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  1. Hi,guys! I don’t know if the voice of our players can be passed to the decision layer. But as a loyal player,I really want to express my dissatisfaction with recent game planning.My game ID is YKY_. If you check my recharge record, I am not a pure free player.First ,your game planner play a total word games with the legendary upgrade. It ’s really a huge injury for new players like me. I believe there are objections within you. Please do think how to play game with happyness, not money!The next big issue is Puerto Rico task chain. I bought it with money, but it's not worth it.NOW YOU GUYS PLAY A BIG JOKE ON Moskva. Do you think our players are all lambs to be slaughtered?Questions like bots 、cheating, and racial discrimination that have been unresolved in the game will not be listed. Other players have already said a lotSuch game are not worth my continued recharge !