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  1. Wilde_Jager

    any aussies playing?

    If anyone is interested in a very active Aussie Clan then TF44 is the way to go....
  2. Wilde_Jager

    Premium Shop – An Extra Month of Savings

    A fool and their money will soon be parted.... That's the slogan for this "Discount" me thinks.... Discount a bit of a joke...
  3. Wilde_Jager

    Alexander Ovechkin

    I was thinking of purchasing this unique commander and was wondering is he worth it? Switching between USA and USSR which is suppose is pretty good... 15pts, Enhanced skills: Expert Marksman and Survivability Expert and a specialization for Erie....
  4. Wilde_Jager

    Commonwealth Tech Tree [Proposed]

    As an ex-RAN sailor I totally support this idea......
  5. Wilde_Jager

    An unusual Sunday

    Welcome to my world, I've had games where I have sighted and shot at enemy DD's and Cruisers in my Scharnie, hit them fair in the broadside mind you, 6 hits, 5 ricochets and 1 damage for 760pts at ranges between 10-12km.. It gets pretty frustrating sometimes, I take my time, using cover of the islands etc.. to set everything up and this is the result I get. I actually do more damage to BB's when I shoot at them, now please don't ask me why or how it just happens... 😞
  6. Wilde_Jager

    Account Management

    Thank you for your reply, sorry didn't mean to be so rude but I just wanted to change my name to "Rimbalzare", which is Italian for ricochet/bounce which is usually what happens to the majority of my hits regardless of where they land, Bow, Stern, midships etc 🙂 I understand and will quietly await the day that I may be able to change my name...
  7. Wilde_Jager

    Account Management

    Why do we have to pay to change our user name?? 2500 Dubs just to change my name, come on really!!!!!!!
  8. Wilde_Jager

    Has the premium shop officially hit rock bottom?

    Well I have finished grinding the German BB Tech Tree, going to stop at that.... Not interested in buying any of the premium ships, seems to me to be a waste of money...
  9. Wilde_Jager

    15 Rouge Wave Container Opening

    I received two permanent camouflages and 300K Elite Commander XP.....
  10. Wilde_Jager

    Why CV population seems to have cooled down?

    I used to hate CV's when I first started playing this game, slowly grinding up the German BB line, every game I would play dodge the torpedoes etc.. hardly shooting any down. Now I'm in the FDG I no longer have to really worry about CVs even T10 to a certain extent, now I can concentrate of shooting at ships like BB's should be doing. The best game I ever had was when I shot down 50 aircraft, that game had 3 CV's on each side so it was a bit of a plane fest...
  11. Now that would be interesting as I'm playing in the Asian Server and it seems like every game I'm facing on average two CV's....
  12. I'm using my FDG at the moment and not really having a problem against T10 CV, shooting down atleast 3-4 every attack. Thank you for your reply....
  13. Wilde_Jager

    Serious aim assist hack problem

    Well I just had an interesting game, I had a Hiddenburg do strange things, when we fired at him he didn't move as all of our shots missed, then when our shot were going to hit him he started to move as soon as we fired. A bit suss I think. In the same game we had a French BB Richelieu, shoot through an island, not clip it but through the center of it...... Interesting times people....
  14. As the title states is it worth getting this skill, not an expert in this game so I'm not too sure if I should get it...
  15. Wilde_Jager

    Buying Containers?

    Just wondering if it is worth buying containers, I have no problems getting the daily 3 containers plus whatever extras I get from battles etc. Also if it is worth buying containers what version/type of containers? Thank you in advance....