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  1. Plymouth_MyWife_PrPr

    No One Saw This Coming

    Yeah, her currency is a major drawback. Wrote a document explaining the ship if anyone is interested https://docs.google.com/document/d/1MB70O0Nsi9Nt7VL1qBy2D2A5siuPfs1iKjPIZRfePQE/edit
  2. Plymouth_MyWife_PrPr

    I want your in-depth thoughts on Submarines

    One thing not yet mentioned is the "dolphining" tactic employed by submarines, which are extensively used by submarine players of a higher skill level. This, above homing torps, is what makes submarines very difficult to tolerate. Dolphining is when a submarine travels towards a target, enters periscope depth upon getting into its concealment range, before temporarily surfacing, launching non homing torpedoes and promptly submerging. Aside from being difficult to dodge even knowing a submarine is coming, during this entire process the submarine completely does not need to be spotted. Submarines such as U-2501 are excellent at this, as well as Balao which can repeat a "dolphin" with its back tubes after resubmerging ahead of the target if it is not dead, giving it enough torpedo alpha to floor the majority of ships and ALL cruisers in the game. In the case of destroyers, homing torps are preferred due to their sub-kilometer arming distance, and possess enough alpha to devstrike any DD anyway. This is essentially a Paolo Emilio with the ability to dive and be immune to planes, radar and hydro, and is going to be a tactic that is increasingly prevalent (already is with experiences submarine players) with the playerbase as more and more players gain access to submarines. WG have attempted to address this issue with nerfs to torpedo dispersion and arming distance of non-homing torpedoes, but these have proved relatively ineffective. This tactic nearly completely bypasses the 'destroyer interaction' easier than Paolo Emilio (as submarines are unsurprisingly harder to spot) to flooring your full health Stalingrad in 5 seconds. Being able to dive and even reduce concealment from periscope depth completely eradicates the need for a traditional 'destroyer vs destroyer' interaction. Above all, this tactic does not require a large amount of skill, only patience. This is particularly difficult to nerf as it dabbles with the fundamental aspects of sub gameplay, and addressing it through nerfs such as reducing non-homing torpedo damage (why would you use them over homing), nerfing dive and surfacing times (affects all aspects of sub play and makes them more unattractive to market = less sales), nerfing both homing and non-homing damage (previous point), further increasing dispersion (if does not matter much if a target is little over a kilometer away), further increasing arm time (makes non-homing torps difficult to use for newer players + not really solving the problem unless cruiser is very nimble) are either ineffective, or make submarines unattractive to new players who would pay money for them. The matter with submarines is that they don't really fit in the game, but so much development has been invested into them that they WG simply can't throw them away.
  3. Plymouth_MyWife_PrPr

    Smolensk Remastered

    Last video before my exam lads, I hope you all enjoy.
  4. Plymouth_MyWife_PrPr

    The Plymouth Experience

    No, only Plymouth. But it is quite fun, if you find you don't get devstruck in Mino and can play carefully then Plymouth is a good pick
  5. Plymouth_MyWife_PrPr

    The Plymouth Experience

    >DDs are broken, most influential class 😠😠😠 Then kill them and win big brain
  6. Plymouth_MyWife_PrPr

    The Plymouth Experience

    Haven't posted in a long time, hope this makes up for it.
  7. Plymouth_MyWife_PrPr

    A Saipan Guide

    Don't often do this style but have fun with this one regardless
  8. Plymouth_MyWife_PrPr

    World of Warships Slander

    Enjoy this one
  9. Plymouth_MyWife_PrPr

    The Gascogne Experience

    Wows forum for Asia was down so I couldn't reply for two days, but thanks 🙂 No one taught me how to edit, so every video I make I hope there is a slight improvement, something of an editing journey.
  10. Plymouth_MyWife_PrPr

    The Gascogne Experience

    AL's best girl ladies and gentlemen
  11. Plymouth_MyWife_PrPr

    The Vanguard Experience

    Video link isn't there, but you can directly click on the video title itself and it will take you directly to the site on anther tab.
  12. Plymouth_MyWife_PrPr

    The Vanguard Experience

    Yeah, I actually bought this ship because everyone said it was not worth it- I like to buy ships like this (Saipan, Indom, etc) and see what niche they fit in the meta. I hate playing battleships generally, but Vanguard has got to be my favorite battleship to play in the entire game right now, probably because it doesn't act like one.
  13. Plymouth_MyWife_PrPr

    The Vanguard Experience

    Made this video on a ship I think doesn't get enough love.