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  1. Charlie_26_1

    terms and slangs v2

    I have seen the chat abbreviation 'vOr' or 'VOR'. Can anyone tell me what it stands for please?
  2. Charlie_26_1

    FPS drop apter the newest update

    Yes. I went from getting 75 to 80 FPS down to 60 FPS. What gives?????
  3. Charlie_26_1

    [ALL] ModStation

    Advanced Battle Loading Screen is now greyed out and not selectable after the most recent WOWS update. It was working fine before the update.
  4. Charlie_26_1

    3 CV's per side. What are you thinking WOWS???

    No it happens at all hours of the day. I get so frustrated and I am tempted to just leave the game but that's not fair on the other players so I do my best until I am killed which is usually very quickly.
  5. Every time I play when there are 3 CV's per side no one wins except the CV's. This is ridiculous WOWS. What are you thinking!!!!
  6. Charlie_26_1

    any aussies playing?

    Gi day Been playing for a bout a couple of months now but I still consider myself a newbie. From Sydney NSW. Cheers Kym