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  1. McBaresark

    Missing permanent economic bonus?

    Ah thanks Ch0m1n - it's a T8 package, but yep I see that I can "Link Package" instead of "Purchase Package" on any T8 ship that doesn't yet have a bonus package.
  2. So I'm looking at camos and economic bonuses after first login post-econ rework. Most things seem to be there where I expect, however I had an un-assigned "New Year" perma-camo before the update dropped, but I can't see a permanent economic bonus in my inventory for it now. Here's the perma-camo half of it now, all fine: But shouldn't I also have a permanent economic bonus for the other half of it in my inventory too, waiting to be assigned to a ship? Coz I don't - the only things listed in my "Economic Bonuses" section of the inventory are expendable bonuses. Anyone else have this issue?
  3. McBaresark

    New year's bonus codes

    My share code: 22NYB-VFH7D-XUUSS