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  1. Commander_298

    WOWS age demographic

    I guess I'm the only young captain here in a post full of old, salty seamen? I'm (6*2) years old. Add to it two years of brawn growth, but no maturity, and you get my age.
  2. Commander_298

    Can't Access PTS Server

    I am not propagating anything. It's just an image. Why is everybody blaming me. I'm not trying to spread anything harmful. It's just an image.
  3. Commander_298

    Can't Access PTS Server

    Issue resolved, but PTS server is a bit laggy
  4. Commander_298

    Can't Access PTS Server

    Noted. Thanks
  5. Commander_298

    Can't Access PTS Server

    I don't know whether anyone else is facing this problem. Whenever I'm trying to enter the PTS Server version 0.9.10, it shows waiting for authorization, then logging in and then suddenly a frozen frame. After that it shows error connecting to server, please try later. I don't know what you devs have done to the PTS Server, but it has been seriously compromising my BIOS performance. I can't even end the process, and ultimately have to warm boot my computer again. Could somebody help me please?
  6. Commander_298

    KM Tirpitz

    I pretty much think that Tirpitz was hardly noticeable as a battleship. Specifically because when she was built, the Germans had slow firing but accurate Flakzerwilling guns which was pretty much ineffective against higher range aircraft. Germany herself was undergoing through turmoil and Hitler was a very bad strategist. Also battleships were going out of service and aircraft carriers and destroyers made their way into the naval foray.
  7. Commander_298

    ST 0.9.7, Kitakami

    It would be better if Kitakami was made a dd. As a cruiser, this won't sell. Already WG nerfed Odin's HP and she's absolute bullshit in t10 matches. Don't spoil this wonderful ship, make her a dd please WG! I beg you!