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  1. lunsmann

    Feedback Thread for Update 0.9.10

    Question before I whale doubloons - these commanders in the armoury - the big hunt packs - are they permanent commanders? Or will they disappear once the event is concluded?
  2. Really? Arseholes like that are why I sometimes disagree with the no name and shame rule. Those two deserve to be named, shamed and permanently banned from all wargaming products. That is atrocious behaviour and they don't deserve to be protected by the no name and shame rule.
  3. Everyone knows the DD is the most dangerous ship in the game. Of course a good CV player is going to focus on eliminating the greatest threat first. What bugs me the most is when playing a BB, more often than not, my CV player ignores the DD's all game, which always results in that red DD sinking too many green ships. When I play the CV, I make finding DD's my top priority.
  4. lunsmann


    Wait. 12500 RB points for 250k fxp? That is so much cheaper than using 600k + fxp to reset a line. I better get in quick then LOL I only need 20k RB points to secure Slava. Never mind. It's the opposite. I am potato.
  5. lunsmann

    It is time for the BLUF decision...

    I suggest doing the fresh new line first. Because they are the new [fat] kid on the block.
  6. lunsmann

    US Battleships Event

    I did it in co-op. Managed the full set of defend ribbons in around 10 games. We even had games where random players communicated and co-operated to allow players a chance to get their ribbons. It was heart warming (yes, really, I said that). Plenty of karma got spread around as a result.
  7. I know you are joking "75,000" doubloons. 26 stages times 1950 doubloons = 50,700. It will of course be less than that to buy it outright because there will be at least 2 boosters. I predict 45,000 doubloons will be the ultimate price. Then those of us with deep pockets will grind for RB and steel. 4400 steel isn't to be sneezed at.
  8. lunsmann

    US BB 4> Ruling The Waves

    I could have sworn it said 6 tasks yesterday, but today the Kansas dropped in my port on the completion of 5 tasks. Confused, but what the hell I will take it.
  9. lunsmann

    USS Florida

    Sometimes it's better to just buy an entire new PC. Depending on the age of your old PC. I have had weird stability issues that stumped a few "experts" as well as myself. "Expert" being the tech guy at the PC retailer. A new Power supply fixed the issue. I now always buy top shelf PSU's with at least 200 watts headroom above recommended. My current PC has a Corsair AX860 in it. Sold and reliable power. Have you already replaced the PSU Sail?
  10. lunsmann

    Who reported me?

    It's amazing how often that happens, and how easy it is to be taken out by a few sets of well placed torps. I've been sailing full speed toward an island at the start of a battle, not a single red ship spotted (no CV game) when priority target lights up (5+) the same time the UI notifies me I am spotted (obviously by a DD). 5 seconds later I am blown to hell. Cruisers are very squishy even at high tiers. You don't have to be a bad player to be taken out in the first 5 minutes, watch the top CC's twitch streams and even they get deleted occasionally. Veteran players tend to be far more cautious early game as a result - with the result that certain DD drivers accuse them of cowardice. Can't win either way, just play your own game your own way and try to win every time.
  11. lunsmann

    Thunderer Get....

    RN AP is unreliable. Thunderer firing HE just about all the time is no different to Yamato firing AP almost all the time - it's usually the most effective shell.
  12. lunsmann


    That is the distressing truth. Rio Tinto.
  13. lunsmann

    So, what is the point of 0.9.9?

    Actually - I don't hate CV's in the game or in real life. I think the current iteration of CV is really well balanced. Maybe some more tweaks are still needed, like the spotting mechanics that are coming up, though perhaps halving spotting distances is going too far in my opinion. There is one think that bugs me regarding the current CV spotting, and that is why are planes always spotted 10km away (except IJN torp bombers)? That is the complete opposite to real world spotting. There is no way planes were spotted that far out during the ww2 era apart from a handful of very late war radar equipped ships, and even then I don't believe that was actually a factor at all. They relied on a fighter cap and patrols to spot incoming airstrikes. But I suppose wargaming made it this way to help balance the classes, allowing ships to be able to turn to counter attacks. So while it does bug me, I can see a valid reason for it.
  14. lunsmann

    So, what is the point of 0.9.9?

    Nope. Better to have NO CV in the game than to have the RTS CV back in the game. In real life, the CV made BB's and Super cruiser obsolete overnight. If wargaming made the CV in the game to be as powerful as the CV was in real life, the game would die totally on day one of that release. In WOWS, the current version of CV is by far the superior version for game play purposes in my opinion. The RTS CV variant was closer to real life CV's and as a result a good RTS CV player totally dominated the match. I heard the stories, and watched countless videos on youtube, and chose to ignore this game completely until after the CV rework. But this is my opinion of it. Others may have their own opinion.
  15. lunsmann

    So, what is the point of 0.9.9?

    Disagree on RTS CV - better NO CV than RTS CV comes back.