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  1. Rub1c0n

    Help me understand visibility

    Yeah I am getting a better understanding of the mechanics. Makes sense that I cannot see out unless friendlies have visibility of the target. I am learning to be less gung ho and getting isolated lol
  2. Thanks for the responses. I have had a few more goes and getting better results. My captain had IFHE but that was not working (greyed out) so I changed skills.
  3. Rub1c0n

    Help me understand visibility

    I was in a cruiser. Edinburgh or Fiji, cannot remember which
  4. Rub1c0n

    honestly I hate CVs

    here is some more energy for you. I still hate CVs. I would like to express how much it takes my satisfaction rating from 'very good' to 'I do not want to play this' but of course this is the internet so it will just get flagged as another whine. Vent recorded and at least it makes me feel better to yell out how much these things ruin my game experience. I have played for many hours today and the damn CVs ruin fights too often. </rant>
  5. Level 15 captain but for the life of me I cannot get this ship to perform. Weak hitting power, sluggish manoeuvring. Not a fun ship for me but I am guessing I am doing something wrong. Thinking of canning it and going the Cleveland line but wanted to ask if there is a trick to it before I waste money and time retracing steps. Cheers
  6. Rub1c0n

    Help me understand visibility

    ok so what you just said was my smoke blinds me as much as it hides me unless there is another friendly player with eyes on the target? Fair enough and good to know. Also, picking up on your comment of "when the BB went undetected..." How can you tell if you are 'undetected'? I know I see a notification when I get detected however I am unsure of when they can no longer see me. Thanks for your response.
  7. Rub1c0n

    Help me understand visibility

    Thank you for your response however this does not address the issue. I am trying to understand why, in open water, I lost sight of him at 4.5k out and did not see him again until he was 1.8k out. I was inside my own smoke screen.
  8. Rub1c0n

    Help me understand visibility

    Ok I have to revisit this thread because there is obviously something I am missing in the dynamics of how this all works. I have found the replays and watched it. I set a smoke screen and the BB was about 4.5k from me. It disappeared so I sat and sneakily chuckled to myself as I knew I was going to unleash my torps. Then it appears 1.8 k from me, instantly acquires and I am dead. I am struggling to understand how he was invisible to me until 1.8k from me. Cheers 20200214_173801_PBSC106-Leander_50_Gold_harbor.wowsreplay
  9. Rub1c0n

    honestly I hate CVs

    I cannot survive their attacks and I cannot catch them to kill them. All I can hope is they attack someone else but all too often I am having the time of my life really enjoying the game and then along comes the CV planes and fight ruined. I know and understand this is a constant whine in this community. Do not expect responses, just wanted to vent.
  10. Rub1c0n

    Help me understand visibility

    ok let's defuse here. I had no idea there was a replay kept and it might help me. I have been enjoying life since my last post and have not worried about it. I will make sure to find and check out the replays folder when I need to learn. Thanks
  11. Rub1c0n

    Help me understand visibility

    I searched for wowsreplay and all it did is send me to web site
  12. Rub1c0n

    How to play against higher tier ships?

    I suffer same thing. I play T7 and get killed instantly with hits from T9 players. I just accept it as part of the game and move on.
  13. Rub1c0n

    Help me understand visibility

    no I had no idea I could do that
  14. How can a Carolina BB and a cruiser get to 7k of me in open water without me being able to see them? I saw no smoke only their guns firing then they appeared and of course it was a pretty quick death after that. I seem to not be able to see other ships many times but they see me easily. I must be missing something.