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  1. TheDrunkNoob

    Just bought Agir

    Ok so whats the best build? ideas? wtf the 2ndaries suck ffs.
  2. TheDrunkNoob

    How is your British CA event going?

    I finally got a free ship, oh noes wait wut!! FU WG... no more tokens avaliable...
  3. TheDrunkNoob

    Lunar Boxes results

    I ened up opening 40 lunars for nothing not 1 ship, 40 christmas for 3 ships only T5,6,7 not sure if WG can legally advertise ships based off those numbers, thats not even gambling thats theft.
  4. TheDrunkNoob

    Lunar Boxes results

    Got nada again. After swearing off boxes from the christmas event, getting tier a tier 5,6,7 ship and no premuim after 40 boxes I still didnt learn my lesson. Bought 4 individual for cammo and premium. Then bought 10 for camo, perma Irian cammo and premium, so like all good gamblers I raged went on tilt and doubled down, got 2 more perma cammos that I will never use 8 days premium and some coin. So did anyone get anything good ? I can say I am zero from 24, nothing from the missions of value either.
  5. TheDrunkNoob

    Double CV @ tier 8 ... why ?

    I'am stopping DD play and grinds for now, CV's are blowflies spewing and shitting all over the game.
  6. TheDrunkNoob

    DD is the hardest ship to play in current meta

    I like DD''s however CV''s take all the fun, you cannot do a lot when being constantly hunted, I like to cap but now you need to change up the play style, being spotted and worst case half health at the start is draining, it puts early cap pressure and can easily cost the game, generally I find capping is ok if full health and smoke if you can trade some health, but once you add CV and radar its pure punishment. The DD's air detection range should be 1.5k and an AA bonus, it really should be the other way around, CV's should avoid DD class, then the game would be much more enjoyable.
  7. TheDrunkNoob

    Final thoughts on the Xmas events

    Purchased over 40-50 big santa boxes and he is a total drunk "ho ho ho" flag waving c***. Got 3 premiums tier 5-6-7 that I will never use 8k gold plus tons of flags. So I deleted all my linked payment methods and won't be adding them again. On a side note due to pure rage I got the PR using tier 5,6,7 and 2 tier 8s, thankfully I had the black mass and assisho from black friday but wtf.
  8. Same was about to finish 6 to unlock PR. Not happy...............