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  1. FatFluffyPenguin

    Fletcher's Stealth Nerf.

  2. FatFluffyPenguin

    A Little Short I Made

    I made a video on a little ship that has been thrown in the closet and rather forgotten...
  3. FatFluffyPenguin

    Tier 10 German CV Max Immelmann

    *cries in broke*
  4. FatFluffyPenguin

    Tier 10 German CV Max Immelmann

    Expendable camo on coal ship
  5. FatFluffyPenguin

    Everyone hates carriers so....

    Clearly someone hasn't faced a range mod Nevsky in a BB yet 24/7 CV
  6. FatFluffyPenguin

    Everyone hates carriers so....

    CVs not a problem for me when I play DD or cruiser, a bit in BB, but they can be dodged. In fact, I prefer having a CV in game, because it means that radar bastards are sometimes forced to move, giving me more flexibility in DD.
  7. FatFluffyPenguin

    📰 ST 0.10.4, New Ships (Dutch, US, and Soviet)

    Guys, just a heads up:
  8. FatFluffyPenguin

    UDALOI: WTF do I do?

    Makes sense, I was the opposite, I played up IJN DDs first and when I played RU DD it felt good to just constantly shoot, its probably one of the most fun DD lines for me.
  9. FatFluffyPenguin

    UDALOI: WTF do I do?

    Usually, I always take Engine- the Russian rudder is good, but the engine is better. With engine boosts, you can pull some great acceleration/deceleration moves. I'd simply rather rely on an excellent feature than relying on two good-ish features. Just my take.
  10. FatFluffyPenguin

    UDALOI: WTF do I do?

    In response to @Rina_Pon Udaloi, Tier IX RU DD I like to think of Udaloi and Grozovoi, unlike Kiev- Khabarovsk, as a two-faced coin with buffs on each side. This is because that they have the power to easily transition their role between gunboat and objective-based DD. Udaloi and Grozovoi are versatile ships that can be played numerous ways and are very adaptable. While this is an Udaloi guide, many of these can apply even better to Grozovoi because of the increased concealment. How do I start off with this ship? Because of Udaloi's subpar concealment that means it is outspotted by most DDs in its matchmaking spread, Udaloi should not be rushed to a cap early in the game. If you are able to follow a friendly DD, do so. If not, then only attempt to contest the cap if you are confident there is no DD around. Udaloi is not a ship that wins objectives by being the sneakiest and the hardest to find. Udaloi is a ship that wins objectives by destroying all opposition. It's like that Michael Reeves video where he zaps everyone so that he can be the tallest person in the photo...if you boss the other DDs around, force them to misplay or give them no choice but to back off the cap, then your concealment does not matter as much. Udaloi, along with many other RU DDs, do not have the best DPM values among DDs, but this is MISLEADING. Too many players do not understand the enormous value of the ballistics and velocity of the many models of the Russian 130mm. Your DPM does not matter if at 10km, you are landing 40% of your shots and the enemy Kitakaze is landing only 5%. With your ballistic and shell speed, the penalty for shooting at a far away target is much less than this ship. When a Game begins... Check if there is a friendly DD with decent concealment near you. If so, follow 1km away from that DD and gun down any DD he spots from a safe distance. Once that is done, spend the rest of the game open water gunboating with engine boost, disengage with smoke if it gets too hot. If there is no friendly DD nearby or you are the only DD, draw up close to the cap but do not enter it. If the DD has good concealment, don't even bother charging it down at game start. That is a one way ticket to port. Instead, use your range to burn down BBs and cruisers (especially supercruisers, farm galore) and laugh as they miss your ship...constantly switch engine speed and rudder, stop engine and full turn, etc... if the enemy DD gets cocky because you are perm spotted, fire back and use your torpedoes to force a stop gap so he can't get any closer. I always use my torps more as a tool to force the enemy DD is distance from me rather than as an anti-capital ship weapon. Of course, you can torpedo enemies, but I always like to rely on my guns more. Other people have a higher focus on torpedoes. It is up to you. Mid-game: One word. Farm. End-game: Mid to end game is where you can really start strolling into cap zones confidently- Udaloi's brilliant combo of speed + Engine Boost, DFAA, Smoke and Heal (REMEMBER TO TAKE SUPERINTENDENT- this is literally one of the best ships to put it on!) means that with careful conservation, surviving to late game with a healthy amount of HP is not actually too difficult. This is where you can become incredibly aggressive, using your powerful engine, speed, small ship size and great guns to get closer to BBs and other ships to make their lives full of suffering. HAO TO BUILD? I like to build Udaloi for guns over torps, so I take Engine Boost Mod for increased duration, as well as Concealment- something that might seem useless for open water gunboating, but is useful for disengaging, early game positioning, and forcing any enemy DD to keep a distance (along with using torpedoes). Aside from that, RU DD cannot slot Range Mod but I heavily reccomend taking Range Skill as your guns have a much lower accuracy penalty for shooting targets at long range due to shell speed and ballistic. Remember... #fckBBs If there's anything I missed or anyone would like to know, please pop a comment, I just woke up and haven't had my coffee yet
  11. Hold up, I'll make a write up.
  12. I thought some of you might be interested in a video essay school project where I use WoWs footage and commentary to answer a question. This requires some background knowledge on Tsushima, and the video goes pretty fast so some pausing is required if you want to properly look at sources. Hope you enjoy. Note: Made this awhile ago actually, but since its marked its all good to publish only now.
  13. FatFluffyPenguin

    RIP Prince Phillip

    Just saw. F.
  14. Udaloi uniscum here. Here is my detailed guide on Udaoi, complete with helpful tips, tons of advice and commentary in multiple languages. Srsly tho, I wouldn't mind doing a detailed write-up, just reply In my opinion, Udaloi is one of the most absurdly broken ships tier for tier, its literally a Tashkent that does the job better
  15. FatFluffyPenguin


    Note that the high tier Dutch cruisers currently have some of the if not the best AA in the game, 17s reload Scharnhorst guns, good shell velocity and are ''heavily armoured"... And the airstrikes. Weak to DDs and long range spammers, will have to see what the armor is actually like to have a good opinion on this.