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  1. Hello hello, I know I'm probably going to get the ol' "git gud" and whatnot but hey, if people don't say anything, nothing ever gets done about it. So I'm about 4 days in, I thoroughly enjoy the game at it's good moments, and even at it's average moments. Unfortunately since stepping in to Tier IV the good moments have almost entirely dried up for me. What's the issue? Carriers; not only am I regularly running into 3 CV games, it's often without a full team, so we're talking 3 CVs out of 7-9 ships aside. At tier IV no ship has decent AA, a lot of players are new (such as myself) and refuse to coordinate to overlap AA, and the game stagnates into a farm fest where half the team turtle and the other half try to push out, which means the carriers get a free farm. I'm glad that I didn't put any money into this game yet, I've been watching highlights on YT for a while, mostly Flamu and TheMightyJingles. This had given me a gold-tinged vision of the game, where I didn't see the horrible thing that is the CV spam. My question to Wargaming is; why is this oppressive playstyle a thing? I've been going over the forums for the past 2 days since encountering the horror of CV spam and I'm finding fairly regular posts talking about it since almost this time last year. You have the analytics of the playerbase so you should be aware of the large number of CV players playing TIV CVs vs other TIII-TV players. At one point in matchmaking I had more CVs than Cruisers, Battleships and Destroyers combined. So why has/is nothing being done to encourage a less stale meta? At this point, I simply don't want to play anymore, it's honestly too stressful to play, take a few minutes to find a game, load in, cross my fingers and then I finally get in and: 2 CVs. 3 CVs. Even 4 CVS! I'm just slumped into my chair now, a sneer on my face and a heavy heart. The fun is gone. Either my CV's win, or their CV's win, but everyone else loses. I understand that the notion of restricting a certain number of ship slots has been brought up numerous times, why can it *not* be implemented? Perhaps slower planes at low tier, or less health to correspond with the airplanes of the time? Maybe even less range? Why can nothing be done about this? I've attached a screenshot I took for the purposes of this post, just turning on the matchmaking for a bit to show the demographics. (it's not the one where I had more CVs than all else ofc) I'll leave this post now with just this to say: I do enjoy the game that *can* be, but I do not enjoy the game that most commonly *will* be. Quick addendum: I don't think that there isn't counterplay to carriers, but I feel that they are able to do too much in this bracket due to a lack of reliable AA. Another potential fix in my mind would be to lower the number of volleys a squadron can put out, meaning that you can counter them indirectly by maneuvering to avoid the torpedoes, to steer away from the dive bombers. The reason for this is thatI don't think you can outmaneuver a full squadron of torpedo bombers at present in tier III-V, you course correct to avoid the first set of torpedoes but leave yourself largely open to the second set. The other issue I have with the current over-saturation of CVs is that you can quickly be gooned by multiple carriers, removing any and all counterplay. Or perhaps just limit the types of squadron they can take, so they are less of an 'answer for everything'. You want to focus BBs? Torpedo bombers. You want to hunt down the DDs? Rocket planes for you! Anyway, do your best to have fun.