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  1. I thought its obious that its Le Fantasque. I found that it looked similar to Split so I play her with yugoslav ensignia. Just like I play Błyskawica as Beograd, another ship in propsals from the yugo navy. I had to say all this on another similar thread that I just realised same bunch is on. So I guess I'll just quietly leave the threads 🙂
  2. Mornar

    Yugoslav Destroyer Split (ship named "Split")

    Ok, sorry, maybe I should have mentioned but I thought its obvious - This is just fan art replacement camo I did for myself in game and Le Fantasque was the closest looking to Split that I found. I am from those parts originally so I play few ships with yugoslav ensignia - FOR FUN. Ther are few ships being proposed from yugoslavia and since this thread is on that topic i thought some of you will find this amusing. So yes, maybe I misunderstood.
  3. Mornar

    Yugoslav Destroyer Split (ship named "Split")

    This is the one 🙂