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  1. Frosted_Cat

    Aerroon's Highlights in WOWS!

    Aerroon plays on SEA ? Thought the guy was a NA player ?
  2. Aye, Jervis is a brilliant ship for ranked. Haida is a monster though, great guns with 5.7km concealment value !
  3. Oh. I'm referring to this video Warships - In-Depth - Commonwealth Tech Tree Overview [proposal] - Commonwealth Series Part 1 - YouTube. Thought you left your captain build in that video, albeit an outdated one. Well, not to bother you since you're already a father, but i'd like to see a Haida guide from you, S4pp3R !
  4. I don't buy the Ark Royal for her capability. She was a unique ship with interesting history. Also she looksgreat ! Can't help myself after reading David Hobbs, she paved the way for the Royal Navy's modern carriers during WWII. One thing that makes me a bit upset though, the Yorktown and Ark Royal are pretty comparable with each other, yet Ark Royal is only tier VI, whilst the Enterprise is tier VIII. I'd like to see the hypothetical Ark Royal 1944-1945 in WoWs.
  5. No u ! Thanks ! I was looking for your video on the Haida, then you post this !
  6. Isn't she a beauty ? Glad that i've bought her without having to spend any real money. I'm so happy !
  7. Frosted_Cat


    Yes, next.
  8. Frosted_Cat

    Scenarios BXP issue? Stealth Nerf BXP?

    And the subreddit has to stir it up. As expected.
  9. Frosted_Cat

    Vampire II

    I'm not an Aussie, but i for sure would spend a ton of FXP to get the Vampire into my port, nice and proper.
  10. Frosted_Cat

    What's the deal with WoWs update ?

    Late question, but should i get a HDD or a SDD one ?
  11. Frosted_Cat

    What's the deal with WoWs update ?

    I do ! Hopefully RNG would bless me with some doubloons in SCs.
  12. Frosted_Cat

    What's the deal with WoWs update ?

    Well yeah, i guess. Only 420 doubloons way from Haida then the update drops...
  13. Frosted_Cat

    CV Thought

    Brilliant comment. I can't stand the subreddit's extreme attitude toward CV player. I vaguely remember that a CV player once gets death threat and there's a knobhead tried to justified his statement. "You ruined his fun, so you deserve to die". ???????????????????? u/LordFjord's post here explains r/WoWs attitude most excellently. [content removed] Profanity ~Beaufighter
  14. Hi all. I wonder why WoWs updates are so big ? I use my D disk (78 GB) exclusively for WoWs and it still isn't enough to accommodate the new update. What should i do, i don't want to miss my chance to buy the Haida...