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  1. Rongjian_Liang_2019

    0.10.3 bug report

    Localization issue of rank battle rewards. (IDS_REWARD_TAKEN) It should not display the object name on this page. Steps to reproduce: 1. Go into the rank battle and play some games; 2.Receive the rewards after a number of wins; 3.See the battle result screen which prompts a page of rank status and rewards before showing the battle result. WoWS_report.wgc
  2. Rongjian_Liang_2019

    Random thoughts - CVs.

    Yes and I think multitasking is only for the RTS CV back in the day. Now you could still do some spotting on your way to attack, and drop a squadron if you wish. I have used “manual spotting” by hovering my attack squadron over some important targets (like DD) just that my team could focus him and get the kill. The altitude control of fighters would be very nice, as in air-to-air dogfight, those planes with higher altitudes have more room to perform maneuver and are thus usually in better place. The importance of spotting enemy attack squadron and its altitude is that friendly fighters could climb to a higher altitude and fight them more effectively. Historically, a task force (in USN fashion, which could have more than one CV and CV escort )has limited communication channels to direct their fighters, and they could only cope with attack from 5 - 10 different directions. Royal Navy and USN have implemented a systematic framework of “how to shoot down planes and protect the fleet”, so IJN using large number of attack planes, coming in several directions only, stood no chance against the organized intercept from USN fighters. However, in later war, IJN used Kamikaze attack which were organized in much smaller squadrons(2-3per squadron instead of 10-20)and attacked the fleet from multiple direction and low altitude. Multiple directions of attack flooded the USN intercept channel, and low altitude made intercepting even harder as the planes are difficult to pick up by radar, and fighters consume more fuels when flying low so the friendly fighters may not have time or range to intercept them. The Kamikaze attack also focus on the peripheral USN DD as well, since they provided early spotting and directed the fighter squadron. USN suffered such a severe loss on its reconnaissance DD by Kamikaze attack that at one point it was considering using submarines as early spotting to avoid the heavy loss of life. This tactics proved to be very effective, and the Kamikaze attack had an overall 39.6% hit rate. The same philosophy of flooding enemy anti-air channel and flying close the waves are largely inherited by anti ships missiles, which are guided by computer instead of suiciding pilots. It would be nice if we could see similar tactics in WoWs. The main problem is how to implement this with minimal changes to the game mechanics and UI.
  3. Rongjian_Liang_2019

    Random thoughts - CVs.

    Talking about the ships AA, just as an historical side note, during WWII the most effective AA comes from the patrol squadrons of the CV. For the USN, all its destroyers have surface to air radar and fitted with Combat Intelligence Center to direct nearby squadron to intercept enemy attack squadron. The AA on ships only serves as a last defense, and usually the main purpose is to deter enemy attacks, making them maneuver and dropping their ordinance prematurely. Shooting down large number of plane is not the task for ship borne AA, historically. In the later part of WWII, in the Pacific theater, USN CV carries a much larger portion of patrol fighters than the attack planes, mainly to protect the fleet from IJN carriers attack. On the intelligence side, WoWs UI does an amazing job as every spotting is relayed almost instantly (except for some rendering time) and correctly, the only job of the player is to interpret them. Also the IFF( identification friends or foe) is done automatically. This, in essence, means that every ship regardless of nationality is fitted with CIC and shares a common intelligence channel once they are on the same team. Early spotting of enemy attack squadron is usually done by the front most destroyers in games, and the friendly CV could decide to perform an attack on the other side or to interfere the enemy attack by dropping a fighter squadron on the way. Then how about keeping the AA on ships as they are now, and allow CV players to deal with each other’s attack squadron more dynamically? Currently the fighter squadron isn’t very effective against CV manual attack( they could avoid them even just by flying by the patrol area, and even tagged the planes could still perform one attack run). CV players could sacrifice for some damage dealing abilities while build into some sort of “anti CV” style by carrying more fighters than attack planes. As for the spotting side, this shouldn’t be nerfed heavily because this is a major way of how CV influence the battle in WoWs. And the ship borne AA should impact the dropping pattern on planes, which isn’t that well implemented in game right now.