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  1. ogowa

    AIRCRAFT Carriers

    I might suck, according to you, have fun playing on empty servers as us newbies continue to quit
  2. ogowa

    CV experts

    And exactly right, and i m pissed. Paid real money for a premium ship i cannot use for 6 cv games
  3. ogowa

    CV experts

    This is exactly correct, as a tier 4 player how the hell can i survive in a 6 cv game, heavens, sometimes we see more CVs than combat ships
  4. ogowa

    AIRCRAFT Carriers

    I want my money back I paid real money for a premium level 4 battle cruiser Game after game after game, its 3 cv per side I get hit before I can engage other ships, again and again. I don't want to be told I am playing wrong, I dodge, TT after TT, until I am the last combat ship left, then its impossible, 3 loads of planes at a a time. I have a couple of times even managed to get into range to at least try to hit a CV, its just impossible How the hell can I gain points against this? Why should I even try when I know its impossible against such odds I want my money back
  5. so the general agreement is then its a beer and pretzel game. So why the hell do so many people treat it like its life and death, and get so upset over losing, or so full of bragging when they win? Its only entertainment, fun time killer. So, if WOW is so determined to destroy the fun with 6 cv games, whats left? The new competing games being announced on U tube Enjoy WOW for a little longer, soon I fear the servers will be empty of players.
  6. So I was watching a u tube clip, world record damage by a Benson DD, level 10 I watched a 1500 ton destroyer launch salvo, after salvo of torps, 6, 12, 18, and on and on, and on Some simple maths, each torp weighs nearly a ton, I watched literally hundreds of tons of torps launched More than any DD could carry, without actually capsizing, let alone actually having the reloads I watch planes come in, and launch torpedoes from point blank range, and escape, and come again and again. Pity most carriers only carried limited numbers of them I watch battleships, with powerful secondaries, seemingly incapable of hitting anything 5 KM or more away, For heavens sake, Yamatos 6 inch could kill at nearly 20 KM No ship ever, and I mean ever, hid behind an island in a naval battle. You moved, fast, or you died For a game to play half pissed, yep, but don't ever say this is naval warefare. Its world of tanks, on water. It could be so much better, it could have been the perfect model for teaching the history of these magnificent ships (and men who served on them), Some how, it all, feels.. like it cheapens their sacrifice and duty Better games are coming, Ill keep playing for mindless entertainment, until they do...……….
  7. ogowa

    Yamato, i know her evey millimetre

    Hi guys. I am still trying to figure forums out She has 4 very large (coke can size) motors, drawing about 50 amps. I use 4 motorbike batteries for power, and get a few hours of sailing She only goes out rarely, as its bloody expensive to do so, I have to rent a 3 ton truck, and almost inevitably, she gets damaged enroute. I much prefer the building to the sailing, take out Destroyers (Akizuki) when I want to sail Thankyou for the kind comments. And there is a U tube clip, type in 1/72 yamato and you should find her One thing I know for sure, World of warships have Yamato's maneuverability completely wrong (most of the capital ships are wrong). At scale speed , she turns on a dime, full astern, she stops quick . I took great care to model the rudder, hull and props accurately. Hard rudder, and hard ahead and astern altogether is very revealing. Also if you study photos you can see her maneuverability. (I could be wrong, this I admit I am only up to a Nagato, but what I see on U tube seems to show her as a elephant,) Others with large scale 1/72 warships in the club also demonstrate that BBs turn far faster than modelled in the game Anyway, thanks again, its fun seeing these magnificent ships modelled so well in digital.
  8. ogowa

    Yamato, i know her evey millimetre

    Turrets and gun directors work together., yes. I have a 12 foot Kirishima 70 percent done too kind comments a final, here is my fav shot, at sea, she looks almost real here, she weighs nearly 160 kg in the water
  9. ogowa

    Yamato, i know her evey millimetre

    Turrets and gun directors work together., yes. I have a 12 foot Kirishima 70 percent done too
  10. 8 years labour, 14 foot of working model
  11. ogowa

    yamato, 1/72 scale

    last view maybe one day ill grind to her
  12. ogowa

    yamato, 1/72 scale

    another view
  13. ogowa

    why do you play

    After a month, as a newbee, its obvious that the only reason I would play this gam, is for fun. There is no point, no strategy, little if any realism in tactics. Only some pretty well done ships so, I play this as a fun , beer and pretzals game but. CVs take away the fun, again, and again, and again No more pennies from me for WG Wonder how many think the same