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    Unfortunately IJN BB guns are good over 12-14km. So keep distance. Try to position yourself with your butt towards firing direction so it will help you keep your all guns firing and it will give you better protection. if your target is angled over 20 degrees its better to aim in superstructure - just don't try to hit citadel in every salvo.
  2. Rainbow_Tui

    Feedback Thread for Update 0.9.2

    Tier V and VI European DDs are pretty ok. I enjoyed them because I could actually used their guns and it gave me some fun. Tier VII Skane is such a pain. In general this ship for me is only for spotting role. Can't do damage, can't use her guns because in best case scenario I will loose most of my HP against most of the equal tier dds. I just want to get this premium camo for her and forget her. The pan European torps - I don't mind that they are not doing much damage but in that case should be more stealthy or faster. They are pretty easy to evade for most of targets. For Skane also torp arcs are ridiculous I literally can see my rear tube can fire to the front but "computer says no".
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    It's working!