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  1. FatFluffyPenguin

    The Tashkent Experience

    Hope you enjoy this video I made as much as I enjoy the Blue Cruiser.
  2. FatFluffyPenguin

    BRAWL do's and dont's

    Please do not play: -Z-31 -Colorado -Strasbourg Pls.
  3. FatFluffyPenguin

    RESET French BB tech tree

    Generally, with the higher EXP requirements, BBs are poor choices for regrinding unless you do not mind playing them.
  4. FatFluffyPenguin

    I dont even want this thing

    Here's another one from my NA sister clan:
  5. Remember Smolensk? Everyone before the Captain rework usually ran Smolensk at 16km range cap. Now that Smolensk is forcefully CAPPED at 16km, its suddenly a subpar, below average paper cruiser. Even though every aspect of why it was so OP and terror-strickening before the skills rework still fully apply- I find this particuarly interesting, especially since for a Smolensk, the reload you lose from having to slot range does not detract its firebombing potential completely.
  6. FatFluffyPenguin

    Ohio or Slava, Research Bureau

    Colbert because it's historical and a great looking ship
  7. FatFluffyPenguin

    The Lenin

    Haven't posted for a while, but wanted to spread some awareness of my latest work: As always, I hope you enjoy.
  8. FatFluffyPenguin

    PC players, share your specs!

    Do everything on a gamong laptop. AMD Ryzen 7 4800H 16GB RAM GTX 1650 Ti 476GB storage My old ThinkPad, where my 2000 battles worth of WoWs career began: Intel i7-6500U 8GB RAM AMD Radeon R7 M360 2GB 256GB storage Ever tried playing Clan Battles with Hakuryu at 400ms, 12 FPS, ping spikes, while the easiest thing to torpedo is a Venezia? People ask me how I got good at CV, I reply with the specs of my first WoWs craptop and 2019 CB meta
  9. FatFluffyPenguin

    My 1st Grand Battle with HANNOVER Super BB

    2:26 to 3:10 of my latest video explains quite well what I have been spamming in Grand Battles after I released this video.
  10. FatFluffyPenguin

    The Only Way to Play Shimakaze

    Btw, if you lads have any particular ideas/ships/concepts you want me to meme, I am open to ideas as well as advice about how I could improve the videos :3
  11. FatFluffyPenguin

    The Only Way to Play Shimakaze

    Speedran this in 2 days, but still probably my best work. Hope you all enjoy!
  12. FatFluffyPenguin

    Tier 10 German CV Max Immelmann

    Yes, I do enjoy the lovechild of Indomitable and Richtofen. It is also quite evident that I do not love my makra enough.
  13. FatFluffyPenguin

    New CV mechanics

    Did someone just quote TopTier as a source for CV skill past 2019?
  14. FatFluffyPenguin

    DIE WAFFEN, LEGT AN! (Soviet Carriers Has arrived)

    Still, Nakhimov skip bomber's and torps are complete garbage compared to Immelmann. Most importantly no ability to make repeat strikes and destroy DCP capability, worse bomb damage, much worse fire chance, much less plane HP and speed (almost x2 SLOWER) and a pretty abysmal 41mm bomb pen compared to Immelmanns 56mm (IIRC). In addition to this, both torpedo squad and skip bomber squad currently has a plane speed and plane HP that would fit quite nicely in T4. FDR, with none of the benefits. How did the most counterable-looking CV lien to date turn out to Russian?
  15. P.S.: My clanmate just realized that the T10 Nakhimov has Ryujo plane HP