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    不要六级 NO six class Rank and CW

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  3. 不喜欢六级船排位 包括六级船军团战,六级船体验极差,平衡极不合理,所有船都没达到顶尖性能,游戏体验极差,因此 多数人不喜欢六级船进行排位或者是军团战,希望策划能予以重视。 I don't like the rank of class six It includes the CW of class 6 ships. The experience of class 6 ships is extremely poor and the balance is extremely unreasonable. All ships do not reach the top performance and the game experience is extremely poor. Therefore, most people do not like the ranking of class 6 ships or the group battle, and hope that the planning can pay attention to it
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    開發日誌:0.10.5 版本更新

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    bad game experience

    At present, the game environment is full of noobs, bots and external hanging, which greatly affect the player's game experience. The game matching mechanism is not satisfactory, and the level of players is uneven, which leads to many one-sided games and destroys the experience of other players, especially those with a winning rate of less than 50%. The official does not instruct them how to win, but pays attention to their own average.There are too many Bots in the game,The identification method and strength of the bots is not enough, the game is still full of bots, destroying the player experience,I hope to get a positive reply from you. I hope you can open the script list, increase the punishment and maintain the game environment.At the same time, there is a big problem with the game balance. Carrier and dd have a great impact on the winning rate of the game. When rookies who can't play with these ships navigate these ships, the game's winning rate is determined from the beginning.The reporting mechanism is also very problematic. Why can the enemy players report me? When I lead my team to victory, they will report me because I caused their failure. Those who really should be reported will not care about being reported.I hope you can face up to these problems and give solutions.