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  1. MapleHunter25

    Aimbots back?

    24 months actually. Just ask Abbott. he came up 2 days short. Laugh? Oh yeah baby.
  2. MapleHunter25

    So 6 CV games are a thing now?

    Not an unusual MM result at T4, stupid but playable. I have had several battles with 3 CV and 2 DD a side.
  3. MapleHunter25

    So 6 CV games are a thing now?

    I have no problem with CVs as such, but they need to be limited based on the size of the maps and AA capabiity per tier. A limit of 1 at T4-6 and 2 above that (perhaps, I don't have much experience) seems workable to me. Putting 3 CV against T2-6 ships is just stoopid.
  4. MapleHunter25

    Ark Royal is up on Premium shop. Go get her

    They just dropped a freebie Ark Royal on me. No idea why.
  5. MapleHunter25

    So 6 CV games are a thing now?

    They just dropped a freebie T6 Ark Royal on me for some reason, I have a whole 14 shocking battles in my Hosho to date so won't be trying it anytime soon.
  6. MapleHunter25

    Unable to view my account

    Difficult to say remotely, but most likely a browser related issue. Could be a bad page cached, or javascript being blocked. Clear your cache, close and re-launch your browser and try again. In Mozilla Firefox, click Tools > Options > Privacy & Security. Under History, click Clear History. In Microsoft Internet Explorer, click Tools > Delete browsing history. In the dialog box that appears, ensure the check box for Temporary Internet files and website files and for History are selected, then click Delete. (Clear the check box for Passwords and Cookies if you want to keep those.) To prevent saving pages in the future, click Tools > Internet Options, then under Security, select the Empty Temporary Internet Files folder when browser is closed, and then click OK. In Google Chrome, press CTRL+H, then click Clear browsing data. In the dialog box that appears, select the items that you want to clear, and the click Clear Data. Ensure that the Browsing history and Cached images and files check boxes are selected. If that doesn't work, you will need to ensure javascript is enabled and that your anti-virus etc. is not blocking it - Google how for your particular setup. Or try another browser.
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  8. MapleHunter25


    Presumably one of these - https://www.visabureau.com/australia/visas-and-immigration/skilled-migration/skilled-occupation-list What's it got to do with you?
  9. MapleHunter25

    Pls tell me how to play Tirpitz???

    Unless you are some kind of magician you will need 100's of battles experience in BB at he lower tiers first. Your near 50% WR in the Turps so far is going to get worse fast.
  10. MapleHunter25

    So 6 CV games are a thing now?

    The majority of CV players at t4 seem to be hopeless to average at best. That can be inconvenient if you get mostly newbies on your team. The best fun of course is when a skilled seal clubber or 2 turns up for the reds, not as rare as it should be. Of course MM also likes to throw in a t2 DD presumably for the lulz in many battles with multiple CV. I'd be happy with a 2 CV max solution, I can't say I've noticed any particular issue with the other classes so far.
  11. MapleHunter25

    MM like this

    This. After about 30 secs.
  12. MapleHunter25

    So 6 CV games are a thing now?

    I've been in battles with 3 CV and 2 DD a side. Ridiculous.
  13. MapleHunter25


    From what I can see the Asia server is seriously struggling for numbers outside a limited primetime. A 1v1 battle is not at all unusual for about a third of the day, and that's after a 7 min wait in the queue. A more realistic option than a Tasman server could be shutting down Asia and we all move to NA.
  14. MapleHunter25

    3 CV's per side. What are you thinking WOWS???

    This noob has learnt a lot in 500 odd battles, but getting any fun out of a battle with 3 CV and 2 DD (mine a t3) a side is not one of them. The temptation to just rage quit is strong. I expect many noobs do. The maps are simply too small for 3 CV and the limit should be set at 2, and preferably in t4 and above battles only.