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  1. UnderTheRadarAgain

    People you've encountered in-game

    April - Little White Mouse - before she quit the CC program - explained that Wows has an 80% annual player turn over rate. That means 80% of players at any time have LESS than 1 year of experience. Players with toxic attitudes like you are one of the reasons the turn over is so high. Your hate and toxicity is actually counter productive "dude". Another prevalent reason is the unicum players who only play in divisions. Then there are the players with 10k games going into low tier games with the OP ships to pad their stats. All these behaviours have a tendency to discourage new players from sticking around to become experienced "not idiots" good players.
  2. UnderTheRadarAgain

    Commonwealth Commanders?

    I don't play DD's very often. I was going to stay silent, but can offer some advice - NEVER rush a CAP at the start. Loiter and see where the enemy ships turn up on the mini map, assess your risk, then make decisions based on the threats. Sometimes you are far better off spotting and sending speculative torps into choke points and waiting for the right moment to grab a free cap. Remember, DD's are still public enemy number one. Every cruiser captain with more than 2 brain cells knows this and will focus on killing you the instant you are detected. Many BB players will also take at least one shot at you, maybe more depending on the range. The closer you are to them the greater the threat you are to them. CV games always mean your gameplay needs to be far more conservative than any non cv game.
  3. UnderTheRadarAgain

    how old are you (in this game)

    Correct T1 to T4 exclusively AND only the first 200 battles (including games in co-op). I used that knowledge to max the stats on my alt account. Had a 90% win rate when I graduated out of protected MM (yes - I felt so, so dirty - had many showers). Got 800 games on the alt now and 66% win rate. My main account is 52% with 3636 games in random.
  4. UnderTheRadarAgain

    Royal Navel Destroyer Collection Question?

    I got permanent camos in distant voyager crates this month - for ships I already own and have the bonus package already. Only the cosmetic was awarded. Previously the camo had the bonus attached. The Collection award in the past gave the camo with attached bonus because they were intrinsically linked. But with the economic rework, the bonus and camo are separate entities. You can only have ONE permanent bonus package for a ship. You will note, the Haida camo in the collection is cosmetic only - because Haida is a premium and has a permanent bonus package automatically. Lightning is tech tree, and most players don't buy the permanent camos (pre-rework) or bonuses (post rework) so wargaming included the permanent bonus in the collection reward for those players. I concur with GrumpyAJ.
  5. CV mode will be best when your team bunch up for the overlapping AA, followed by dropping a fighter screen to whittle down the attackers even more. Whichever CV has the best AA and fighters may dominate. I think Enterprise has the best fighter consumable so if used wisely would be quite effective in destroying entire Kaga squadrons. Enterprise air dropped fighter consumable has 12 fighters, and any squadron getting caught by those fighters will lose 12 planes. It will definitely be a wild brawl. You can't division up with more than 1 CV, so the 3 v 3 will definitely be random and subject to LUCK. The BB 12 v 12 will no doubt have a lot of back line snipers. It is the meta after all. But T8 BB's aren't known for their long range accuracy, so we will see lots of Tirpitz and Bismarck in this. Massachewshits (SIC) too. Cruisers ??? now there is a question. I think Bagration may be the dark horse. There will be lots of Hipper/Prinz Eugen/Tallin's in there along with plenty of Atago's and her clones. DD's will be pure gunboat meta. Akazuki and Lightning plus the Russians and French.
  6. The anti - cv crowd are always demanding CV's get their own mode where they can fight among themselves. 3 v 3 CV's brawl is a good way to test if that would actually be fun. The only reason the CV brawl isn't 12 v 12 is because the game is hard coded to allow a maximum of 3 CV's per team. Including the test room. I remember a group of CC's (now former CC's) did an Operation Ten-go re-enactment in wows a few years ago (Flambass was involved) and all they could manage was 3 CV's attacking Yamato plus Yahagi and 8 DD's. The actual event in ww2 that saw Yamato sunk involved 8 cv's. A 12 v 12 CV brawl would be epic fun. Unfortunately 3 v 3 is the best we can hope for. I predict most games will have 6 Kaga's.
  7. UnderTheRadarAgain

    Royal Navel Destroyer Collection Question?

    If you already have Lightning's bonus package, all you would get is the permanent camo. You can have only one bonus package for a ship.
  8. UnderTheRadarAgain

    General Questions Thread

    Could be a sign of an old graphics card starting to wither and die, but usually that is displayed by graphic artifacts and flickering - I have never experienced reduced frame rates on their own in that scenario. First test is a complete PC reboot. (ie. Shutdown. Pause. Boot). Also, verify game files. Does this happen in other games? If the problem persists, check all your power connections are secure inside the PC. If you are using a laptop - take it to a repair specialist for diagnosis. Loss of performance and/or graphics issues are often caused by a failing power supply. Power supplies are an entire thread all on their own, my personal opinion is the PSU is the single most important component in a PC. Never, ever, touch a cheap PSU. Always buy from the middle to high price range, and always choose a model with a power rating that is platinum [80] or at worst gold [80]. If your graphic card recommends 600 watts, buy a 750 watt model PSU. That extra overhead results in a PSU that is never pushed to it's limits which means a good PSU can be used in 3 or 4 PC builds. I often use the same PSU for around 6 to 10 years, only upgrading when I need to because the cable connections are no longer suitable or the new GPU requires more power. I have had a very good experience with Corsair AX and RX models.
  9. 3 v 3 CV's may be fun. 12 v 12 BB's should be fun and probably will be. Will have to wait and see if brawlers will shine or not. 12 v 12 Cruisers will be an absolute blast. 12 v 12 DD's will be an insane and chaotic melee - I will probably refrain from participating. What's the bet someone WILL bring Asashio (then rage that the torps can't hit anything in chat).
  10. UnderTheRadarAgain

    Clan Commander Stolen?!

    Can't assign a new commander unless the current commander does it manually. I surmise you did it while drunk, or someone in your house has pranked you. Either scenario = LOLS
  11. UnderTheRadarAgain

    3 new ships will all be available for Coal !!!

    Same prices as other coal ships of the same tier. Malta will be same price as Max Immelmann [264,000]. Alvaro will be same price as Marceau [236,000] and Rio will cost the same as October revolution [53,500]. I say this because that is what wargaming have done for every other coal ship released to the armoury since I started playing the game in 2019. The former steel ships are the only ones priced differently, and Black is the same price as Neustra, so the pattern continues with those too. edit : I did notice there are small variations in price for the coal ships - so my prediction may not be 100% accurate - but the actual price will be damn close.
  12. UnderTheRadarAgain

    Oh she has a very NICE voiceover!

    I like the lady liberty commanders voice file. It isn't perfect, there are a few recording artefact's on some lines, meaning wargaming fell down on the QA side, but overall I like her. If they gave her a French accent she would be perfect.
  13. UnderTheRadarAgain

    Get ready to evade some Summer Bait!

    That camo always gave the exact same bonus as the stock permanent T10 camo. It's an insane spend for what you can buy for 4800 doubloons (bonus pack).
  14. UnderTheRadarAgain

    The 10,000 steel camo isn't worth it

    Aint nobody going to disagree with you on that. There are still ships in the armoury for steel that I want, so will not even consider using such a valuable resource for a cosmetic that for me looks ugly. I am sure there are many forum users who think the same as I do regarding that 10K steel camo.