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  1. Yeah I played on a second account for a few goes this holiday weekend and it was enough for me. I have had enough and am even leaving 4 months of premium time in the game but have deleted it from the PC. Games are supposed to be fun and this is no longer fun for me.
  2. Rub1c0n

    What's in a name?

    True. But are they wrong?
  3. Oh I get it. The gameplay at the moment is terrible. I cannot bear to play much now. Have not actually played for several weeks even though I have something like 6 months premium left.
  4. Ahh a noble thought. I certainly focus DDs whenever I have a chance to hit them and often help our DD to win the fight. However once free from that burden the DDS typically go hunt BBs. The only time I see a DD actively chase a sub is when they have little choice.
  5. Which sounds fine but you need to be at full speed and in open water. Most cruisers are not deployed in that manner. They are using islands for cover so maneuvering options are more limited. Add to that, even if you are in open water the fact that you are getting pinged means you are spotted so likely under fire from other enemy vessels, turning to avoid torps may well put you broadside to a BB and that could be fatal.
  6. So you killed a CV. WooooHooo How many games did you play to do that? Sir, with respect, you do not understand the problem. 99% of the time we cannot see the CV. It can attack us multiple times and we cannot fight back. OH!!! DODGE HE SAYS......LOL ***** actually, let's set it up. CV V <player A - Cruiser or BB> we can do it in a random match. CV targets player A.. Player A displays skills shown above and smashes CV. For those of you who claim you can defend.......here is the challenge. Invite me to your stream, have a player we know in a CV target you and show us all how to defend. My bet is not one of you will step up because you all know that the CV will win every time. So, set the game up. Your BB (or super-ship) V a CV. We will watch you destroy the CVI But, your original post gives us hope. It can be done. Teach us sensei, show us how to be that good, I await the invite to your stream where you show me how to do what you do. Or maybe you are full of shit and cannot actually control the mayhem that CVs bring to the game.
  7. Rub1c0n


    maybe they all decided that submarines are a fucked up idea and they just left. I am actually serious, are they still in the game?
  8. Rub1c0n

    Well done on reintroducing submarines.

    I played WW2 based flight sims since 1994. Air warrior, Fighter Ace then Aces High. I have DCS but the population in the WW2 rooms is not enough to satisfy my need to just fight. I had several high end sticks but ended up with Virpil stick and rudder and warthog throttle. Sold them all now and pretty much do this and iRacing now and even those do not get much time from me. This game was good for me but the submarines kill my enthusiasm so not in game much at all now.
  9. Rub1c0n

    Contributing to a player's peace of mind

    Perhaps he does not like Rum. Perhaps he does not like Bugge......yeah he probably just does not like Rum 😮 🤣
  10. 100% Ignore the people who live by the stats. They are not in your home playing your game. Enjoy it, you are here to have fun. Are they really bad? You know after 10K+ battles it is hard to move the needle and would take a lot of games well above 50% to move the average from 45% to 46%. Look at your own stats, overall you are at 50% which makes you average but in the last 21 days you are over 62% which makes you unicum. How should I judge you as a player? It is obvious you are better than a 50% player but your stats don't show that.
  11. Rub1c0n

    Well done on reintroducing submarines.

    I hear you and I see your points. However, I do not think any class in itself is an issue, it is what it can do with respect to the gameplay. CV - you cannot hide from a CV, it will find you. So why have islands? In addition to the CV finding you, so do all the enemy as the CV has an 'all seeing eye'. So no you have to think about moving but you can't because it exposes you to the enemy ships but if you don't you are fodder for the CV. Early in the game, sure, usualy cat and mouse. Late in the game where it actually matters, you are done. Die to the CV or die by avoiding the CV and exposing to the other enemy. DD - strength in stealth. spot for team. I know few do it deliberately but it is a feature. I cannot counter that spotting, I am spotted. - - Torps - range greater than their spotting. I have zero defense. I cannot predict where the torps come from because the dd is undetected. Sure I have an idea where they are but I am busy trying to fight the enemy I can see (and who can see me) SS - mmmm invisible and those homing torps are a hoot. Kinda like a DD on roids. Yeah, easier to kill IF, note IF you can see them. if not, they are in the wind and free to do as they please. Did I mention the homing torps lol FFS what is that about? So, what I see is the game evolving into a see and not be seen game. Torpedo launch is a free launch. the enemy does not know it is coming. <DEV STRIKE> DD or SS player brags to girlfriend how good they are but in fact they just king hit a guy. He had no way of knowing it was coming. When surface ships fire they are revealed. Perhaps that should be the case for DD, SS and the torp firing cruisers. No matter what your ordinance, it is revealed. Even if momentarily, otherwise we risk the meta going more to wait and see rather than fight and win. I know when I am in a game with 2 x SS, 4 x DD and 1 x CV and I am in a BB or CL I am in no hurry to fight because each one of them can kill me without me being able to shoot back. In fact they can all kill me without me even seeing them. What am I supposed to fight? Yes, I know.........adapt, something or other....adapt.......:repeat after me'..<you are not worthy> place icon by subscribing to fanbouy blog........yeah nah lol. The reality is subs bring nothing godo to the party.
  12. Rub1c0n

    Well done on reintroducing submarines.

    And that has what to do with submarines? You are attempting to bait but in fact showing yourself to be just another FanBouy. The topic is about subs and you post about CVs. You got nothing of interest in here.
  13. Rub1c0n

    Well done on reintroducing submarines.

    Heading that way. I have not had any enjoyment from the game in the last 2 days. Likely I will not continue to subscribe. Now, before you say "don't let the door hit you on the way out" bear in mind a tiny proportion of the player base comes here and voices their opinion. There will be many more who just leave without a word. My feedback may be direct but it is still valid. I get you are a super fan bouy but most of us just want fun and this is not fun at the moment.
  14. Rub1c0n

    Well done on reintroducing submarines.

    Nice. So I am playing T8. 2 x CV, 2 x DD, 2 x SS All of these rely on hitting without being seen. Hit and run. Where is the fun for those of us in cruisers and BBs? we cannot even see the enemy to shoot at them! Great idea So, adapt = do not be there as you cannot see them, you cannot shoot at them. Why even be there?
  15. You have [Redacted] up a perfectly good game. Well done, AGAIN!!! Did you not learn from the first time? Profanity, post edited, user warned. ~TheAzure