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    New Italian Cruiser

    I tested: T5 Montecuccoli and T6 Trent: Great speed, and maneuverability. Gun: BAD! Long reload , on the DD the damge is very low due can us AP or SAP, and this no done damge. SAP: no bad damge to BB but low compare to slow reload, 15 seconds., i done on same tier BB max 7K at salvo with all cannon. AP , like other cruiser, on the BB need to be close very close. AA: Very bad , with reinforced sector and AA build can kill max one or 2 plane. Armor: Don't exist, become citadel from every angle, also from DD SMOKE: CD to high 240 seconds CD for only 25 seconds on. He cover you at full speed, But is like huange, people AIm at the edge the smoke and hit you. In Fact the smoke fade out in 10 second, unusefull for Team. Torpedo: Nice Range, damge low. also the speed is too slow. Only 2 X side on Montecuccoli, e 3 on Trento. So you can't sink a BB with good salvo. Due it's very slow is Very easy to dodge. I think need some change, this line have too many weakness, compare other line. Bye Cybercase