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  1. KyleTheGreat

    I know it's an weird thing to ask but. . .

    If you played the puerto rico event, you should have some perma camos for any t8(except cv's cuz [content removed] em). Profanity. Post edited, user warned. ~Beaufighter
  2. KyleTheGreat

    Ship restoration is broke

    After 6 tries, i finally got my blys back. One problem tho............... WG TOOK BACK MORE MONEY THAN THEY WERE SUPPOSED TO! The cost was supposed to be 3.9mil and i had about 5mil before. So why do i have a measly 100k left? 5,000,000-3,900,00=100,00? or am i living in an alternate dimension where AI cant do math?
  3. KyleTheGreat

    Ship restoration is broke

    4th ticket still declined, I guess the game refreshes in-game stats and currencies on a daily basis or something. Im gonna try tommorow
  4. KyleTheGreat

    Ship restoration is broke

    Nope i didnt sell it accidentally, it was like back in late december or early january when i purposely sold it. I wanted to try out DD's but i didnt want to grind any tech trees so i just bought the Blys because WG kinda urged me into using a discount coupon before it got replaced(i admit im stupid for falling for this obvious bait). I needed to sell it to get enough credits for the IJN BB line at the time, but now i want it back. I admittedly was short abit when i submitted the first ticket. I sold my Fuso(for the 2nd time) to get enough creds but the automated support still wont let me buy it back. I already sent the 4th ticket
  5. KyleTheGreat

    Ship restoration is broke

    So i wanted to restore my Blyskawica to do the DD part of the directives but the automated reply says i dont have enough credits, even tho i have more than enough! How do i get to talk to real people instead of the automated BS.
  6. KyleTheGreat

    Cruiser line recommendations

    Okay, i guess ill go for the russian line since most of you recommended it so much, but will i have enough time to get the line fully before the split tho? It took me about a month and a half to get the yamato so i might be able to finish in about a months time( if my credits dont f' me up anyways).
  7. KyleTheGreat

    Cruiser line recommendations

    Well ive shot plenty of broadside kremlins salvos with my BB's but ive gotten 0 citadels,so i doubt that =.=
  8. KyleTheGreat

    Cruiser line recommendations

    is the des moines still viable? ive read that it has been power creeped
  9. KyleTheGreat

    Cruiser line recommendations

    ok fair enough, but are there any bad ships in that line? and are there any ships that are worth keeping?
  10. KyleTheGreat

    Cruiser line recommendations

    Hey y'all, i just wanted to ask for some cruiser line recommendations(excluding IJN as i already have finished the line). Yes i know that there have been previous posts about asking for recommendations for cruiser lines but most of the posts are about a year old and some longer. The old posts dont mention anything about the italians and well the new RN heavy line(well thats a given since it just came out) as well as the buff to german accuracy and any other changes that happened since. Im a new player(started nov last year) so those stuff being said on the old posts may be outdated and i want to catch up to see if theres anything new to know about each line. I can go directly to t6 on the USN heavy line because when i started playing, i just randomly played random techtreee ships until i started grinding IJN bb's(which i loved and finished). I can also go to t6 directly with the italian cruiser line because i got the trento from the Puerto rico event(i only got to 89% sadly), and I can also go directly to t6 with the RN heavy line because i got the hawkins(which i hated, i never liked the single style turrets) from the random bundles but i grinded enough XP to go the devonshire. Im kinda wanting to go with one of the three to skip a little grind but i want to know your guys opinion on the cruiser lines, maybe theres some new info that i havent found out about. I usually play at t10, but i would appreciate recommendation on lines that arent much of a hassle to grind and not have some ships that are just plain bad(like freddy and gneisenau on german BB's) and some mid-high tier ships that i would like to keep instead of instantly sell(like freddy and gneisenau on german BB's). PS: i sold most of the ships because i needed the credits to fund my IJN BB line grind.(except the hawkins, I HATE SINGLE TURRETSSSSS)
  11. KyleTheGreat

    Missing legendary module mission chain

    Thanks for the tip, but its gonna be a while till i get enough credits to buy back all my ships lol. Good thing i dont really want all of them. Maybe except the Texas i randomly got out of nowhere when i started >_> The only thing i regret was buying the blyskawica because i wanted to try out DD's and thought i could just sell it back for coal( Yah, im an idiot).
  12. KyleTheGreat

    Missing legendary module mission chain

    well that kinda sucks, thanks for telling me. but how do i get the zao's module now?
  13. Hello all, so i recently just got 2 new t10's(GK then about a week later bought the Zao). I got the mission chain for the GK legendary module but i havent gotten the zao's. Is this a bug or am i allowed only 1 mission chain at a time? Or did the research bureau thing happen in between my 2 new t10's? PS. I bought the zao right after the ARP boats event. I sold the ARP boats to get the zao because im poor Q_Q