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  1. DracoTB

    Naval Battle does not count any progress when enabled

    Not having any issues here.
  2. That's good, was about to report it myself.
  3. Since I got the Yamato I've been running the Main Batt MOD3 That -12% on reload is a straight up 12% increase in potential DPS - more shells out in the same time. I also have the Main Battery Director - the Yamato's Epic Upgrade but I've never used it. This has the -12% decrease in load times switched for a -7% decrease in dispersion. A 12% decrease in shells out per minute for the potential of getting more hits. Considering how the game calculates dispersion I don't think that's going to represent a 7% increase in hits and thus not a 7% increase in DPS. If I'm right then using the Epic Upgrade is a serious down grade as it represents around about a 5% decrease in potential damage. Question: Is Yamato's Epic Upgrade actually worth it?
  4. DracoTB

    Clan bug

    This sort of incompetence in programming in basic checks really bugs me.
  5. DracoTB

    Spot The Difference

    Found Zen
  6. DracoTB

    Hi Yamato!

    Yeah, WGing do seem to have purposefully nerfed Yamato. And a few other ships for that matter.
  7. DracoTB

    Operation: Raptor Rescue

    Bot ships stuck causing mission failure. It was a good game - until realising that the bot ships had bugged out.
  8. DracoTB

    I wish..

    Sounds like you just need a break - 6 months or so - from the game. Been there, done that.
  9. DracoTB

    Before the buy odin Advise pls

    Sanity isn't what its cracked up to be.
  10. DracoTB

    Before the buy odin Advise pls

    I like it. Need to switch between HE and AP for the best effect but she can hold her own if well played.
  11. When buying a ship we all look at the speed and note that the reported speed is what we'd expect for a warship at usually around 30knots or so. Then one day I was looking in the detailed battle stats and noticed a curious point: Now, doing 1km per minute (60km/h) equates to 32.39739 knots. This is the type of speed expected from reported speeds of the ships. In a 14 and a half minute game I managed to do 61.29km. That equates to 4.27km/minute or 256.2km/h or 138.3369 knots. Our massive, hulking, high firepower BBs are spritely little things aren't they? Capable of giving many super-cars a run for their money 😅
  12. Had a DD put himself in the way of my torps today to prevent me from getting the kill so that he could get it. I, of course, also got the penalty. I'd call that being a dick. No. Its because peeps in co-op are more likely to whatever is necessary to get the kill rather than let someone else get it and that includes putting themselves in the way of friendly fire. Doesn't hurt them after all - they don't get the penalty. 100 to 200k isn't a problem. It's the massive servicing fees that make earnings that low into a loss. Thing is, you're the co-op player here complaining. Salty much?
  13. DracoTB

    Babies Eaters. Mr.WG-san is a bad person.

    You never know, they might have spotter planes actually spotting and being able to see behind that island that they're hundreds of feet above.
  14. DracoTB

    Babies Eaters. Mr.WG-san is a bad person.

    Was out in my FDGrobe the other day and got sunk by a T7 DD. He was in my visual range the entire time and what really got me was that my secondaries hit him 67 times. (Really, WG, what have you done to my secondaries?) It was a close match though. What's this deserve thing you got going? They had radar in real life, should have them in game. The Yamato also had radar in real life and should have them in game.