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  1. foxbat_2525

    New Upcoming World of Warships and Azur Lane Collab

    Gimme bunny girl nc standing atop the ship instead of kong 10/10 will whale
  2. foxbat_2525

    Put odd Tier CV back

    Also, that "not more than 1 cv per side" really needs to be a hard limit lmao
  3. foxbat_2525

    10 DD

    Usually results in one side's dd's getting wiped and the other side has a field day, with the bb's going to the next map and the cv getting verbally abused in chat😂
  4. foxbat_2525

    Something is spicy happening in the other forums

    I get frustrated playing against a DD actively toggling his AA, but CV bad😂
  5. foxbat_2525

    Can SAP overmatch?

    https://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Ammo#SAP_vs._AP_Characteristics SAP has a pen value like HE shells, in which it will penetrate armor as long as that armour value is equal to or less than the pen value The 381mm SAP on Veneto and Lepanto for example have 96~ mm of pen, meaning they will pen 96mm of armour and below regardless of angle, and shatter against armour thicker than 96
  6. foxbat_2525

    DD guns - when would you use AP on a DD?

    Nothing is expended in training room I don't think
  7. Nono not all cruisers. Like you said the SC's and the Russian CA's.
  8. Probably nothing. It's not as if BB's have pushed often even before the rework. And even if cruiser guns were more accurate at range (which they generally already are), it wouldn't really matter as they would lose most of their penetration at longer ranges with only some exceptions. I'd say give cruisers back their survivability skills back. Then at least the stronger cruisers and supercruisers can tank a little again
  9. Not a war crime when you win😂
  10. foxbat_2525

    Hello there

    You are a bold one
  11. Wait, so it's not me who's in the wrong when the friendly bb by his lonesome is screaming for fighter cover in boxes and I ignore him? O.o
  12. I'd assume the better players are in ranked or on the opposing team
  13. foxbat_2525

    Rushian, in 3 days

    I joined the game after Izumo received all its buffs, but I've been following CC's since the game came out and I heard/seen what the old Izumo was. Lower expectations probably helped but boy do I think it is a powerhouse now, prefer it over Yama lol