can update the operation mode. Or April Fools’ Day mode(I forgot that name, but that is pretty fun lol)
  8. Minato_Aquakinn

    What do you think of deadeye?

    I just want to play Venezia with 17.6km Concealment. When I hit the BB with 14k damage and use my 200K horsepower engines to dodge the shells from those dead eye BB, I will feel comfortable and happy.
  9. Minato_Aquakinn

    Just feels so bad...

    Co-op battle, I feel that is a bit boring. I would like to spend my time on some other games with the time I played Co-op battle.
  10. Minato_Aquakinn

    Just feels so bad...

    I have played this game from 2016, that’s my bothers account and I played with that... I didn’t have some many ships, so I played a lot on my bothers account. Just looking back at that time, I found Wows to be very fun. Few of players run more than 20km away, DD dog fights are intense and exciting, and no one sends out a bunch of * symbols in the left corner every day. That should what the Wows like... However, I stopped playing my brother's account since the beginning of 2020, because my brother started to play this game again. I registered my own account, but I found that the game environment has changed. And in 0.10.0, this game become so bad to play.... When I heard that skill—Dead eye, I thought that will be changed or be replaced, but it seems that WG never realize the irrationality of this skill, they did not change it in ST, PT, and before the 0.10.0. Now Thunderer with dead eye everywhere, go one step further— BB with dead eye everywhere, and 50% of them are thunderer. They just stayed at 20km away, or 30km, throw HE shells and let you burn like the torch on the sea, and if you rush, you die, and you have to keep social distance with them and throw shells like them. As a result, the game become BBs throw shells form 25km. If they lose their eye, they won’t push, because they think they will die, and that’s it. SO, what is the result of this: You can make a division like this: Smaland, Venezia and a BB, you can find that you can win this game by killing enemy DDs and cap all the three points without difficulty, because most BBs are stay 25km away and never push. You can win the game in 10 minutes without any fun, and you just get a easy win. Also, some players make me annoy, not only the dead eye BB players stay 25km away, but also some DD players. They never cap, never said any word did nothing, or died at the first 3 minutes of the battle. Although you pointed them on the mini map, or said:” Hello? DD can you cap plz?” Most time they did nothing and just......Well, I don’t know what they were doing. And if you team is full of dead eye BBs stay at 25km, some player become angry and just sends out a bunch of * symbols in the left corner, which happens every day. I think I won’t play this game for a while. I have left my clan... Just feel so bad... And I hope WG will realize the irrationality of Dead eye, because that really makes the game worse and worse.
  11. Minato_Aquakinn

    Signs of a noob team

    Let me add some signs for that: -Going straight no matter what happened(99% are bots) -As CV, just draw circles around enemy heads and do not support DDs or spotting. -100700 Yamato -All staying around CV
  12. Minato_Aquakinn

    2021 Submarines When!!!???? XD

    It’s hard to tell... WIP
  13. 可是白龙没有,你怎么搞吗()
  14. Minato_Aquakinn

    ranked is suffering

    I am going to just still on Bronze and get 2400 steels for that. The higher rank stands for higher blood pressure, but just few more steels I am not going to touch that = = Are you guys playing rank.jpg
  15. 私はすべてのx級船を手に入れたいです(一年以内にそれを行うのは少し狂ったように見えるかもしれませんが)、私は今年4つの私のx級船を出して私の最初の鋼の船を手に入れるつもりです