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  1. Random_Freedom

    Matchmaking timer one digit placed down

    Hi, it seems that something is wrong with one of my matchmaking timer's digits... I don't know how to fix it, but my brother's timer is doing just fine (I even utilized 'check and repair' in the launcher, but it's still the same). For your information, before the matchmaking timer broke, I've downloaded WOWS Legends ribbons mod and everything was fine. Here's the link btw (I've uninstalled it and reinstalled all my mods from ModStation after I felt something amiss) Also, I've been experiencing a high ping value (it often exceeds 100 ms) and an fps drop. Any suggestion on fixing it? I may resort to uninstalling and reinstalling the game as my 'last-ditch effort', but I prefer not to because it's time-consuming. Edit: I've reinstalled everything including all the mods. Both the fps drop and high ping issue have ceased, but the score timer is still broken, like in the picture above.
  2. Random_Freedom

    How to honk a horn?

    Thanks ^-^
  3. Random_Freedom

    Modstation keeps saying no internet connection.

    I just found out why, it just need to be left while downloading process (least mouse movement, not letting pc sleep, no opening new tab, and so on...). But anyway, thanks for the reply ^-^ 😄
  4. Random_Freedom

    How to exit clan?

    I'm planning to exit my clan, but is there a way?
  5. Help.... my connection is good and this keeps popping up.
  6. Random_Freedom

    The Story of Nobuo Fujita

    I love the story, and i hope japanese sub special consumable is spoting aircraft or catapult fighter 🙂
  7. Random_Freedom

    How to honk a horn?

    I sometimes like to hear the big honking sound of ships, and i found a few videos on youtube with honking ships. But i can't find a tutorial on it, so any answer would be useful😁
  8. Random_Freedom

    Japanese Carrier Submarines

    So... German sub : Hydroaccoustic American sub : Speedboost Soviet sub : Healing party Japan sub : Fighter aircraft
  9. I got 30 days of premium account and some signals wich i don't remember...
  10. Random_Freedom

    Public Test of Update 0.9.5: Round 2

    Could i use my wargaming account for the public test🤔 or i should register a new account for russian server, but im in asia and i play in asia server...
  11. Random_Freedom

    Is there a good method to haste or shorten reload time?

    Actually i never play war thunder :v n thank you for the reply👍🏼
  12. I like to play as Italian and German cruiser, the poor thing is... Italian ship reloads super slow (typical). When i play as Nurnberg, German cruiser reload as fast as whooping 4 seconds but when i play as Trento, it took 14 seconds! Help, is there a way to fasten up Italian ship reload? I saw that Yamato could be buffed for 14 seconds reload, but i don't know how. Is it commander skills? Research? Nor flags and camo?