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  1. In the developer announcement of version 12.5, you can see that the official changes to the combat actions of AI ships, one of which is "They will now take up more advantageous positions, rush into close combat less often, and distribute themselves more optimally around Key Areas" . But in the public test server, those AI actions look a little ridiculous. What I've seen in most asymmetrical battles is that the AI ships will actively turn (turn 90 degrees or just turn around) when they spot the player. But this process is very dangerous for ships other than destroyers and submarines, as they expose their core area completely within the player's range of fire. Of course, the current PVE AI will not make such obvious "mistakes". In addition, I suggest that the official lower the score lost after the enemy's ship is sunk. Although 12 vs. 6 has an advantage in numbers, when the battle progresses to the enemy with 4 or 5 ships left, their scores are reduced to 0.
  2. Athena_Tennousu_

    PT 0.11.8 Feedback Thread

    Using tier 6 to 8 ships in Operations is a very nice change. But I still found several unpleasant problems. Here are some suggestions from my own observations. I think the big question is whether the authorities are aware of the difference in strength between tier 6 and tier 7 and tier 8 ships. When the player uses a tier 8 ship to play in a mode that used to use a tier 6 or 7, it is easier for the player to complete the required missions and sink enemies. But on the other hand, using a tier 6 or 7 ship will create a feeling of powerlessness in a game where you could only use a tier 8 ship. From the point of view of other players, players who use lower-level ships can become a burden to the entire team. This affects the gameplay experience of the entire team. I think when the player chooses random actions, we can mimic the previous changes to the number of submarines in random battles. Players using lower-tier ship games will not be matched to higher-tier modes for a certain waiting time. If the player will be sorted into a mode that was originally a tier 8 ship, players using a tier 6 ship should wait longer than a player using a tier 7 ship. Similarly, we can also reduce the likelihood that players of higher tier ships will go into lower tier actions, as the strength of the ship may affect the items they end up with. In addition, changing the difficulty of the enemy is also a solution to teams of different levels. Using Hermes as an example, when there are some players below level 8 in the team, we can reduce the number or health of the enemy, or even add some positive buffs (like the previous Arms Race mode) to help players complete the task.