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  1. I don't know how to play the Tirpitz and keep dying while in a duel with other t8 bb.
  2. black_559

    Tirpitz weakness

    I think that Tirpitz is weak comepare to other ships in t8. She have less guns than other bb. And to get a citadel while play Tirpitz is very hard. Her shells either bounce off or overpenetration. Could you guys tell me how to compensate and tactics for it?
  3. Well, uss ranger is really hard to score citadel hit from any of it's armaments. Although the dive bombers could drop 3 bombs at a time but the accuracy and the damage it causes to the opponent was really low. And the chances of the enemy ship getting flooding is really low. I hope that the dev could increases the chances of flooding and citadel hit from dive bomber of the uss ranger a bit higher so it could make cv players feel a bit more happy about the uss ranger.