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  1. FatFluffyPenguin

    A Saipan Guide

    Don't often do this style but have fun with this one regardless
  2. FatFluffyPenguin

    World of Warships Slander

    Enjoy this one
  3. FatFluffyPenguin

    The Gascogne Experience

    Wows forum for Asia was down so I couldn't reply for two days, but thanks 🙂 No one taught me how to edit, so every video I make I hope there is a slight improvement, something of an editing journey.
  4. FatFluffyPenguin

    The Gascogne Experience

    AL's best girl ladies and gentlemen
  5. FatFluffyPenguin

    The Vanguard Experience

    Video link isn't there, but you can directly click on the video title itself and it will take you directly to the site on anther tab.
  6. FatFluffyPenguin

    The Vanguard Experience

    Yeah, I actually bought this ship because everyone said it was not worth it- I like to buy ships like this (Saipan, Indom, etc) and see what niche they fit in the meta. I hate playing battleships generally, but Vanguard has got to be my favorite battleship to play in the entire game right now, probably because it doesn't act like one.
  7. FatFluffyPenguin

    The Vanguard Experience

    Made this video on a ship I think doesn't get enough love.
  8. FatFluffyPenguin

    One of the Slava class just sunk

  9. FatFluffyPenguin

    The Forrest Sherman Experience

    Heh, I suppose that would be interesting. I like Sherman, its a very fun destroyer.
  10. FatFluffyPenguin

    The Forrest Sherman Experience

    It should be the same hydro as Friesland if I am not mistaken
  11. FatFluffyPenguin

    The Forrest Sherman Experience

    I haven't made a video in ages, hopefully this can redeem that.
  12. FatFluffyPenguin

    Cursed Kleber

    I got a surprising number of gun kills with that build. It seems that there is a social engineering wired into players to not gunfight a Kleber even if it has T5 DPM
  13. FatFluffyPenguin

    Cursed Kleber

    Nobody did this style of video for WoWs so I thought I'd try it.