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  1. And you would have to have so much free time on your hands!
  2. Max_British

    Say Hello to my Little Friends

    Oh I say old chap! You really are frightfully bad at this game! Look at my stats! I have played less than you but my Winrate is higher! Your game is just not cricket! Max_British - Player info and stats - WoWS Stats & Numbers - ASIA (wows-numbers.com)
  3. Max_British

    Codes NEW NEW and even NEWER

    Jolly good show old chap!
  4. Max_British

    Three days of All Day Gaming on a new account

    Self recruited - which means I earn things for my main account as well. Not much - not as much as you USED to get, but a little something. Some wee crate. Haven't claimed yet. No idea what Wargaming's policy is on this. Yes, the reward is dfifferent. It used to be Texas, now it's Warspite - which is why I made a British focused alt - also curious to see how I go with ONLY using British ships. I might make another and make it French as French DDs are almost upon us and it might be fun to have a French themed account to earn whatever we will get from that on it. Twice the GrindTM!? You see my main account is four years old and contains all the thousands of battles where I was learning (and I am SUCH a slow learner...) so it doesn't represent my current skill in the game... probably... I make no pretense of it. The stats will be better than my main. I'm better now than I was when I started (of course) and I'm curious to see how 100, 200, 500 battles will look like on it AND with all UK ships. If I do the same with French and maybe German, then I can get some indication of whether or not I agree with other people when they say such and such a line is trash. Not VERY sceintific and I will no doubt get sick of it and go play SWTOR again for no good reason in the meantime but who knows, its a project that may enthuse me. It is kind of cool starting from scratch and building up fresh - and I always have my main anyway - not like my main account is anywhere near fully developed either... There are SO MANY in the early protected matchmaking for random battles... divs of them sometimes... I ship you not... make a new account for yourself and go see.
  5. Welp, just got the free Warspite for having a battle in a T6 ship. Three days plus kept my main account up to date with The GrindTM. How many battles is a new account "protected" for? After I reached about T5 and about 50 battles, the bots all but left the matches and both teams were mostly (if not all) humans. Well apart from the NUMEROUS "players" who are just numbers. "Damn you 8775198627! You set me on fire AGAIN!" Do they count as bots? Probably not a fair test, but whilst I can Unicum Battleships, Cruisers and Destroyers, I can't do ship with Carriers. Like I can do heaps to affect the battle in a T4 ANYTHING except a CV. Meh, not a big enough test sample. And yeah, who knows who I came across in the first easy battles. Most "Random" battles were 2-3 players a side and then all the rest bots... and when bots just charge each other and ram or torp point blank... or just sit beside each other missing with every shot... well throw a couple of players into that mix to try to do something and you TRULY have to pull out your RNGesus prayer book... At first I focused the bots, you know, clear them out and focus on the players and others seemed to have a similar idea - get a free bot Kraken and then deal with the real threat but that left too much up to chance - ie results depended on random bots being random... so I ended up hunting players first and THEN deal with the bots. That seemed to work better. Some of the players were obviously new and some obviously weren't. Actually had some good duels amongst the chaos... kind of like The Kurgen hunting Connor Macleod on a medieval battlefield... you know what I mean... and if you don't, get some Highlander in ya! I wonder if there's some semi coop mode that could work? A mix of bots and players on each side as a deliberate mode rather than to fill in the spaces? Meh. I dunno.
  6. Max_British

    UK CV

    Erm, this many ships in however many battles... two day old account. I have done mostly randoms which is a bit of a misnomer as it's mostly bots at the less than 100 battles mark - but you still get random match rewards. (Or whatever the early protected matchmaking is - its funny, you can see people drop smoke and drive out of it and get killed and then you see people properly angling and switching ammo at the right moment... you can see who is making alts and who is genuinely new... I kind of feel sorry for the genuine new folk...)
  7. Max_British

    UK CV

    Frightfully sorry old chap. You are of course completely correct. I don't know what came over me. I have made the necassary adjustments. Sorry again! Pip pip!
  8. Max_British

    UK CV

    First battle in UK CV. Came down to me and the enemy CV, another Hermes. I forced him out of cap but they had points advantage. This account is still sub 100 battles so is mostly bots... on both sides.
  9. Max_British

    UK CV

    So, as a brand new player ahem, account, I am just about to get my first UK CV. I am new to the game I am new to UK CV and am not sure what to expect. Are all the planes effective? Alts? Why do you say alts? I'm not an alt but if I was I wish I was Max_Battle's British alter ego. He seems so cool and awesome in every way. Sigh, a real dreamboat. Yessiree, if I was an alt, I'd be his. But I'm not. Stop looking at me like that!