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  1. wisteria_trellises

    Auction - will others' bids be visible?

    As Max pointed out above, too many factors are in play, it is really any one's guess. Tough personally I hope it could be had in the sub 40k range, considering the tier; and I certainly cannot afford more anyway Also full disclosure: Zooplankton here. The lack of whale blubber has severely limited my horizons.
  2. wisteria_trellises

    Auction - will others' bids be visible?

    Hi, you can't see other players' bids, you've got to outbid them by educated guesswork. Last time the Tier 9 Musashi was won on a bid of 40k doubs so you might want to take that as the reference point and work your way down from there. Don't worry too much about overbidding tough as the final price is determined by the lowest bid and you will be refunded the difference at the end of the auction. Have fun and good luck
  3. wisteria_trellises

    Hood vs Bismarck

    Moral of the story, never cheap out on the Juliet Charlies...
  4. wisteria_trellises

    Free DLCs on Steam

    Tough luck, man Oh I didn't even notice that! But yes, there is suddenly a zero point captain for the Dunkerque in my commander reserve, and my doubs seems to have gone up a bit, I suppose that is the compensation for already having the Dunkerque in port? Very strange indeed, but I'm definitely not complaining about this one
  5. wisteria_trellises

    Free DLCs on Steam

    Just saw on Steam there are 2 DLCs with 100% discount which give you 6 tier III ships (Wickes, St Louis, S Carolina, Wakatake, Tenryu, Kawachi, worth around 1m credits combined), six 3-pointers and 2 days of prem time. Offer closing on 30/9 here in Japan, not sure about other countries. Go grab them asap, cheers!
  6. wisteria_trellises

    WG‘s anniversary summary for every player

    Luckily they didn't tell me how much I have spent in this game
  7. wisteria_trellises

    [FOUND] Combat mission for 7th Anniversary Flag

    Thanks! Almost missed this one
  8. wisteria_trellises

    Super Containers Mega Merged Thread

    I have been eyeing the Tulsa for quite some time now, and have actually planned to buy her this weekend. Thanks WG, what a timely gift!
  9. wisteria_trellises

    Auction Win

    I also won the coal, but just barely. My bid was 70M.
  10. wisteria_trellises

    New 4 ships Methods of distribution

  11. wisteria_trellises

    Subs - Homing torps SUCK (Unfun BS)

    But the sub is also spotting the enemy sub for the rest of the team. By closing off this chance encounter spotting, there is one less avenue for surface ships to engage the red sub, everyone is affected. Can WG please extend this love to DDs? I would prefer not to be accidentally spotted and shot at by the rest of the red team when I am sitting in a cap. Thank you.
  12. wisteria_trellises

    Subs - Homing torps SUCK (Unfun BS)

    And WG is going to make things even worse by removing subs guaranteed detection in the next patch. As it stands surface ships have no meaningful way to actively detect and engage submarines, other than passively reacting to whatever crap the subs are throwing at you. It is this lack of active measures that makes playing against subs unfun and unfair. If subs are really to be introduced into the game, I can't see why an active sonar consumable shouldn't be added to all surface ships to at least level the playing field. Forward firing hedgehogs on alternate DD hulls for those seeking to specialise into sub hunting should be considered as well.
  13. wisteria_trellises

    New Code

  14. wisteria_trellises

    New Code

    Just found a working code: HPJUN22GIFTPACK Drops 200k credits and 3 camos
  15. wisteria_trellises

    Selling of Camos My Experience

    Thanks! I m a pauper I only have one of those. Assuming an average co op game lasts 6 mins including the waiting time, after a 10 hour spree you would have printed more money than the US government does in one day. Congratulations!