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  1. Captain_Idi_Kraken

    Game not working today =/

    Is anyone else having issues loading game today ? Mine keeps starting download then says " Unable to handle application files" (4006) contact support been this way for 6 hours or more no matter how many times i check, and repair wont launch either.
  2. Captain_Idi_Kraken

    0.9.0 Bug Report Thread

    i cannot play either, keeps saying Unable to handle application files, been this way for last 6 hours or more =/
  3. Captain_Idi_Kraken

    Puerto Rico, time to abandon ship

    Honestly looks like way too much to get done unless red bull no work no sleep lol, they are asking a lot. More luck getting a ship in a container drop lol
  4. Captain_Idi_Kraken

    Later Suckers!!!

    Shit guys, im actual starting to think moving from NA could be a bad move ? I tell you there are plenty of Cv's there and island hoggers HE spamming, but most of all YOLO'ing idiots or donut finders in the back corners and a very abusive chat.. No cheats thou and good customer service =/
  5. Captain_Idi_Kraken

    first in and last out--the way WG transferring players

    Hi, I just come from NA, was only about 12 hours of downtime. My son and I applied the first day we could. We both had to send tickets to get the email to switch that we was ment to get... What server are you guys transferring to and why ? if you don't mind me asking.
  6. Captain_Idi_Kraken

    any aussies playing?

    Oh the bad behaviour was another big reason as well as the #### heads that played over there when I got home from work. So much yolo'ing and just abusive chat I will not miss. Gonna miss my old clan thou had a great bunch of guys, few retired navy/airforce, some Canadians and even a british chap lol, was always amusement to be had with some drinks whilst gaming 😃 oh what time do the server reset here ? used to be 8.30 pm for us on Na which was prob one of only other good things .
  7. Captain_Idi_Kraken

    any aussies playing?

    Thanks guys, have had a browse through forum.. The in game chat is like silent, on NA its constant good and bad. Feels a lil ghostly to be honest here lol, and seems like the English language is definitely the minority here. Just got the Thunderer today so no going back now as whatever we purchase here we lose if return. Hopefully some more people come across on the transfer. Approximately how long did it take to establish Aussie ( English speaking ) clans here ( enough to play clan battles ) ? Going to miss the comps Femmenely done. 😀
  8. Captain_Idi_Kraken

    any aussies playing?

    oh wow, that blows 🤮
  9. Captain_Idi_Kraken

    any aussies playing?

    Hi Ralph, thanks I just found it lol Thanks for the welcome Is there weekly competitions here ? On Na server each week Fem would post a comp ie: get 4 achievements or 4 kills etc but in certain ships/criteria, Rewards for highest in each could be a premium ship, premium time and anyone whom submitted got 5 camos free. I hope something like that exists here.
  10. Captain_Idi_Kraken

    any aussies playing?

    Hi guys, Adelaide, Australia. My son and I have been on WOW for bit over 2 years but defaulted to NA server, we was in the CRUEL clan which was laid back but a lot of fun. We both just transferred yesterday as the ping for us was 110 minimum and the time we played was their am ( horrible players ) So here we are. We are starting our own CLAN ( FOCUS ) and our names still have not changed yet. No requirements just wanting people that want to play earn oil for the base and in return we all get rewarded ( cheaper ship costs, more free xp, coal etc ) once its established. And we are always happy to help you learn to play better/captain builds/ship builds or you even might teach us something lol,, Our discord link channel will be in game chat and its great place to talk about anything, specs and other things mentioned above even if don't want to use audio. Feel free to send a request Just clocked 6000 random games 😀 Come CLAN time would be great if we could get some games in and use DISCORD for in game communication ( more fun and tactical ) So far I must say the play style on this server is very very different, its like another game, but the change is great and having only 35 ping makes a lot of difference. Also do we have weekly challenges/ competitions were we post screenshots of whatever asked to win anything ?? Anyways happy to be here And a big hello to all the AUSSIES as basically we was the only ones on NA lol 😀