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  1. Frosted_Cat

    Regarding FXP gain

    Has FXP income been nerfed with the economic rework ? Scored 2k base XP today in my Bourgogne, and i only manage to get about 9k+ FXP. I'm using 2400%+ FXP if that matters.
  2. Frosted_Cat

    Radar Minotaur and my first 300k game.

    World of Warships captain builds - Google Docs I'm running Radio Location if that matters.
  3. My first 3k base XP game too, i believe. That was fun!
  4. The new camouflage for aircraft that comes with the update is hideous. Can we turn this off somehow ?
  5. Frosted_Cat

    BLUF - Episode 20 - Neptune Review [10.10]

    You're back ! Also irrelevant, but it seems Neptune has higher base HP than Minotaur.
  6. Frosted_Cat

    How do i get a 50%+ WR ?

    Cheers everyone, thanks for the answers !
  7. Frosted_Cat

    How do i get a 50%+ WR ?

    My stat is below. I've tried to get my WR to go up, but it just won't. How do i improve my WR ? I really want the FDR, but no clan's going to accept a potato like me. Help please !
  8. Frosted_Cat

    6yrs Anniversary Perm Camos, your choices?

    Probably gift and Distant Voyage containers, as i have no intention of playing any of those ships, and i already own Zara's alternative perma camo.
  9. Hi. Recently i've managed to saved up about 4500 doubloons. I'd like to know which ship is the better investment between the two, Ark Royal or De Zeven Provincien. Can anyone with experience with the 2 ships give me a suggestion ?
  10. Frosted_Cat

    Salem is so fun !

    Anyone else really like the Salem ? I personally prefer the Minotaur due to her better concealment and handling, but Salem and Des Moines are pretty nice ships.
  11. Frosted_Cat

    Help ! How do i play smoke Minotaur ?

    Looking forward to your video ! I can't think of anything to comment on your Leander video, not that i'm ignoring your channel. I don't think i'm having problems with radar ships, i'm aware of that due to painful experiences with the Neptune, but smoke severely limiting my ability to engage ships, because of Minotaur low range. However, following your advices, i tried to play with smoke Mino again, and surprise, a 100k+ game ! Got detonated by Shikishima though... Here's the replay 20210731_152403_PBSC110-Minotaur_53_Shoreside.wowsreplay
  12. Frosted_Cat

    Help ! How do i play smoke Minotaur ?

    I'm doing just that, and it's getting me a 50% WR, but that's because there are a lot of Elbing lying around. Dealing with Marceau would be much harder with her ridiculous manoeuvrability.
  13. Can anyone give me some tips to play the Minotaur with smoke ? I've tried watching S4pp3R videos, but high tier MM has a lot of radar ships. Staying in smoke also gives me little room to manoeuvre. I've switched to radar Minotaur with some decent result, but that's mainly because there has been a lot of Elbing around.