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  1. L4T4M3SN4VA135 Don't know how long it will last for and don't know what it give either! Combat mission maybe.
  2. Storm_Khan

    Auction Survey - How Much Credits does 100k Coal Worth?

    Well actually, you can grind coal...just more slowly. Grind for the daily containers and choose the more resources option for each crate. You are guaranteed at least 400 coal per crate giving you a minimum of 1200 coal per day.
  3. Storm_Khan

    Where is my KONG ????

    I've said it somewhere else too I think but I wonder if its also the owners of the movie (Warner Bros'?) making some sort of tight arse deal and charging megabucks for royalties. WG then says "Sure! We'll pass the cost on to the player base." Of course, no details of the deal are ever made public so people will only be able to point fingers at WG. I believe that its both WB and WG that's screwing the paying crowd over.
  4. Storm_Khan

    Where is my KONG ????

    Finally finished grinding the Kong vs Godzilla combat mission and got the freebie Titan container... 🙂
  5. Storm_Khan

    Where is my KONG ????

    Agreed. at 21,750 dubs for 10 pt Commander Kong/Godzilla, 1 perma camo, a tech tree ship (wtf!), 85 expendable camos, 1 port slot , bonus mission (meh) and a commemorative flag (meh) all this is incredibly expensive. Compare with 3000 dubs for a T8 perma camo, 1500 dubs for a 10 pt commander, this Kong/Godzilla bundle is a titan sized premium (extra 17,000 dubs!!!) to pay just to get the Kong/Godzilla looks. Would not be surprised if the "collab" with Warner Bros had a king (or is that Kong?) sized royalties agreement forced onto WG and they in turn are passing the huge premium onto the players. I bought a set of 10 Titan containers instead just for laughs and even if I didn't get the perma- camos or commanders then I still get something useful like special flags or elite CXP. I was lucky to get both perma camos AND commander Kong at significantly less cost than buying the bundle but even then I figure I still had to fork out approx 50% more for the perma camos than just buying the standard T8 ones after factoring in the various bits and pieces I also managed to get.
  6. Storm_Khan

    Any free camera mod for dockyard?

    Just use the built in Windows XBox game bar. Windows+Alt+R to start recording and again to stop.
  7. Storm_Khan

    What did you get from KoTS XII premium crate?

    I started collecting KotS crates from KotS X, 2 competitions ago. Took till this tourney to get the last one...sigh I dunno about the list of ships that could drop but if you get one you already own then it picks another random ship to drop and so forth until you get one you don't have. If you have them all then you get some sort of compensation. Doubloons or credits or something.
  8. Finally finished getting the last KoTS crate and got this, looks like an old premium ship from 2016? Hey, its free! What did anyone else get?
  9. Storm_Khan

    KotS mission question

    OK, a KotS mission chain has appeared with 2 KotS containers as the final reward. The questions is: mission 3 states to complete it you must earn 2 heroic achievements on random, ranked OR co-op. So how do you earn heroic achievements on co-op? Or am I missing something...
  10. Storm_Khan

    10.3 Update issue with owned credits

    OK, this looks like it has been fixed now 🙂
  11. Todays update to 0.10.3 has messed around with my owned credits...the armory has the correct value but the port screen shows a significantly different value. WG, please fix this.
  12. Awww dammit, now I gotta respond and say you could have called it the "Golden Shower" as it will try to shower all over your parade... 😉
  13. Agree. I whaled it and bought 5 containers and Marco Polo dropped out. 🙂 At $30 it's still far cheaper than buying it directly.
  14. I think you are trying to say WG has standard and premium containers. So if you buy containers you are actually buying "premium" Premium containers...doh!