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  1. As of the last update I now see this new propeller symbol as per the photo below (red circle around the symbol). Can anybody tell me what it means and more to the point what it's purpose is? Thanks
  2. After the last update the AutoSyp minmap MOD now puts a red circle around the enemy ships. I have gone into the settings but I cannot find how to remove this 'Red Circle'. Does anyone know how to do this please? Cheers Kym
  3. Charlie_26_1

    Refunds for Santa crates

    Well WOWS you really dropped the ball on this one didn't you!!!!
  4. Charlie_26_1

    terms and slangs v2

    I have seen the chat abbreviation 'vOr' or 'VOR'. Can anyone tell me what it stands for please?
  5. Charlie_26_1

    FPS drop apter the newest update

    Yes. I went from getting 75 to 80 FPS down to 60 FPS. What gives?????
  6. Charlie_26_1

    [ALL] ModStation

    Advanced Battle Loading Screen is now greyed out and not selectable after the most recent WOWS update. It was working fine before the update.
  7. Charlie_26_1

    3 CV's per side. What are you thinking WOWS???

    No it happens at all hours of the day. I get so frustrated and I am tempted to just leave the game but that's not fair on the other players so I do my best until I am killed which is usually very quickly.
  8. Every time I play when there are 3 CV's per side no one wins except the CV's. This is ridiculous WOWS. What are you thinking!!!!
  9. Charlie_26_1

    any aussies playing?

    Gi day Been playing for a bout a couple of months now but I still consider myself a newbie. From Sydney NSW. Cheers Kym