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  1. P47_Thunder_Bolt

    Thoughts on player behavior on Twilight Battle

    Guys, This PvE stuff is Raid for the Filth is optional!! Jeez, dont gotta be so toxic bout it!! the intro vid for Twilight VERY CLEARLY STATES THAT PVP IS ALLOWED and if u expect everyone to stay friendly, its just downright pointless, especially with what seems to be the asian clans. if ur sunk, just fking deal with it, no need to try be princess
  2. P47_Thunder_Bolt

    Why cant u mount 2 flags on ur warship?

    thank you guys very much, i am very appreciative! 🙂
  3. P47_Thunder_Bolt

    jean bart is my new waifu

    me attempts to save up for the aigle (a nice easy ship, not to expensive) gives up at not even 10k
  4. Hello Guys! I'm very new to this game and whenever I try mount 2 flags on my ship, it just won't let me! I was just wondering why its not possible to do this because I would like to display all my achievements with flags on my ships. thanks, P47_Thunder_Bolt