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  1. Rub1c0n

    CV bashing more than ever

    And for my first game of this session we have 2 X CV each side. What a crock of shit
  2. Rub1c0n

    CV bashing more than ever

    I hate the impact the CV has on the game. I hate the fact that no matter what I do I cannot escape you and I cannot effectively counter you as my attempts to do so would put me a greater risk from your surface ships. So, I have to suck it up and take the damage knowing I can never hit back. Forgive me if I don't give a flying *&$# about your woes. CV players want all the benefits for none of the risk. I would be happy if they were not in the game at all but that is not realistic. I would actually pay a monthly subscription (over and above Premium) to play battles where it is assured that there will be no CV. For example, Premium is currently AUD $13.60 a month. I would happily pay $20 a month to not have to put up with CVs because to be frank you and people like you ruin the game for me almost every time you are in game.
  3. Rub1c0n

    Premium Should Be Better...

    Go out and buy a premium car, let's say a BMW or maybe an Audi or Mercedes. Now you have premium and it feels good. Don't cry because some guy in a Ford can drive better than you! Premium gives you benefits not skills.
  4. Rub1c0n

    PQs Anti-CV Vid [Merged Thread]

    lol as if to prove the point today's game session has been almost nothing but a cluster of CV's making the game less than fun. Many battles with 2 X CV a side and that is enough for me so I log off.
  5. Rub1c0n

    PQs Anti-CV Vid [Merged Thread]

    Back to CV's They have too much influence on the game. It may well be historically accurate however I am not reenacting history I am playing a game and they do tend to suck the fun out of it. Often I cannot even get into position before I am spotted by an aircraft and subsequently targeted by surface ships. I see that translate into players hanging back to make sure some other sucker is up front and being targeted - does not encourage fun gameplay. If the CV chooses to focus me I cannot run, hide or counter very well, it is just a matter of time before I die without ever being able to fight back. Again, historically accurate but meh gameplay. I do not know what the answer is but placing 60% of the balance of power in a 12 on 12 game in the hands of just 2 players does not work for me. As for the notion that if you do not have good stats you are not entitled to an opinion - I kinda get where he is coming from however I think it would be much better to consider the question of CV's from your average player perspective. I consider myself an average player and CV's are the biggest factor in me logging off and the biggest factor in deciding if I want to be bothered logging back on. Some nights I just cannot find my way through it and do not bother. Making a CV that works for those that like them and does not destroy the fun for others is the trick. There is an attractive benefit from being able to hit without being hit. We all do it, be it using superior range, lobbing over terrain or using smoke. The difference is these can be countered by the opposing fleet, actions by a CV player cannot be countered simply and it it skews gameplay. As I said, I don't care for it.
  6. That would explain why there are always so many BBs in the queue. Play a BB live to fight. Play a CA, get smashed at will unless you want to be timid and run all game long but you do nothing and score nothing
  7. Rub1c0n

    German CVs

    CVs ruin the game. Period!
  8. Rub1c0n

    WOW's tricky matchmaking system

    😞 I have 3 T9 and a T10 but their commanders are not fully skilled so I do not play them often. I have a 19 captain in a T8 so I try to use him a lot to get the other captains skilled up but this is where getting smashed by the T10's is hurting. Add to that if you try to be too careful you end up with nothing to show for it anyway. I think my dream match at the moment is if I get a chance to ram so I can pick up some points lol. Then of course there are the CV's. Just played a match. That is enough for me tonight. I still have 67 days of premium left and it looks like I will play on 10 of those days.
  9. Rub1c0n

    WOW's tricky matchmaking system

    I thought it was just me suffering the mismatching. I have gone from playing daily to probably once a week and from hours at a time to maybe an hour or 2. I understand a T8 can compete given the right conditions but does it have to happen so often?
  10. Rub1c0n

    quitting the game

    Sure. Post them up You showed me nothing. What you did was crap on about how it was my bad playing and I said you were not there. All you can do is make assumptions. I tried to get the replay but it would not work. Someone else told me how to get the replay and by then it was not available as only 30 are kept. Again, you wax lyrical about what I do or do not do with nothing but assumptions. No I cannot relate, I can only hope to one day be as good as you
  11. Rub1c0n

    quitting the game

    In a nutshell, I was crying about the impact CVs have on my game and old mate thought he was king dick and decided he would appraise my performance based on very little other than his opinion. I basically called him a dick and he got upset. Ohh well. Now it appears, old mate is over it because he has to endure poor team mates and feels pressure to perform. Awwwww. How is your whine more valid than my whine oh king of the seas?
  12. Rub1c0n

    quitting the game

    oh no!!! How will I get better without your input?
  13. Rub1c0n

    Removal of CV

    Lol. well, if the screen of destroyers are there then bring it. BUT, this is not an historical game. Players go for points, score, kills, whatever KPI is the go. I would love to see a 3 hour event where fog of war, real tactics and chance played a part. But I am new and not yet jaded <confused at times though> 😄
  14. i never denied being a ass did i? No sir, simply proved it. I'm just pointing out what you did wrong As I have said before, YOU were not THERE and all you have is supposition. I prefer fact based root cause analysis. if you want to take offence to being called out then be my guest Probably refer my offence to you being an ass, which you do not deny.
  15. lol true. What can I say, when I think a guy is being a dick I call it. When I am being a dick I wear it. Safe to say no matter what a hero this guy thinks he is we ain't gonna make it as friends 🤡