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  1. UnderTheRadarAgain

    My 1st Grand Battle with HANNOVER Super BB

    I divisioned up, 4 wins out of 5 battles. We both took Kurfurst's and /or Hannover for the first 2 and both times we slowly pushed in together and let our secondaries melt and burn everyone who came in range (12.5km). The only defeat was when we 2 came against all 5 red BB's, and then we held them back the entire battle - while our other flank failed to deal with a DD and 3 cruisers. Most of those 5 battles, the super BB's were on the bottom of the result screen (my div mate and myself managed top half results - nothing spectacular). 510mm guns overpen a lot more than the 483mm guns.
  2. UnderTheRadarAgain


    VI Erich Loewenhardt = it has STUKA'S. Don't need any other reason than that. Stuka's.
  3. UnderTheRadarAgain

    How to Not Voice your Opinions

    Agree. First time I ever encountered a Mino was nearly 2 years ago when I just unlocked Bismarck (my first T8 ship) and did not enjoy being mauled by it. I was a total novice, reversing away from a Yamato, and the "bastard" was on the other side of an island undetected by anyone on my team. He did more damage to me than even Yamato. I learned very quickly to fear the Mino.
  4. UnderTheRadarAgain

    Battle of the Beasts progress...

    All 4 are now in my port. I actually have 2 of each. The 10 pointers from the event and the 6 pointers from the twitch drops. Nothing special needed doing, I went left to right picking teams during the event. Only the first 2 weeks were close (the commanders dropped in the final hours of the week). Gluschwanz dropped with a day to spare and Lindwurm dropped today with 2 days to go.
  5. UnderTheRadarAgain

    How to Not Voice your Opinions

    That is pure gold. As valid a reason as any I suppose. A former clan "mate" hated Mino with the same passion (except when he was driving Mino).
  6. UnderTheRadarAgain

    ​📰 Update 0.10.6, Friesland and the Netherlands

    Or keep Friesland and her captain, then spend 1 million free XP and buy Gronigen. 2 fun T9 DD's.
  7. UnderTheRadarAgain

    ​📰 Update 0.10.6, Friesland and the Netherlands

    Why? We still get to keep our Friesland. It's not like they are taking the ships from those of us who already have her.
  8. UnderTheRadarAgain

    Battle of the Beasts progress...

    The TEAM gets ONE point for every time someone completes a directive (eg that 8000 base xp). A person can earn hundreds (thousands even) of personal points and never complete even a single directive - thus contributing NOTHING to the team. The event has failed because it has not made the rules clear to everyone. I worked it out by observing the team points only changed when the timer for each directive reset. Last night my team Fire-Putz (yes, I spelled it that way deliberately) was only ticking over by 5 to 9 points with every directive reset. We got the commander, flag and badge with less than 5 hours remaining.
  9. UnderTheRadarAgain

    I got my first 300k+ match

    It was one of the most fun games I have ever had in co-op, and I have had a few like the one I killed 5 ships in Friesland (forgot to screenshot that one) after finding myself alone against 4 nearly full health BB's including a Kremlin and a Conqueror. Luckily I had enough islands to play cat and mouse with them and managed to only have to deal with one at a time. Got over 1000 main battery hit ribbons that game.
  10. UnderTheRadarAgain

    I got my first 300k+ match

    If the co-op game isn't a quick murder fest, you can get quite impressive results.
  11. UnderTheRadarAgain

    ​🈲️ Update 0.10.4, Clan Battles Restrictions

    Yep. Radar duration is now a paltry 26 seconds. It was 39 seconds 2 patches ago.
  12. UnderTheRadarAgain

    Friesland Captain Problem

    What annoys and concerns me about this is that I have ONE captain dedicated to both Friesland and Smalland. He has 19 points. I have him currently on Friesland. I want him to remain on Friesland after the move (he is the captain that came with the ship with the Dutch name and Dutch language). But now I have to build up ANOTHER dedicated captain for Smalland. That is a LOT of effort.
  13. UnderTheRadarAgain

    All Tech-tree Carriers Attack squadron Rework Compilation

    Will have to see how it plays out in battle. It's already hard to line up on DD's who play smart (ie turn off AA). I suspect potato CV drivers (me) will choose to use our rockets on cruisers and BB's instead. At least I can hit those things and can reduce the AA modules and start fires (German CV excluded). Next patch?
  14. UnderTheRadarAgain

    Battle of the Beasts progress...

    It is a mess. My personal bottom bar was already maxxed out on Saturday, I had over 4000 points by the time I logged off Wednesday evening. The top bar was still a little short of the 4th stage at that moment, and yes some of my clan members also playing Welthund received the commander, badge and flag when they logged in yesterday. I certainly didn't and to say I am a little pissed off is putting it lightly. I put in many extra hours grinding out those timed missions. I certainly feel cheated.
  15. UnderTheRadarAgain

    Battle of the Beasts progress...

    I got a generic reply to my support ticket that was actually addressed to another player. Makes one suspect they are incompetent. I haven't logged into the game yet today, just got home from work.