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  1. Rub1c0n


    Yes. lol I am calling you out. See I know all that. I get it, I am not stupid. I posted up my replay. Show me how to do it. I am guessing you will not because we are all going to piss our pants as you post up a vid of you avoiding a single pass where you kill all planes and 'you all dat' lol. Post up how you survived a focus attack from a CV and let us decide if it was skill or luck. Show us oh legend. <shhh, between me and you bet he cannot show us that skill>.
  2. Rub1c0n


    Show me the replays where you anticipate the CV planes moves. Show me how you anticipate your moves before the planes even appear. <grabbing popcorn because this is going to be a movie full of excuses......if the movie even happens> Seriously. Post it up. Teach us
  3. Rub1c0n


    And yet another CV death. This time follwed up by a taunt. lol. All he did is rocket me as I tried to avoid a salvo from a cruiser. Again, you hero players, show me the replays where you deal with that, show us mere mortals how it is done.
  4. Rub1c0n


    Take the very last battle I was in. 10.1 detection range. Took 3 minutes to make my way to the spot I thought would be good....... 20 seconds of CV plane interaction and bugger me there are 5 ships firing at me that otherwise would not have a clue I was there.......enter panic defense mode.....last 3 minutes wasted, but nah, all good mate. If only I was as good as you guys. Perhaps you should post up vids of you all being amazing against the CVs. After all you always ask for ours when we complain
  5. Rub1c0n


    <sigh> ok lol you are correct I am the one responsible for the outcomes. So, let's explore that: Let's suggest I am fighting an enemy ship, perhaps 2 enemy ships. I can judge the fight, I can slip, dodge even <yeah I know, I dodged> I can work to the cadence of the enemy ships. I have time to make my moves. Here comes the CV planes. Question. Take their hits or expose to the ships? 5 seconds to decide since the planes are fast. 5 seconds is too slow, have to decide NOW! Decide to fight the ships and take the CV hits.....SHIT, bad decision I got smashed by the planes.....next game: Here comes the CV planes. Question. Take their hits or expose to the ships? 5 seconds to decide since the planes are fast. 5 seconds is too slow, have to decide NOW! Decide to fight the planes.....SHIT, bad decision I got smashed by the ships....next game: The only way you are not faced by this choice is if you are not up front engaging the enemy. You are the hero of the game but at no time are you ever the primary target. You are smart, you hang back and let the other guy take the heat so you can reap the reward. You, sir, are a legend! Nah, lol seriously, you are the dick offering advice whilst never really taking your turn at the front. All good bruh, you da man. ROFLMFAO
  6. Rub1c0n


    Yeah I understood what meant with the WR but WTG you for thinking I did not get it. <sheesh> Your issue with BBs. Only way you get snotted by a BB is if you presented yourself and he was in a position to take advantage. Hell you can expose yourself to a BB for nearly 30 seconds and be safe if his guns are pointed away from you. AND, that is assuming he has no other friendlies to fight. Unless, of course you are being aggressive and get caught......I am sure you cannot mean that because you have scolded me so much that it is not the way to play. So, I conclude (with nine tenths of no evidence but it seems that is enough int his game to pass judgement)...So I conclude that you are an idiot to get smashed by BBs because due to their slow traverse, long reload and the use of cover it is almost impossible to be smashed by a BB unless you are an idiot. You remain, in my opinion, a dickhead. You project your stats as a vindication of your ability and somehow that lends weight to your analysis. Now, let me qualify my stance. Before coming to this game I flew WW2 fighter combat games since 1988. Started in Air Warrior, moved to Fighter Ace then Aces High before coming here. I learned the difference between going hard and hanging back many years ago, you are teaching me nothing. What I also learned, which you and your stat obsessed cohort do not seem to understand, is that you need a mix of players. You need the gung ho, balls out guys just as much as you need the patient, pick em off guys. Truth is some of the best fighters in the game had the worst stats but get them in a 1 on 1 dogfight and they kicked ass. Moral of the story. You have no idea how I play or the influence I have in game. All you see is stats and a couple of replays (BTW I see you did not comment on the second replay where I played more traditional). You have no idea the number of games I have broken a deadlock by charging in and pushing the enemy back. Sure I get smashed, sure my stats make me out to be an idiot but I made the difference in that fight. You are da man, respect...lol go <Self moderated comment but suffice it involved sex and your own body> Not sure if arrogant was in the self moderated comment so thought I would throw it out there 😛
  7. Rub1c0n


    You know you and me are never going to agree. I play a more aggressive type of game than most, that I admit and that may well get me more attention from CVs and perhaps lead to my dislike. I could of course hide at the rear, in the pack but I do not enjoy that style. If I am to counter CVs then I need to be much more cautious, play much more defensive and not push as hard. I can do that but you know what there are a number of issues with that for me. I bores me If I (and players like me) did not do that how would you see the enemy to fire at them? Pricks like you like to look down on players like me but the truth is we feed your awesomeness in three ways. We spot and draw fire for you when we are on your team and we are easy prey when we are on the enemy team. Without us you are just a dick sat at the back wondering where the enemy are. I am sure you are spamming F7 to find out where your target is. But that is ok, at least you will never have to worry about a CV dropping in on you because you, sir, are in the perfect place every time. Respect Translation <Fuck off Mr Perfect I do not care what you think or say> Yeah probably should have lead with that 😄
  8. Rub1c0n


    I often win battles with 20k damage. I often lose battles with 100k+ damage. Of course it is my fault we won and my fault we lost.
  9. Rub1c0n


    LOL and in the time between my posting and playing...BOOM - another CV bombs me to death whilst I was behind an island safe from all others. You really cannot understand that frustration? Are you that stupid?
  10. Rub1c0n


    Make your point. What I heard is: I have 56% WR in Cruisers, I am a god My best ships are all Premium ships I am not really sure what you said next Again I am not really sure of your point. YES, I am clear. CV's ruin more games than I care for. YOUR POINT? please make it easy for humans to understand
  11. Rub1c0n

    I feel so... dirty...

    yeah you played as a CV and you lost. YOU were the reason. Now, before you get all bent out of shape, that is my experience recently. Even had a 160k fight that we lost and then a 19K fight we won. I have no idea how that reflects on my ability
  12. Rub1c0n


    lol got killed again by a CV. I helped kill the Pommern and was not spotted by anything. Along comes CV, bomb, dead 😞 Now, for you amazing skilled players, how do I defend against that? Sure, sure you want to replay...blah..blah...How about instead of picking apart my fight you actually admit that there is no real defense. If it wants you it gets you, especially late in the game when you have fought hard and been damaged. Try to get some respite and rest and there it is....Planes... boom!! yep, ype it is all my fault I should never have fought the other guys, I should never have taken that damage because I know there was a CV in game and I should have considered it above all else. Reflecting. You are correct, that is the way to avoid getting snagged by the CV. Where the hell does attacking play come into this? No need to respond, I am just ranting and whatever bullshit you want to come up with to defend the issue is unlikely to hold much water with me. The truth is, us cruiser players can play our hearts out, take so many risks, do so little damage and get wiped out so easily but the truth is there is no issue with CVs. lol
  13. Rub1c0n


    well today I am getting smashed by CVs. Usually when fighting others so NO, I cannot 'just dodge'. I know they are not going away but do they really have to deal that much damage?
  14. Rub1c0n

    I just want to talk about Public Tests

    Can you define 'play seriously' If you restrict how players play it is possible you will simply confirm what you already know. Let them do odd stuff and you are likely to find more out. When I release apps I tell my users to 'break it'. I do not put restrictions on how they interact with it.
  15. Rub1c0n


    Are you complaining about the general player base of Ranked or specifically about those on your team? See if the guys on the other team are of 'potato' quality I would have thought you would be happy because it means you can advance through the ranks and be a hero. However, what we have here is most likely a whine about the 'potato' players on your team and they are holding you back from reaching your goal. Perhaps be content in the knowledge that you are awesome and they are pathetic and if you lose it is because of them.