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  1. lunsmann

    CV Rocket Plane Adjustment Suggestion

    Sorry, disagree. Unlimited plane is equal to unlimited torpedoes.
  2. lunsmann


    What was the rewards for the code? It told me the code wasn't valid when I tried it this morning. But when I logged in this afternoon I was presented with a whole bunch of crates, camo's and flags. No idea why, but I will happily take free stuff.
  3. I think the issue is the support ships getting stuck on islands. Just yesterday 3 out of 3 attempts 2 of the support ships did just that. Luckily the Raptor did not get stuck those times, but has been stuck before which means the mission fails even if you kill every red ship that spawns in.
  4. lunsmann

    Kongo's Arpeggio 2nd mission

    Win 10 battles if I remember correctly.
  5. lunsmann

    We are growing...

    It's been out for 5 years, so no it's NOT a BETA. Try version 9.0 currently with version 9.1 due tomorrow.
  6. 3 times in the last 4 attempts. The first 2 times it happened we lost the missions. Both fail missions I ended up being the solo warrior trying to fend off the entire red team in the harbour area. Teams have been melting fast. The third time I sailed out and blocked the damn ship with my Scharnhorst and managed to save it for 4 stars.
  7. lunsmann

    DDs very frustrating to play now

    I see more and more cruisers with 12 km radar, meanwhile many old tech tree DD have 10 km torps. There are only a few DD with torps that can outreach those radars. My highest tech tree DD is the T7 American "Mahan". I really don't have any desire to grind anymore in that class. I am mediocre at best with DD in random battles, I know my limitations, and I find higher tier (mid tier really) DD play in co-op to be frustrating because BB players always yolo in and block my torps so I can rarely get any spreads away effectively. I can of course understand why the BB drivers do this (I do it as well) when co-op matches often don't even last 5 minutes and you have to rush in if you want to get any damage or kills in. That said, I can still yolo myself to get ship torp strikes when I need them for directives in co-op games.
  8. The price I pay in AU$ is the price advertised in the premium shop - so the Asia servers premium shop price is AU$ by my experience.
  9. lunsmann

    Has anyone read this?

    I doubt it will make that much of a difference to the Asashio. Most BB's that can install the 5th module are likely to still choose the concealment module which is universally useful as opposed to the torpedo protection module which is only really relevant to any extent vs deep water torpedoes. And it's my observation that most matches do not contain an Asashio in the team lineup.
  10. lunsmann

    How is your British CA event going?

    2 days ago I got Hawkins for gold (yes, what a waste of money), and now the damn game has Hawkins in the next token slot. It's a garbage ship, even Krasny Krym feels vastly superior to this steaming pile of dung. Didn't I read recently that 0.9.1 is bringing gun reload buffs to all the British heavy cruisers?
  11. lunsmann

    Lunar Boxes results

    Bought a pack of boxes. Got everything all at once. Took Silliwangi into co-op to try it out. (It's not very good) and got team killed by a charming fellow in an Amagi. Not accidentally mind you, very deliberate. First he fired a salvo into the water next to me when I sailed close to him on my way past. Then he fired a second salvo right into me as I was sailing along next to him, minding my own damn business. Why do some people feel they need to do that? It's not like I stole his kill or anything, in fact I held my fire (torps) as he was too close to the red BB to risk it. Anyway, Silliwangi is weak, it's guns are ok in that they have decent range and hit reasonably hard, but there's just 2 x 2 that have a 5 second reload. The torps take over 2 minutes to reload as well (stock) with just 10 km range too. 5.9 km detection with all modules and captain skills isn't really all that special either.
  12. lunsmann

    Biggest reason why people hate CV

    Problem then with nerfing T4 plane health is they get absolutely shredded by every T5 ship they have the misfortune of encountering. I agree with doing something regarding the XP gap to T6 CV's.
  13. lunsmann

    Newport - why so many battles lost?

    I gave it my best shot, but considering we were so heavily handicapped there was only so much I could do. The Huangie had already died and everyone else was camping behind the islands. I had just taken care of 3 red boats in the 2nd wave almost single handed (all the damage to a DD and half to the furutaka plus a chunk to the BB). I had 3/4 health when the 3rd wave spawned and focused on me. This isn't "bad" players, this is players choosing to screw over the team for "reasons". It's frustrating. I am going to go for a walk, then when I get back try again.
  14. lunsmann

    Newport - why so many battles lost?

    Know what does not help? When the CV flies off to the far map corner and IGNORES the entire 3rd wave. AND the DALLAS sits behind an island and spams HE into an empty spot in the sea and totally IGNORES all of the red boats completely. Choosing to go afk or using a bot program (a poor one at that) is not going to help a team win anything.
  15. What is the server average? Is it not somewhere in the 45% to 48% range? Did you not also read the bit about MM putting all the experienced players on one team, and the inexperienced players on the other team? I see this myself all the time, especially since November when it got noticeably worse. You have over 19 thousand games worth of experience, what's the bet your team wins well over 50% of your games. Of course you don't get to be on the receiving end of this problem. In October I had a 53% win rate, I now have a 49.9% win rate. I have just over 800 random battles under my belt, which puts me in the inexperienced group. Experienced players get to maintain their high win rates because match making is rigging their games. Match making is broken.