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  1. There really should be more xp given for Potential Damage - especially BBs. I find it really frustrating as well. What is even more annoying is when you think you are part of a push and then the Kremlin/GK/Bismarck have turned around and run for the back, leaving you to be focused fired down (2.3 million potential damage - in a Venezia!). When I'm playing a DD - I've baited the radar, dodged the opposing torps, lost half of my health and take a breath! Why is there no spotting damage? Why is the rest of my team running away along the A file? Will we lose in 5 minutes, or 6? When I play a BB I make a point of pushing up and taking fire, even in my Conqueror, because I know otherwise no one else will. I tend to die first, but some of the time it shames the rest of the team into actually pushing and shooting, so there's a win to be had. It is still galling to finish bottom on xp though!
  2. JulesVn


    I have accidentally collected a lot of data on this topic. My consistent findings are that fighters launched from my own ships fly around and give away my position while not preventing all three attack runs from the red CV (it's almost as though they absorb my own AA fire). On the other hand if I am playing a CV then my entire squadron will die half a second after the fighter icon appears on my screen (on one memorable occasion with a full squadron of Audacious torpedo bombers against a Lenin on 5k health).
  3. JulesVn

    Is it just me?

    Have you seen the reload on those torpedos? And with a 10 point captain it's pretty stealthy. At T5 you don't see much radar, and if you keep your AA switched off until the planes actually spot you, you have a lot of gameplay options. Don't fire your guns unless you have a single enemy on 50hp in front of you. It's good destroyer training. You spot and wait to cap, while zoning areas with torps every 40 seconds and making those old fat battleships dodge. The whole line are nicely balanced. One safety tip for later: Do not try to outrun a charging Jean Bart in an Ostergotland! I learnt this the hard way.
  4. JulesVn

    Tired of CVs?

    My only top tier CV is Audacious and I got caught out by this tactic once in ranked (with of course a loss of 4 karma from my sympathetic teammates as well). It is a perfectly valid tactic and as I would say to DD players "Learn to dodge". Move your carrier behind your friendly cruisers or an even friendlier island. Put up an extra fighter to nuke those spotting aircraft faster. Any CV player who just sits in their starting location (and I've seen some CCs do this) deserves to be nuked.
  5. JulesVn

    I'm enjoying playing the Vasteras

    I am enjoying the whole line so far. It seems to be making me a better DD player. For some reason the lack of smoke doesn't seem to matter as much as with the French DDs (good concealment and AA I suppose). I just wish there were less folks grinding the Russian CC line so it's not wall to wall 12k radar on the red team so often. I am especially enjoying ambushing CVs. Switching AA off until the planes get close and then letting loose with the consumable and priority sector is very satisfying.
  6. Had both one of my best/funniest and one of my worst games last night. The best was when I accidentally yoloed with my Kleber. I thought I was subtly flanking, rounded an island and startled myself and an enemy JB who was 4km away. He turned sharply to avoid the torpedos I would have fired if I hadn't been equally surprised, and crashed straight into an island with his stern facing towards me. I lined up both sets of starboard torps and let them loose, only to discover there were another 6 enemy ships with him. I died 30 seconds later having despatched a Bismarck with my port torpedos, and picked up a "Flesh Wound" as the JB burnt to death, having used his damage repair on a double flood. For once my team was actually backing up properly and killed another two of their ships who had given broadside in the process of shooting me. Game effectively won in about a minute of firefight and I actually ended up 2nd on the team despite dying first. And then the other one. Playing an Ostergotland in a game with no CV but hordes of Russian radar. Pushing up to the edge of the C cap. Oh good I think as the NC on my team moves up, a BB is going to tank. Nope, he's a bot - rolls into the cap, stops doesn't fire guns or use damage con, and is burnt down in short order. This is immediately followed by both the Donkeys on my flank simultaneously exploding. I disengage with a third of my hp left (and 300k potential damage tanked) and then spend the next 5 minutes kiting about 12k away from the advancing reds while missing with pretty much every single torpedo. Meanwhile somehow the other flank hasn't done any better (possibly because it also has a bot in the shape of an Izumo that has spent the match trying to drive into an island). My fellow DD is a Neutraswarmarnsky (something like that - you know the one with steel nobody has) and is getting a bit salty in chat. Typing the farewell message of "DIE COWARDS" he suicides into an enemy JB. I am last to die having landed a grand total of a single torpedo hit and a non-pen. 400xp, -7000silver, and a loss of 2 karma for good measure - presumably courtesy of my charming wannabe Unicom DD colleague. Got to love WoWs sometimes.
  7. JulesVn

    3 CVs in a T9 game !!!! holy #@$!

    Everyone is saying that the AA consumable is now useless. However, I have found equipping it is a very good way to avoid CV games, just by the simple activation of Murphy's Law.
  8. JulesVn

    CV fun times in low teir

    I meant all those glorified T3 gunboats. I was mainly buying doubloons, but the Dreadnought was a nice bonus. I did think it was a bug when I saw it had no AA rating at first, but given how many military aircraft there were when it was launched - fair enough.
  9. JulesVn

    CV fun times in low teir

    I got the Dreadnaught as part of a good deal on doubloons, and was looking forward to beating up pre-Dreadnaughts with it. Instead every game has at least 2 T4 carriers. The Dreadnaught has literally no AA. At least the Kagero has a man who stands in the stern and waves his fist at aircraft! By way of revenge I am wondering about doing an AA captain build on the T5 Swedish DD. Has anyone tried that yet?
  10. JulesVn

    CV Snipe is Back!

    In Ranked it's the Venezia rush that worries me as a CV player. Charges down a flank with smoke for half the journey. SAP eats my Audacious for breakfast and lunch.
  11. JulesVn

    ST - armor-piercing rockets

    This is good news for DD players, since they will take less damage from AP rockets. It might well be the fix they are whining for. Wooster and Mino players will be worried though. It won't matter for Smolensk and Kremlin players as nothing gets through their AA anyway.
  12. JulesVn

    Going up front and support, Tanking

    I agree completely that Potential Damage should be awarded more weight, also spotting too. I am sure many of us Kleber players would love if they weighted it to total hp. I regularly see over a million in shells dodged.
  13. I actually think this scenario is fine as is. I certainly have more losses than wins with it, but have had plenty of 5 stars results too. The DDs getting into the end zone is certainly annoying, or the Furutaka getting in because it is overpenned instead of citadelled, but correct team play will deal with this fine, even with a couple of ships down on the team. The Izumo is easy to deal with via torpedos from competent DDs and CCs, and the CV player should be able to own it and the Bayern with any combination of dive or torpedo bombers. I would rather WG focused on giving us a few more T7 scenarios, plus some T5 and T8 ones.
  14. JulesVn


    The answer to the original issue is that if your team doesn't get at least a share of the buffs you are screwed regardless. I am playing Audacious which means I lose karma almost before the match starts when I am paired up with bad players. Pretty much every match has been won by the team that pushes sensibly. I lost 4 karma in a match where I moved up behind an island but my team let the enemy Smolensks flank on one side and the red BBs push up the centre. That island wasn't quite big enough. Another game saw a Kremlin with all the buffs tank everything we could throw at it for 5 minutes while it killed us all. I hit it with 7 torpedos when it was on 15k hp and it had 17k hp when I'd finished. I think it is actually fairly balanced as far as 1 CV per side goes. Where it gets unfair is that the AA isn't accounted for in the matchmaking. One time the red team had a Wooster and two Minos vs our Moskvas. I lost 2 karma that game too. Enjoying it though. Plenty of games where my team knows what they're doing and I can contribute.
  15. Burns in the same way the Puerto Rico does in most battles.