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  1. WlNNER

    Gremy auction is live! (I think)

    I bet it will be for doubloon and that's suck
  2. WlNNER

    In-game Text Font

    this one so obvious lmaoo
  3. WlNNER

    DD Captains, please advise

    **Note that I am an average player but there is a tactic I learned from pros and that is to let the enemy dd shoot you first then you smoke up and shoot him (Mostly of the time this will work as the enemy DD will be spotted by teammate ship(s). This help me with gunfight most of the time (work best in British DD). Hope it would help
  4. WlNNER

    Santa Container Drops (Post your luck)

    Got Hood from new year certificate
  5. did anyone notice this (standard container) 0.32% for ship, that is almost impossible to get
  6. WlNNER

    WOWS x Warhammer Ships Giveaway

    No, lol But the secret code usually appear in wows stream 😄
  7. For those who haven't seen it on Facebook https://playr.gg/giveaway/u6-UJ8U
  8. WlNNER

    WG Submarine Survey

  9. WlNNER

    Random MM balance :))

    of course it random battle ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  10. WlNNER

    Twilight Hunt

    It seem like we can only get 390 tokens from 2 mission 40*3 + 90*3 soo... not enough to get perma camo? (without having to spend dubs/community tokens)
  11. WlNNER

    Random mechanics and drop rates: additional explanations

    "How can we be sure that the data you share is true?" weegee actually knew players don't trust them
  12. I try my luck with distant voyages boxes and got this not even have this ship btw 😞
  13. WlNNER

    Birthday Gifts

    lol so i can set my birthday as today and get rewards instantly
  14. This feature is really annoying anyone know how to disable it?