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  1. 我想在淘寶看見的賣號工作室, 代練的人數, 會遠遠高於那些WG員工, 假若如你所說有WG在掛腳本 腳本問題大部分來自中國早已是共識, WG懶理/無法處理也是人所皆知的
  2. Koma_C4


    美國重巡手短, 在亞服的環境下很難發揮吧, T10場一堆艦都龜在20km外拋屎 想打勝率除了當工具人, 也要製造足夠傷害, 傷害除找合適的山/島, 和看小地圖隨時轉位置外, 還是有方法的.. 1. 謹記自己有裝甲擺角下可坦380口徑戰艦砲, 單獨面對時可直接去嘲諷對手, 主動製造傷害 (但只限擺角, 別轉身露肚, 會自殺) 2. 你的AP有特殊跳彈角和超重彈, 面對露肚巡洋和戰艦不論距離, AP貫下去 (戰列打上半身)
  3. Koma_C4


    沙恩PVP要一定技術, 因為口徑太細傷害也很一般, 對戰艦互轟除非對方露肚或5級戰艦否則很難製造有效傷害。沙恩的砲基本只對巡洋有威脅 不過因沙恩有魚雷關係, 近身戰是很有威脅... 只不過拿沙恩主動迫近身是Yolo行為, 拿來PVE打那萊倒是很好的一架船
  4. Koma_C4

    Hot stuff inbound

    Turn a deaf ear to WIP stage, more disaster in real release. Seems WG learnt the puerto rico dumpster fire in a complete wrong way
  5. Koma_C4

    Now aircraft carriers ca n’t play at all

    Huh? you say a CV cannot launch aircraft in the later stage? isn't it just alright? Hasn't the old CV guild tell you to think twice before charging to AA boats? CV is indeed "floating aircraft factory" for a long time, and need not to care any aircraft lost after CV rework Nice to see CV finally become somewhat "normal"
  6. Bots are forming clan again, dare to declare they are bots and coming to ruin all games All players in the clan created either 02/04 or 03/08, all joined the clan either 1 day or 4 days behind. The clan should be newly established All players share same awful WR and PR, the same ridiculous battles count per day (80~100 per day). Just encountered one in a battle and AFK from the start till the end. No doubt it is a full bot clan
  7. Koma_C4

    Watch Out for Clan---TESAF (Potential BOT Clan)

    An example of endless war with bots. They shall fill up all the game and ruin everyone very soon
  8. 10小時100場? 你每6分鐘一場是甚麼東西? 直衝然後爆炸嗎? 若你真的10小時100場, 有強烈的理由懷疑你開掛, 還要是開場直衝然後爆炸換船那一種
  9. Koma_C4


    WG really need to address the problem happening in asia server, the bots problem is just too serious Even without CN70 or FERIL or ENDOB, there are still too many non-clan bots hanging around. Bots can seen in every game, from tier 1 all the way up to tier 9. The situation is too bad that for example I am now assuming all IZUMO player without a clan are ALL BOTs ( RMT workshop like to sell Yamato ) It just feel disgusting while accepting own defeat not because of skills or any other circumstance, but only his own team has more bots than the others. Especially watching 2~3 ships just sit still AFK in their starting point while your ship exploded
  10. Koma_C4


    There are some match you CANNOT win at all, even a super unicom players will lose if the other 11 teammate just want to throw the game. However the main thing is if a game can be won, are you going to win it? or if a game is hard enough in the start but you can still manage to hold up and win. It defines the player WR. All player will have more or the less same luck, sure win in some days but sure lose in another day. Those famous 60~70% WR CC can still got raged by their incapable teammates, screaming and cursing in stream. In conclusion, yes sure there are matches you cannot win. But normally losing a match is more often your own problem.
  11. Koma_C4

    What do we actually want?

    Ban the fcking bots The asia server already invaded by tons of bots which you can at least see 1 or 2 in EVERY BATTLE even in peak hours, not to mention half of the team in early morning or midnight. There are bots up to tier 9, just insane Dont even asking me try to explain what bots are or any proofs, you can always find one AFK / rush to death / reverse to map edge "player" in any game. Look up their awful and strange stats, they are even forming clan and write "WE ARE BOTS" on their forehead I get raged when bots ruin a win game to lose, and feel sorry when enemy lost a game just because they got more bots than ours. I heard that a new Chinese server will start service in this summer, hope those RMT workshop will swift back to China and make the situation a little bit better ( Have you ever seen a "player" not moving his backward turret while aiming and shooting in front? There is no way to do it unless you are bot, you know what I am saying )
  12. Koma_C4


    WG did ban bots from bot clans which are obvious enough, but there still tons of bots who are not in clan hanging around. That should be the real problem as it is very hard and time-consuming for a player to file a complain or posting "Please ban XXX" for each bot account individually in the forum.
  13. Koma_C4


    DD need to be first, but not alone and too far away from his own flank, to scout and harassing enemy Of course there are some BB or CA that are just too passive, but if a DD just sail back and be as passive as they are, it will just a sure lose and nothing else. DD is hard to play, however a good DD player should have his WR high enough as DD is the main ship that always carry the game Monkeys need a target to throw bananas, the only hope is a capable BB or CA that know what DD is doing, higher tier tends to have those players. BB/CA rush to die are probably Bots, blame WG and you have nothing to do about it
  14. Koma_C4


    也有腳本是假裝新手開場直走死的,前陣子被完團封掉的ENDOB就是 直走bot大都直衝cap圈,若死不了有機會全場停在那一動也不動,附近有船才轉砲台開砲,否則就停在那到完場
  15. Koma_C4


    這遊戲外掛已滿天飛, 但因最究是「有人在操控」所以都算了, 畢竟不會玩的, 無走位和大局觀念的, 給你自動射擊也是慘輸 最好20km+開砲敵人不會扭+散佈RNG讓你打中 最大問題是自動練功的BOT, 那些腳本才是毀滅遊戲的存在.. WG連這個也沒處理好, 哪有閒/能力處理外掛