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  1. JulesVn

    conection problem

    Also in Vietnam. Didn't get that problem yesterday, but have had it several times in past- with ping yoyoing to 1500. Assuming it is not the infamous shark - it does often seem to coincide with an update downloading.
  2. JulesVn

    BRAWL do's and dont's

    Got my coal over the course of a couple of evenings (completing the Dutch Oven grind in the process). Agree that CVs are not a winning option. I tried my Ranger a few times and didn't get anywhere. The competition for the caps bunching up ships so AA bubbles overlap made attack runs quite challenging to complete, and even if my planes survived long enough to land I never seemed to get any dots applied. CVs themselves don't survive very long contesting the cap, and if they don't contest the cap then it's a loss on points before they can sink any remaining ships. BBwise I had a few games in my Fuso with a 6 point captain. Came off about 50:50. For DDs I tried T61 and Anshan - again 50%. The ship for me was definitely the Graf Spee. The knack was to avoid being in line of sight until close enough to do a very slow smokeless Yolo Emilio impersonation. The HE wrecks DDs, the AP wrecks broadsides of Cruisers and most BBs, and the torp angles mean it is easy to get both sides away before the inevitable death. Triple kills (usually torp, torp, ram) were not that rare, and providing I wasn't taken out by a DD outplaying me before I lined my run up, carnage was the norm. The only downside is the armour, which seems to funnel shells into the citadel from all ranges and angles. Mutsus and Pensacolas seem to love deleting me. I have really enjoyed the brawls, both this one and the T7. Hope to see more of the same - although I am not sure about Submarines yet.
  3. JulesVn

    BRAWLS progress

    Great opportunity to wheel out my Shineyhorse B for something other than Narai. Collected that final coal in 2 days via a combination of a 70% WR and a city wide Covid lockdown. Turns out I can carry if it is only 3 a side and I am in the right ship. A pleasant change from my normal 45% WR.
  4. 5 hits for the BB - wow! Surely 1 overpen and 1 ricochet for 1.5k total damage?
  5. JulesVn

    After many Grand Battles...

    Did 270k damage with a Conqueror in Grand Battles - nearly half on the one Hannover. The team still got rofl stomped though. My record using a super is 219k with a Satsuma - one of the few matches where those 20" shells weren't shattering on light cruisers.
  6. JulesVn

    Is This High Tier Gameplay?

    That looks like the majority of my games, except your team are trying to contest a cap. In my usual experience the BBs and cruisers are on the I and J lines.
  7. I went to look at the guy who suggested I should be turned into glue at Auschwitz for my 45% win rate. He does indeed have a 58% win rate. However, that is entirely because over half his games are in the V25 at tier 2 - with an 80% WR. At T8-10 his stats were no better than mine. Stat shamers are hypocrites too.
  8. JulesVn

    RANKED Battles nowadays SIGH

    Smoothly moved to rank 6 in silver a week ago with a 58% WR. Since then have been 30% or worse. Playing cruisers so should not be able to make that much difference for bad or good. Some of the losses I definitely contributed towards, by eating torps or getting focussed down, but most of them I was in the top three. Not sure what I am doing to create this statistical anomaly. If I was afk every game I would expect a better win rate.
  9. JulesVn

    Reported for.... ?

    I mainly use the karma system to compliment. I only report players who start having a go at their own team in chat, or deliberately teamkill/suicide. My own performance leaves me in no position to criticize others.
  10. As the one BB who goes in with the DD, I actually agree with most of this. However, there are some caviats. I do get focus fired down more often than not (last place on the team on xp guaranteed no matter how much pitential damage tanked). A BB trying to cap with a DD will often delay the cap, because so easy to reset. If the DD leaves the cap then the BB is left completely stranded - only able to disengage by slowly reversing behind an island. I really hate Asashios.
  11. JulesVn


    That really hit a nerve with me after my last play session. Regrinding Vladivostok for Research Points - died to Asashio torps in 5 out of 6 games.
  12. JulesVn

    Going from ranked to randoms is frustrating

    Public service announcement. I am a 5k plus game 45% WR player. Getting to the first rank consistantly with Nelson. You're welcome!
  13. JulesVn

    CV Thought

    I used to really rely on CCs to help me understand gameplay. It is only as I got good enough to drag my winrate to the dizzy heights of above 45% I realised what a mistake this was. Although I had abandoned Flamu and started to get bored of Jingles anti CV whinging, it was the release of the Immelman that finally broke my faith completely. Trenlass released a video in which he spent the whole time nuking stationary broadside BBs, laughing hysterically at how broken it was, and racking up huge damage numbers in what he said was his first go with the ship. Then Toptier released a video in which he hardly got any damage and got deplaned. With hindsight Trenlass had rigged up a training room, and Toptier was deliberately using the skip bombers wrongly. Nowadays about the only CCs I take much notice are Aeroon and SeaRaptor, because they are good players, do good commentary, and do not seem to have an axe to grind.
  14. JulesVn

    BEST ship to train a 6-point Captain (IJN)

    Premium T6 in operations is quite a fast method.
  15. JulesVn

    You're a sorry excuse for a sailor

    There seem to be two versions of this scenario. One version is that half the team chases the lone BB till they are so far off the map that they might as well be sunk. The other is that the BB is allowed to escape, and then returns to wreak havoc because everyone has forgotten about him and is showing broadside. Sometimes both!