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  1. NaHydroxide

    Captain point recommendation for EU DD

    alright thanks everyone giving me ideas.
  2. I have a Skåne with a 13 point captain, having preventive maintenance, last stand, torpedo reload and CE. Since I am still grinding this line, I am wondering whether BFT would be a good choice to fit in this tech tree. It seems legit to furhter improve the dpm and AA but that also means I need to trade SE or superindendent, maybe even trading BFT with AR. Has anyone tried BFT with Europe DD? How does it feel like? Would losing one of the 3-point skill brings a huge impact?
  3. Can you buff the brawling skills? I tried to brawl in amagi and it's actually ok-ish. If you can make them cheaper or wider activation range they can be very tempting, at least for me in certain ships.
  4. NaHydroxide

    假期到了 分房也開始垃圾了

    我都不知道遇到多少*撚樣*開局退到邊界afk 打開檔案看數據是真的垃圾 專門來搗亂 應該也有不少檢舉 然而依然能出來玩
  5. Alright I'll try to notice them more when I am playing. Cheers
  6. Can you maybe explain the weakness more? I just wanna know more about this.
  7. Being a relatively new player to you, I don't think that is very relavent. The USS ships you talk about are premiums, so we can conclude that WG wants to get your money. Russians on the other hand, are both premiums and tech tree ships. Yes, Khaba is powercreeped a lot these days, but that just one. Besides, I didn't see people complaining about new tech tree ships eg Royal navy CA and USS dreadnoughts.
  8. 457mm guns with 30s 180 degree turrent transverse. You call that weak? The vertical dispersion is also remarkable. Being tanky is absolutely fine as it encourages players to push in -- until the focus fire can't do anything to it, not to mention it can overmatch your 30mm armour. Weak? Gk is also a tanky ship which can only tank. Its secondary is apparently imcomparable to overmatching guns. Even if Krelin is focused by CV, 100k+ health means its drawing CV's attention from its teammates for a long time. It helps significantly for the team. Weak? Cruisers, ahh the glory Russian navy. Every tech tree cruisers wouldn't dare to charge to Yamato with its 460mm guns EXCEPT Russian cruisers. The CA and, for some reason, CL have that ice breaker protecting any kind of citadel through nose. I cannot understand how they can sail with that size of freeboard. With its AP penteratrion, the "long" reload ithat WG claimed to be is nothing. And the AA, the range, the stealth radar that WG claimed to be toxic, these ships absolutely outcompete others nation. Idk how do you think now but oh my. What does average means to you, the Conqueror before nerfed? Premiums, lol do we really need to talk about Smolensk and Slava. Their existence have completely broken the game mechanics. Indeed we can list out every nation's gimmicks and advantages, like we can talk abt Khaba high speed which is apparently nothing in actual games. The point here is Russian BB and cruisers are outperforming other ships in actual games. It's just so much more comfortable and much less concerns when playing in a Russian BB and cruisers. Of course rushing out and die in the fist 3 min in the game doesn't count. I would like to add that I think we all can agree Russian DDs are pretty inferior these days. And I haven't grinded this line yet. My opinion comes from my experience of playing against them vs playing againt other nations' ship.
  9. NaHydroxide

    Update 0.9.6: German Carriers

    I found that the mod file is not set up for update 0.9.6. I stupidly tried to create a mod file for the update and it didnt work. How to fix the issue?