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  1. Storm_Khan

    Commanders Voices Question?

    A nice touch for those unique voiceovers would be if a player who owns a commander with a unique voice is used by that player in game then all the other players on the team can hear that voiceover too. This would be harder for weegee to implement since the voiceover would now have to cater for all the different languages but would be a nice touch and might promote the acquisition of those commanders by others.
  2. Storm_Khan

    Older Replay Files

    I've got some old replay files from a couple of years ago and I've noticed they can't be played anymore due to the "incompatible client". Is there a way to view those older replays again or is that now impossible? Also, is there an updated set of replay mode commands to control the replay viewing?
  3. Storm_Khan

    The match maker is biased or what?

    Wow, finally got them unicum players on my team. lol!
  4. Storm_Khan

    The match maker is biased or what?

    Hmmm, not really noticed if Hindy is significantly weaker than other ships. I do know that if you're in a cruiser then you always get targeted first especially by the cheap shot BB's who try to one shot you from 20km away. With cruisers you tend to have to hang back at first or get focused down real fast so getting into a cap early is not a good idea unless you know its fairly safe.
  5. Storm_Khan

    The match maker is biased or what?

    3rd time this Ranked season with encounters with unicum players...always on the other team... It was a tight game and was down to me and the Immelman at the end. He'd taken out 2 of the BBs on the team and was turning his attention to me since I was the last survivor. I was badly damaged at about 25% health while he was at 100%. The pr**k obviously did not like the outcome since he reported me for making him spill his unicum everywhere.
  6. Storm_Khan

    The match maker is biased or what?

    I had that 2 days ago. Was trying to accumulate 5 stars to reach rank 1 and ended up playing 15 games to get there and having to "save my star" at least 7 times just to do it...makes you wonder.
  7. Storm_Khan

    The match maker is biased or what?

    Just to let you know my own statistics regard this balancing out eventually over time thing: In the last 2 weeks of ranked games I have encountered only 3 unicum players with 2 of them in the 1 game. All of them have been on the other team. This is based on a reasonable sample size of at least 45 or more games over 2 weeks played at various times of the day but mostly in the late afternoon/evening. Still collecting data...
  8. Storm_Khan

    The match maker is biased or what?

    I absolutely agree with you in that such an equal distribution of players based on skill for Ranked battle games would be very disastrous resulting in no one reaching rank 1 let alone the next league unless absolutely lucky. Still feel miffed at being bushwhacked or ambushed by a computer where you have absolutely no control over the situation. The mechanism however is ideal for Random mode games however. The implementation is very simple and will have no discernible impact on performance - at a guess the mechanism might take maybe a couple hundred milliseconds if that to function depending on the server hardware the code is being run on. (I can say this with absolute confidence from the pint of view of a dev').
  9. Storm_Khan

    The match maker is biased or what?

    That I can understand. We have all been there and done that I think. Well, most of us.
  10. Storm_Khan

    The match maker is biased or what?

    I think you misunderstood what I was trying to say. I agree with you that statistically with the way the MM is currently implemented (and assuming that it is purely random assignments of players to teams) that there is always a chance for outliers in team matchup and eventually things will balance out given enough match ups and games. What I'm saying is that with a straightforward implementation of sorting and distributing players to teams based on the simple statistic of using the win rate % of a player (read my previous comment on this) then the probability of having outlier matchups is eliminated and a roughly balanced set of 2 teams is created pretty much all the time. weegee does not appear to have done this with the current MM.
  11. Storm_Khan

    The match maker is biased or what?

    So you only collect digital ship assets and have a masochistic tendency for what a game company you have low expectations of may come out with? lol!
  12. Storm_Khan

    The match maker is biased or what?

    Yes, the basic statistical principles is understandable. I guess how I should have phrased it is: Why can't the MM be made less "seemingly" biased or more balanced. Assuming that it is probability that happened "against" me, it is also seemingly straightforward to implement a skills based player distribution between the 2 teams. Having randomly picked 12 players out of the available player pool, sort them by say the "win rate%" then assign every other player to 1 team and the rest to the 2nd team. This should give a roughly balanced team almost all the time. The situation my team got caught in of having to go up against 2 unicum players (in a team of 6) would never have happened then but would have been a 1 unicum player per team in a hopefully closer battle royale rather than a stompfest. This basic team assignment mechanism does not appear to be implemented by the MM at all.
  13. Storm_Khan

    The match maker is biased or what?

    Lol! I have only one question for you: Why do you keep on playing this game?
  14. Storm_Khan

    The match maker is biased or what?

    OK, thanks for clarifying but your explanations while good is not what was originally referred to which really is: why would the MM match what is obviously a significantly more skilled team against say an average one when it could have quite easily made it more even or balanced? This has nothing to do with leagues since the game is of necessity in the same league and hence not of relevance as regards to the original topic of discussion. For the sake of discussion: If what you say that the MM does not take into account skill level and is purely random then there will be those outlier games where one team has a significant mismatch in skill level of players against the other. I also understand the argument that "you" are the only constant across a statistical sample of games and hence only you affect the sample regardless of which way the result may tend towards. But the other argument is that if the MM is truly random at placing players to teams then, regardless of your own skill level, you will be 1) assigned to a team that will lose regardless of what you individually do or not do or 2) assigned to a team that will win regardless of what you individually do or not do 3) assigned against a team that will win regardless of what you or your team does or does not do 4) assigned against a team that will lose regardless of what you or your team does or does not do and these options should statistically be equal over a large enough sample size. While you as a player may be of whatever skill level, when mixed in with a random team of other players, that skill level will be diluted (up or down) with the skill level of the rest of the team. The red team should be assigned in exactly the same way. The result of a game is the combined effort of the team so even if you for example win the game for the team by being the last one alive and managing to kill the remaining red team off it is still the combined effort of the team that set it up for you to be able to do so. Hence the reasoning behind "regardless of what you individually do or not do". Similar arguments apply at the team level. Hence my questioning of the MM and its match making if it truly is random since people can rank up and progress to the next league without having to be unicum players to be able to overcome the true randomness. The one thing that has not been brought up is how the 2 teams are assigned to the 1 game. I will assume a random set of 12 players are chosen which are then assigned to 1 or the other team. If it is truly random then you will get outlier mismatches every so often. If it were to do some sort of skill based balancing then theoretically the 2 teams should end up being somewhat even and the situation which was shown of having 2 unicum players on one team and none on the other should never happen. Obviously this is not the case! Perhaps there is a case here to implement that in the MM?
  15. Storm_Khan

    The match maker is biased or what?

    Ahhh, thanks for the clarification but that is not what the topic is quite about. I understand that playing at higher leagues means playing with/against higher skilled players but the topic is really about the MM itself appearing to be biased in the matching of players to teams and teams against another team within a game. Matching of player skill within a league is not really anything to do with the MM as that is a 'natural' occurrence.