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  1. AlksAndTrsh


    Hello good day gentlemen! I would just like to ask for some help on how to fix this issues in wargaming center I have tried to reinstall the game, reboot my PC and any possible ways to fix this but nothing happened. Any suggestions and opinions would be much appreciated! Fair winds and following seas!
  2. Hello gentlemen! I would just like to ask if there is a possibility of having a German CV "Again" in German containers that act as a rewards in combat missions because when I've finished the Fourth Directive I have received the "Rhein" CV and I've been thinking if it is possible to have another CV on some missions that I haven't competed yet. Any answers and opinions would be much appreciated, Fair winds and following seas!
  3. Hello good day gentlemen!, I would just like to ask some opinions on what are the things that we should improve to play better in World of Warships, I've been playing Rank Battles for a while now and it makes me frustrated because out all of the games that I have played it would be 1 win and 12 losses or in others scenario it would come to the point that all of my gameplay are all "Defeat" with no win, but I've realized that there is always a room for IMPROVEMENT that's why I have decided to share this question among to the other players out there😉 All opinions and suggestion would be much appreciated, Fair winds and following seas!
  4. AlksAndTrsh


    Hello guys, I would like to ask what is the best tier to grind on credits using an ordinary ship but has a premium account (I've got a 90 days premium in Super Container) and I would like to use it efficiently as much as possible. Earning credits is one of the factors that I am struggling right now, especially I am planning to RESEARCH AND BUY the modules together with its EQUIPMENTS of my Tier 9 Battleship Lion. Any comments and tips would be much appreciated, that's all and thank you so much