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  1. HY_Yuan

    Developer Bulletin for Update 0.11.7

    Can we Players get an option to turn on or off the new camera improvement settings ? The views in the battles (including shell tracing ones) seem ridiculous that prevent me from concentrate on the targets. In games of PT server, the image of ships themselves can block half of the screen which preventing me from seeing the torpedoes nearby. And I can't even see anything clearly about where are the shells going in tracing them. What do you think you are doing WG? Preventing us from playing comfortably? Personally I would rather you didn't change anything about the camera in the upgrades. *sigh
  2. HY_Yuan


  3. HY_Yuan

    PT 0.11.7 Feedback Thread

    个人表示,我更希望你们不做这种镜头修改,新的镜头表现方式让我很难受! Personally, I'd rather you not changing these camera angles and other seeting. I FELL SICK IN GAMING WITH THESE NEW SETTINGS. Updated 1 day later 我无法再忍受这种瞄准视角和追弹视角了,我甚至无法看清我的炮弹是打到了水里还是对面的防雷鼓包上,这使得完全无法在PT服务器进行游戏。你们搞什么鬼?不会改可以不改,一定要找骂是吧? I can no longer stand the camera improvements and shell chasing anymore, and I couldn't even see if my shells were hitting the water or the lightning bump on the opposite side. This is making it completely impossible for me to play on the PT server normally. What do you think are you doing in changing these steeings? If you can't do this properly, you can just let them be. Are you bound to asking for some scolding ?! *sigh
  4. HY_Yuan

    PT 0.11.7 Feedback Thread

    Quite Agree. I can not get used to such improvements especially in tracing the shells. Hope that we can adopt these improvements as optional settings.
  5. HY_Yuan

    PT 0.11.6 Feedback Thread

    Upgreade in 2022/6/26, As after I have posted my former parts about 6 hours ago, I found something new which worth sharing in order to support my opinion in the former post. It seems that the game designer has taken such issues into consideration that I have found some more evidences. As an example, Premium Battleship Anshan has s special Economic Bonus on its Camouflage that providing additional 100% Free XP Bonus in official server as is shown in Pic 9. In the PT Server, this bonus still exists that it can still provide additional economic bonus comparaing with other Tier 6 Premium Battleship, for example Huanghe as is shown in Pic 10 and Pic 11. As far as I know, the same special camouflage that providing additional economic bonus also exists in other premium battleships, including Tier 8 ships, Prinz Eugen, Kii, Tier 6 ships, Warspite ,しののめ (Or Shinonome in English, I suppose), let alone the battleships I have mentioned before. Accoding to the Developement Blog, it is already known that these Camouflags we have purchased before will remain additional bonuses after the Upgrade. Does this indicating that we cannot get access to these bonuses after the 0.11.5? Or if we purchased these battle ships, Anshan for example. Can there be only common economic bonus as other Tier 6 Premium Battleships do? Well, that's a knid of annoying.
  6. HY_Yuan

    PT 0.11.6 Feedback Thread

    There are still some details of "separation of exterior visuals and economic bonuses" remain to be solved and worth examining since some of the camouflage of Premium Battleships have Special Camouflage with can only be purchased through Doubloons or Tokens have unique economic bonuses, while their unique bonuses may not be accessed after the separation. This is unfair and can be loses of those players who haven't purchased these Camouflages before the separation. Taking Graf Spee as an example, in the official server, we can see it that this battleship has more than one Camouflages which can be purchased using Doubloons. The pictures below I have just token from the Official Server show that they have different price with different economic bonuses (Pic 1 and Pic2). While in the PT server, although the "Nation" Camouflage can still be purchased (Pic3), the economic bonuses will no longer be accessed and I haven't see any "Upgrading" icon in the Permanent Bonuses site (Pic 4). Does it indicating that those who purchased the "Nation" Camouflage will have a lose on the economic bonuses of Graf Spee after the upgrade? Or other players can no longer gain access to this special economic bonus? The same thing also happens in the other Premium Battleships such as Flint and Black, while their special camouflage can only be purchased by the tokens we can get through the Rank battle and CW. In the official server, the special bonuses still exists. While in the PT server, they are all gone, leaving the exterior visuals only (Pic 5 6 7 8). And the players may spend a lot of time and efforts on these rewards. I don't think such things are funny Because I don't want my efforts get devalued in the future. And I am looking forward for explanations and further improvements.
  7. Hello, Mr. Developer I am writing this Blog to show my dissatisfaction of your changing the way we acquiring the signal flags. I saw it that the WG the 0.10.4 update the access of signal flags from "achieve a particular achievement to obtain 10 specific flags" to "complete a serious of combat missions to acquire several signal flag containers". But in the last weekend, I found it that such way of acquiring signal flags only makes me receive less signal flags while completing my battles with similar performance comparing with those in the previous versions of WoWs, which confused me and discouraged me from trying to perform better for achievements. The new version of the signal flag acquisition method is too inefficient to keep me up with the speed of consuming my signal flags in all kinds of way. To get the best out of my battles, I might use dozens of flags in a single battle, let along the Random Mode or the Rank Mode. In previous versions of the game, this also gave me a higher chance of performing better in the game, which may also give more chance to win an achievement in the game to replenish my signal flags inventory. But now in version 0.10.4, this is no longer possible. Let’s do some calculations: Usually, I can only receive a serious of combat missions in reword of 8 signal flag containers per week. Each container may bring me up to 12 flags, or at least 4 signal flags. And in conclusion, 8 container can bring me 32 flags at least and 96 flags at most per week. Then how much battles could these signal flags be used? In game, it is obvious that I can bring 8 combat flags and 5 economic flags with me in a single battle, which is 13 flags per combat in summary . That means, these 8 containers could only satisfy my needs of playing 3-7 combats or I won’t make the best of myself in game. Besides, the consuming of my inventory while completing the missions was not concluded in calculation. It means I may keep nothing with me at the end of completing your missions. This week, it only takes me 1 day of completing your missions. Which means I will have got none of the flags at the rest of the week however I played in the game, letting alone that I may win several achievements per day, which can bring me dozens of all kinds of signal flags in the past 5 years. Do you mean I will one day run out of my flags as faster as I play WoWs more regular? Isn’t it ridiculous? Is your purpose of doing such change to discourage the players like me from playing your game? In conclusion, I would appreciate it when WG change the way we acquire signal flag back to the previous versions of "get signal flags directly from achievements", or at least increase the number of signal flags we get and how we get them. Instead of forcing your loyal players spending countless of coins or coals in the arsenal buying flags, which is directly contrary to what you have done 1 year ago deleting the Premium Consumables in the game. I can understand your company's strong desire to increase revenue by encouraging players to spend money buying signal flags. But I have to tell you that such change on acquiring signal flags greedily decrease my enthusiasm of performing better in battles, making me feel it that, something that I owned since this game firstly started its server is taken from me. There could be a better way. But now I only feel annoying and disappointing. A Chinese Player of WoWs since 2016 summer HY_Yuan