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  1. WlNNER

    Thunderer keep NERFING don't care

    True, I play it in braw mode and you can spam HE at the start of the game (you are around 21km away from enemy) Then you reverse (ignore the cap) keep spamming and win EZ 180k+ damage
  2. WlNNER

    Combat Mission - Tier 5 KIROV cruiser

    is this ship worth getting? I remember devastating it once or twice
  3. thunderer need range because it doesn't have spotter plane 😡😡😡
  4. WlNNER

    Very Cunning WG...

    I like it but would want more choice of perma camo other than IJN line
  5. I wonder if I can still Get Georgia/Alaska in supercontainer after the removal?
  6. WlNNER

    Waterline: Whats Next (First Half of 2021).

    WG haven't post any update on dev blog for a month now 😞
  7. WlNNER

    screw thunderers

    This pic here explain... 7 thunderers
  8. nice I just got thunderer today
  9. how do you get the code form the video?