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  1. Bellerophonex

    French Mission

    I did it in the Guepard, actually had over 1m potential damage in one game just jinking and shelling like a mad man.
  2. Bellerophonex

    Has ANYTHING changed in the last 4 years?

    Considering the last Clan Battles meta was all Venezia's and they came out in the last year I'm not sure this 'The current Meta is the same as it was 4 years ago' really flies.
  3. Bellerophonex

    Which Lines do you expect after 5th Anniversary?

    Where's the second line of Soviet BB's? Or the second line of Soviet DD's. Or Soviet CV's. lol
  4. Bellerophonex

    Technical difficulty

    https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/121666-got-this-error-message-today-after-hitting-play-button/ Apparently running the repair feature (I think in Steam) fixes it.
  5. Bellerophonex


    Same. Smoking BB's for escape or early game when everyone is still far enough apart to keep from being spotted is the only time it really works. By the mid-game they're probably spotted no matter what. Smoking for your cruisers can still be smart then though. They can sit in what would be very exposed water for a while and hammer the enemy (radar dependent).
  6. Bellerophonex

    CN_70 still exist

    Yeah same.. didn't seem em for a bit and the last two days been matched up 3 times
  7. Bellerophonex

    Time for choices again - which coal ship?

    Who pissed on your cornflakes? Dude's just asking for a suggestion.
  8. Bellerophonex

    Network disconnects anyone else having these

    Oops, started a thread then saw this one. My internet is fine, but for the last few hours barely been able to put two games together without a disconnect. Sometimes been disconnected 3 times in a single game, or come back to a dead ship. Based in Thailand.
  9. Bellerophonex


    Anyone else having disconnect problems today? I can barely string 2 games together without being disconnected from the server... so frustrating to finally get back on and your ship is dead.
  10. Bellerophonex

    Self destruct possible?

    Deleted due to inappropriate use of swear words. WoWS Moderator Team
  11. Bellerophonex

    Cowards in Battle

    Interesting take on things. Generally in most games the problem is one or two ships recklessly charging in, DD's or Cruisers, and getting taken out before anyone else has a chance to get in position. Meanwhile everyone else on the team is spamming the chat telling them to back off or "WTF ARE YOU DOING" messages etc. Just yesterday had a BB and C charge a cap in a game where we had two DD's and our DD's were on the other caps. Didn't help that they were on the island heavy Cap. Both were dead to torpedo's before the rest of the team had even set up on the other two caps. That wasn't them not being backed up by cowards, it was two idiots not paying attention to the map and suiciding.
  12. Bellerophonex

    Removed from queue due to "technical issues" on server

    I'm still having hella connection issues to the game, pain in the but when you bought the black ship bundle and you wanna go play with em. lol.
  13. Bellerophonex

    SEA Server Nov 7 Horrible Connection.

    LOL, just checked here but I was having the same issue on Thursday and Friday (okay on Saturday). Game froze a few times at the loading screen and wouldn't let me in, stayed there hoping it would connect but eventually game was done and came back to a pink ship for being inactive in a game.