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  1. UnderTheRadarAgain

    Sick of BOT programs

    27000 co-op games, 17 randoms. Not a bot, just a player who is having fun in his own way. DrArticulate - Player info and stats - WoWS Stats & Numbers - ASIA (wows-numbers.com)
  2. UnderTheRadarAgain

    Sick of BOT programs

    40 games per day. Does not seem excessive. Maybe it's a player with disabilities. They do exist, and some do play computer games. I can see someone steering a boat around the map letting the secondaries do all the work. Just having fun in his own way. Besides, he is only playing in co-op. No harm done if that's the case, it just a game after all.
  3. UnderTheRadarAgain

    Anyone SUNK a Santa yet?

    Those are the best kills. One shotted a Donskoi not that long ago - got first blood as well as the Dev strike award. Was aiming for a Richelieu and got the never spotted Donskoi instead.
  4. UnderTheRadarAgain

    Right Flags for Ships of Respective Nations

    Yep - awarded as an event flag - I have no recollection of participating in anything - it just lobbed in my port one day when I logged in. I didn't even notice the bonus for weeks until a member of my former clan told me about it.
  5. UnderTheRadarAgain

    Right Flags for Ships of Respective Nations

    Pirate flag on every ship that can mount 2 flags. The other flag that is definitely on 100% of my ships (411 in port lol) is the flag with the 5% boost to commander xp.
  6. UnderTheRadarAgain

    Keep up the good work, WG

    How do you just buy free xp? You can't. You have to first EARN ship xp in battles before you can CONVERT it to free xp using doubloons. A new player hasn't earned enough ship xp to be able to convert free xp without actually earning it first. And now that last sentence is messing my head up. You can buy premium containers to gamble on winning special flags, which you can then use to speed up the grind. I have done that for a few ship lines on my way up to T10 (I have 29 T10 ships in port).
  7. UnderTheRadarAgain

    My Clan has dissappeared. What happened?

    Necro level 100.
  8. UnderTheRadarAgain

    today isn't release Naples todday?

    Expect the new ship to be released on friday. Wargaming seem to always release new ships on the friday.
  9. UnderTheRadarAgain

    Borodino Mission

    I have been having that bug with all my recent purchased ships - play the ship and the mission will award the bonus XP and reappear in the missions tab. Will likely be invisible again tomorrow (like all of mine are). I've reported the bug.
  10. UnderTheRadarAgain

    The problem with the Dutch cruisers

    You haven't reach the high tiers yet - and experienced the instant deletion from across the map by Georgia, Yamato or any number of high tier BB's. Co-op bots at low tiers are easy mode, they get a little bit better. They still charge straight at you, relentlessly, and are very good at dodging your torps. If you are spotted, your torps will miss - unless you have closed to suicide range (about 1km) before letting them loose.
  11. UnderTheRadarAgain

    The problem with the Dutch cruisers

    So far I have managed to get a 11k strike in once (T8 using a double air strike in co-op), and a single strike of 9k just twice in the T6 ship (also co-op) out of 40 games. Most airstrikes net peanuts between 4k and 6k damage. My worst airstrike was vs a Queen Elizabeth with 4 bomb hits for 800 damage. My experience of it is high tier bots know the airstrike is inbound the instant I select the drop zone. They stop on a dime or turn sharp and collide with the ship next to them - avoiding the strike altogether.
  12. UnderTheRadarAgain

    Weimar review

    Those guys need to find another hobby. Weimar is going to get nerfed so hard now .... 😂 But damn those results are impressive.
  13. UnderTheRadarAgain

    ​🚢 Return of Missouri (Developer's Bulletin 0.10.7)

    So, about that heal? Missouri missed out on the updated US BB repair party because it had already been removed from the game. Right now Missouri is a weaker Iowa with less battle sustain.
  14. UnderTheRadarAgain

    0.10.6 bug report

    Unfortunately the missions only appear for that game session. Next time I load up the game the missions are no longer there. I have to play each ship for the missions to reappear once again. It's only a problem if you are not paying attention and forget about the missions because there isn't the reminder in the missions tab.
  15. UnderTheRadarAgain

    S O S ! ! !

    Personal opinion - but such blatant breaking of EULA should result in a permanent ban of the player. Recent Flamu videos show he is openly hacking game files during his twitch streams, and publishing some instances on youtube. At least I haven't seen him hack game files to cheat in battle, but even still I cannot fathom why wargaming hasn't permanently banned him already.