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  1. As the one BB who goes in with the DD, I actually agree with most of this. However, there are some caviats. I do get focus fired down more often than not (last place on the team on xp guaranteed no matter how much pitential damage tanked). A BB trying to cap with a DD will often delay the cap, because so easy to reset. If the DD leaves the cap then the BB is left completely stranded - only able to disengage by slowly reversing behind an island. I really hate Asashios.
  2. JulesVn


    That really hit a nerve with me after my last play session. Regrinding Vladivostok for Research Points - died to Asashio torps in 5 out of 6 games.
  3. JulesVn

    Going from ranked to randoms is frustrating

    Public service announcement. I am a 5k plus game 45% WR player. Getting to the first rank consistantly with Nelson. You're welcome!
  4. JulesVn

    CV Thought

    I used to really rely on CCs to help me understand gameplay. It is only as I got good enough to drag my winrate to the dizzy heights of above 45% I realised what a mistake this was. Although I had abandoned Flamu and started to get bored of Jingles anti CV whinging, it was the release of the Immelman that finally broke my faith completely. Trenlass released a video in which he spent the whole time nuking stationary broadside BBs, laughing hysterically at how broken it was, and racking up huge damage numbers in what he said was his first go with the ship. Then Toptier released a video in which he hardly got any damage and got deplaned. With hindsight Trenlass had rigged up a training room, and Toptier was deliberately using the skip bombers wrongly. Nowadays about the only CCs I take much notice are Aeroon and SeaRaptor, because they are good players, do good commentary, and do not seem to have an axe to grind.
  5. JulesVn

    BEST ship to train a 6-point Captain (IJN)

    Premium T6 in operations is quite a fast method.
  6. JulesVn

    You're a sorry excuse for a sailor

    There seem to be two versions of this scenario. One version is that half the team chases the lone BB till they are so far off the map that they might as well be sunk. The other is that the BB is allowed to escape, and then returns to wreak havoc because everyone has forgotten about him and is showing broadside. Sometimes both!
  7. JulesVn

    Notifications order

    The karma doesn't bother me so much. Just play a CV a couple of times a day and you will never have any to worry about. What is bugging me is a couple of Flamu wannabes who have taken against me before the match even starts. Not only do they autoreport me, but then let fly at me in private messaging too. One of them (not naming specifically but name initials are D_X) hoped I would get melted down as glue in Auschwitz and told me I was a monkey (thus combining two inapplicable racial slurs in the one message). My main crime was not running Survivability Expert on my Shima captain, though my getting outfoxed by the enemy DD and eating two torpedos early on probably didn't improve his mood. Last night a player (name begins with Corn) was apoplectic I didn't position my Stalingrad as though it was a Des Moines, and afterwards messaged me that I should only play coop, and never sully Ranked again (fyi my win rate with the Stalinium bonfire is 58% in ranked). I bump into those two often enough that it at least partially spoils my enjoyment of the game a couple of evenings a week.
  8. JulesVn

    Help me! I cant update

    I live in Vietnam and have not had any trouble with updates so far.
  9. JulesVn

    Current Brawl season: 1 vs 1

    I am only just above potato level with CVs (and all the other ship types tbh) but have had a decent winrate playing my Lexington. My losses include a Two Brothers against a Bismark where I would have won if I had landed one more Tiny Tim with my last strike, or if autopilot hadn't run me out of the outer circle at a crucial moment. CVs are definitely playable against BBs and bigger cruisers. The trick is to move closer but then dodge behind islands.
  10. CCs like Flamu, Flambass, iChase, Potato and Jingles are always talking about infinite planes and ineffective AA. Is there another version of WoWs that I have downloaded by mistake. I stopped playing CVs in randoms a while ago, because the amount of abuse for not being able to do 5 contradictory things at once is just not a fun experience. I do however take out my carrier fleet in Coop to get stars for the guild. T8 and T10 are absolutely brutal in Coop. Entire flights of planes can just instantly vanish on their attack run, and forget ever getting a second strike. Even saving planes at the start of each run only gives a single extra attack later, as none survive to run back to the ship. In randoms there are occasionally ships that go off on their own and can be focused and maybe even second and third attack runs carried out (although the rest of the team will be abusing/reporting you for not parking fighters over the enemy Halland while you do this). But it would be a very rare game where if I survive to the end I can launch more than a single flight of planes. What is this game that the bulk of CCs seem to be playing then? Have they never played CVs above T6? Or have I been playing some defective version of the game where my planes all have half the number of hp?
  11. JulesVn

    Is it just me or am I missing something?

    I noticed it too. A few times the enemy CV has killed me in coop, and only the first time was because I didn't expect it. I think this is a definite improvement. Coop is a lot more fun when it isn't a race to rofl stomp.
  12. I am wondering if anyone else has noticed this phenomenon, and also if there is any way to avoid it. Basically the issue is that when playing certain ships in PvE, the entire enemy team targets me exclusively until I am dead. The Priority target counter tells me how many bot ships are on the map. This applies in Coop, when I can be hanging around at the back and the bots ignore all my team and just lob salvos of shells and torps towards me whenever I am detected (and sometimes it seems even before that). It is also noticeable in ops. Playing London or Leander in Raptor Rescue is an exercise in dodging cruiser HE spam. The most annoying one is Narai, where the Missouri has several times ignored the five or six other ships shooting at it and instead deleted me in my Helena/Fiji/Atlanta as I am doing the cargo ships on the other side of the map. If I am poking out in front of the rest of my team then I understand why I would be public enemy number one, but sometimes I have hung back and delayed firing until after everyone is engaged, and it still happens. It doesn't seem to occur so much when I am in a BB, but it is very common (over a third of the time) when I am in cruisers. Has anyone else noticed this happening to them? Is there any way to avoid it?
  13. JulesVn

    Ummm... This game is adding subs lol?

    Tell that to the Kongo and HMS Barham.
  14. JulesVn

    kansas rant

    Kansas is the worst of the line, but still very playable. As for strengths - try flying T8 planes in the AA radius of a pair of US fat boys. Minnesota is incrementally better at everything. I am looking forward to the Vermont. A playtester got a match-winning Kraken for the red team in one of my games.
  15. JulesVn

    Should Kagero or Yugumo be skipped?

    Kagero in T10 can be challenging, but not unplayable. Every now and then MM will relent and you will be facing T6 BBs and no radar. Suddenly it's strengths will be evident. The AA is still useless though.