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  1. JulesVn

    kansas rant

    Kansas is the worst of the line, but still very playable. As for strengths - try flying T8 planes in the AA radius of a pair of US fat boys. Minnesota is incrementally better at everything. I am looking forward to the Vermont. A playtester got a match-winning Kraken for the red team in one of my games.
  2. JulesVn

    Should Kagero or Yugumo be skipped?

    Kagero in T10 can be challenging, but not unplayable. Every now and then MM will relent and you will be facing T6 BBs and no radar. Suddenly it's strengths will be evident. The AA is still useless though.
  3. JulesVn

    Anyone else have this issue?

    What everyone else said. Had 3 successful coop games and 5 disconnect/crashes. Tried ops and now pink with an 8 game penalty.
  4. JulesVn

    Spawn camping in scenario

    Two things can ruin this scenario for me - teammates who don't bother to go to the exit, and a CV player who doesn't know their way around the map. I normally avoid the latter by playing the CV myself, but need to have a book to read, because the typical queue for a CV at present is over 10 minutes.
  5. I like this, even though it will remove the simple joy of the Halland AA ambush. It will certainly bring my Shimakaze and Gearing back into my play rotation more.
  6. JulesVn

    Summer Tokens - The Whale Thread

    Bought an Atlanta for Narai (plus Randoms when I am feeling masochistic). Maxxed out on Santa Containers. No ships but did get 90 days Premium - so feel honours even.
  7. You would be the exception in the games I played. They either seemed to go into the cap and show broadside, or hang back in the traditional ass first kiting set up - meaning they had no influence on the nitty gritty part of the match. I watched the full health Izumo on my team lose the final showdown with a GK on 5k hp. - showed a flat broadside at 4km and got deleted.
  8. JulesVn

    Wargaming are Flat Earthers

    WoWs proves the earth is flat, and that the Russians had the mightiest navy!😀
  9. My only T9 was the Lion, so I mostly went Riga (got a lot of salt for playing Drake once - from the BB players who both died before me and didn't get any kills). Got to rank 1 at about the fifth time of being one star away, three times killing two opponents and then watching my surviving teammate BBs mess up their 2v1. Ground enough for the Petro and change. Musashi were game winners on the red team and useless ramming victims on my team. Izumos and Ibukis were cannon fodder. One Riga player completely outclassed me but the rest showed lovely broadsides. Georgias, GKs and Iowas seemed to be the most reliable BB players. Drakes weren't as bad as Ibukis or Donskois. Not convinced about the Roon. Kitakaze was obviously the best DD, but generally DD influence came down so player skill rather than boat choice. (Proviso - I was usually playing a radar cruiser) Loved the format. Suddenly a whole load of ships that were a chore in the current long distance HE spam meta, became fun to play.
  10. JulesVn

    DD happiness

    The easy answer is just to play Halland. With so many Russian cruisers in the game, smoke is pretty much useless anywhere standard IJN torp ranges or less from the enemy. I just got the Shimakaze and my win rate in it is about the same as your Yukikaze, although I have had some good games amongst those defeats. When an average of 3 ships per game can stealth radar you, the old DD meta is dead. (My personal request for WG to buff the IJN torp boats is bow and stern thrusters. That way when I am lined up bow or stern in I can crab sideways and dodge that torp invariably homing in right on line with me. That would reduce half of my Shima deaths that weren't over-radaring)
  11. JulesVn

    New game mode idea - Escape Kamchatka

    I already have enough games with Kamchatka-esque team mates - without making it a game mode. Maybe a "Is it a Fishing Boat or a Torpedo Boat?" mode if you want to troll the Russian navy supporters!
  12. JulesVn


    You're where I was a year or so ago. I am guessing, like me, you thought the RN BBs would be the most straightforward line to start with and have reached T8 and realized this is emphatically not the case. I am still trying to get my winrate %age to 50 following that start to WoWs (I think it bottomed out at a worst of 35%) As far as this season of ranked goes it is probably a lost cause. In terms of tactics I strongly suggest you get the hang of playing DDs and CVs (US and Japanese both provide solid options), as they are the classes that most affect battles. For BBs the way to go is the Russian line. The Ismail will teach you how to shoot (and is godlike in Ops), and the rest of the line upwards will teach you all about bowtanking and when to push flanks. Once you have got the basics of these then you can try cruisers and branch out a bit. Playing Tier 8 Ranked in a Monarch is not going to be a pleasant experience for you or your teammates.
  13. JulesVn

    What am I supposed to do with this?

    There are big differences between T4, T6-8, and T10. Ignore the Flamuesque CV haters who talk about useless AA and infinite planes. Someone like Toptier who actually plays CVs is not a bad place to YouTube.
  14. JulesVn

    Loosing in Chung Mu suddenly

    I thought I had got quite good at playing DDs until about two weeks ago. Now with the Russian cruisers in full flow it is fairly common to have three or more enemy ships who can stealth radar me. This means not only is capping out of the question, but also spotting. The only thing left is ultra long distance torpedo spamming and providing a bit of anti-aircraft support. After several early baths yesterday, my initial reaction was to simply give up playing DDs altogether. Having given it a bit of thought I will try for another week. For the first half of a match I will effectively duct tape my Halland to the side of a friendly battleship and hit my O key when relevant. Once things open up a little and the enemy are down to only two or three radars, I will move forward and spam torps from about 14k away (hmm those Shima 20k torps aren't so noob any more). With a few minutes left in the game it may be possible to spot ships that won't immediately radar and railgun me, and who knows, a cap might even be on! Does anyone have any better tactical suggestions?
  15. Halland : I'm over here Shokaku! Please send planes! :)