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  1. UnderTheRadarAgain

    Missions and accomplishments

    I'm up to 72 as of right now. Will keep trying tonight and next week. Breaking 1200 base xp in operations isn't easy, but definitely achievable in nearly every ship I have tried so far. Tiger 59 may be a challenge, though that said I managed just fine in Belfast 43 (2nd attempt).
  2. UnderTheRadarAgain

    LAST Question thread.

    So, Anniversary Patch. The snowflakes one. That is 12.7 ??? Anyone know?
  3. UnderTheRadarAgain

    Fairly new player needing a pointer or two

    Lyon has a lot of guns. But using all of them means you have to expose a lot of citadel to enemy guns. Doing this too often WILL get you sent back to port fast. My advice is don't rush up the tiers. Play more at the lower tiers and learn about angling, use of cover etc. Richelieu, Alsace and Republique are all good ships. Not the best at their tiers, but also not the worst. Reliable at starting fires with their HE and their AP shells are very good when they hit and penetrate. You will learn which shell to use through experience, and that only comes form playing lots of games in all the ships in the line. This also applies to every single ship line in the game. Never skip a ship, every ship prepares you a little more for the next one, frustration is expected.
  4. That has to be a bug. I certainly could not replicate it. I recommend doing a support ticket asking them to credit the missing commander xp to your account. But, if they offer a rollback on your account, say no. A rollback negates everything to have done since that point. Not worth it for 3k commander xp.
  5. UnderTheRadarAgain

    Missions and accomplishments

    Mission accomplished. Now to try and get some bonus points just in case.
  6. UnderTheRadarAgain

    Missions and accomplishments

    I'm on 40, need to get at least 50 for the first stage, and another 50 for the second stage. To secure the first 3 economic bonuses. The fourth bonus will be covered by the free battle pass. I'm doing it in operations.
  7. UnderTheRadarAgain

    ​📰 Closed test 12.7 - Trade-In

    First rule of Santa crate is NEVER SELL A PREMIUM SHIP.
  8. UnderTheRadarAgain

    AFKs and Pink Players

    I really can't be arsed actually. No mods, check. Files verified, check. Boot into safe mode and see if it happens again - get stuffed wargaming. Brand new PC, brand new Windows install. They just want you to jump through hoops doing pointless stuff so you give up. I know it's not my PC. I know their code is a mess. I'll just have a whine here in the forums and likely play again tomorrow anyway.
  9. UnderTheRadarAgain

    AFKs and Pink Players

    I don't - my karma did not go down, I checked. It's wargamings poor code.
  10. UnderTheRadarAgain

    AFKs and Pink Players

    Sometimes this game sucks. Modem restarted after going into the game. Took 5 minutes to come back in. And THIS !!!! Fuck off wargaming, how the fuck is TWO kills and 188k damage INACTIVITY. ???? Now I am pink. and 101k credits and a set of signal flags and blue boosters down as well.
  11. UnderTheRadarAgain

    Port Slots

    There are 3 on the free battle pass. Stages 10, 20 & 30.
  12. UnderTheRadarAgain

    Which ROUTE to choose?

    There are bundles for doubloons that you can throw at it - enough to secure Jaeger. The coupon is valid until sometime on the 14th - so basically today, maybe tomorrow.
  13. UnderTheRadarAgain

    Which ROUTE to choose?

    LOL. I completed the second stage then selected the left side, then the right side and discovered I can do both sides at the same time.
  14. UnderTheRadarAgain

    Asymmetrical Battles 12.5

    Same, got 13k to go. It always spawns me in the middle, so I pick a flank and relocate. Most games are tough when most enemies are T8, but last night I had one where all Green team were T9, so all the bots were T7. Had a really good result, 4 kills and 170k damage. All guns, no torps. I usually get to use all my heals (4). I went with range (6) and rudder modules (4) with concealment on (5). You need to be able to disengage at times.
  15. UnderTheRadarAgain

    Asymmetrical Battles 12.5

    Yep. That is because some of wargaming's staff are in fact INCOMPETENT. This is proof of that FACT.