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  1. lunsmann

    New Underwater environments !

    Mermaid and Tuna are interchangeable. 😉
  2. Minekaze B hull has 10900 hit points. When you add survivability expert it becomes 12650.
  3. lunsmann

    Total rewards for ZF-6 Dockyard

    So far a number of CC's and youtubers are saying ZF-6 is the strongest dockyard ship yet. Considering PR is a very strong cruiser (despite all the hate) and Hizen is a decent ship (Odin is a good co-op brawler despite the weak main battery and that other US cruiser is a port queen), ZF-6 may well be worth whaling regardless of what level of whaling one is comfortable with.
  4. lunsmann

    Total rewards for ZF-6 Dockyard

    Buying the doubloons to whale the ZF-6 will cost AU$207. A T9 ship costs AU$105. Are those rewards worth AU$102? I'm not so sure. Whaling then grinding will net a further 3800 steel and 57000 coal. So maybe there is just enough value to be had to make it worthwhile. I will have to think on it for a bit longer.
  5. lunsmann

    0.10.2 bug report

    The UI bugs continue. Even after doing a complete 100% reinstall of the game. I completely uninstalled the game and removed all trace of it from my HDD, then did a clean install. The UI works perfectly in all fields until after my first battle. Then the UI bugs out. The carousel has only 2 small zones where the ship is selectable - on the far left edge and five rows across to the right. In order to scroll across on the carousel I have to place my mouse pointer on the far left side of the screen. The carousel will not scroll if the mouse is not on the far left side.
  6. lunsmann

    0.10.2 bug report

    Today there are random and repeatable bugs in the UI. I cannot press the return to port and the battle on buttons from the results screen - only ESC works. After 2 or 3 battles, I can no longer select a different ship at all. I can go into the armoury and ESC out again, and I can go look at missions etc. But can NOT select a different ship. Yesterday everything worked 100%.
  7. lunsmann

    Italian Battleship Containers Contents

    That would be because the premium containers were not available in the premium shop until today.
  8. YES. Changing any commander from one tech tree ship to another tech tree ship requires retraining.
  9. Make it a permanent camo and sell it in the armoury (gold, steel, coal or even RB points) and I will buy it. It certainly looks way better to me than some of the recent offerings (looking at the new perma camo for FDR in particular - my god that one burns retinas).
  10. lunsmann

    Which coal ship should I get

    First of all - everything S4pp3r said. Secondly - it's quite easy to earn as much as 14,400 steel in a year just by playing the game. The daily missions provide 40 steel every day as long as you complete the 6 mission chain. And on top of that, every T8 and T9 ship in your port has the potential to earn you 150 steel every year just by playing them (and winning) just once during the snowflake events that happen twice a year. Just these 2 things alone have allowed me to now be able to buy a steel ship every year. (I don't sell any of my ships - being a collector with ocd (ish)).
  11. lunsmann

    Roast me!!!

    The lack of roasts probably just means the SEA forums are more mature - reflecting the older age of many of us gamers who indulge in this game.
  12. lunsmann

    Back from almost a year break

    Don't forget - Vampire II is on the horizon. Sorry, couldn't resist. Hope it's COAL.
  13. lunsmann

    Latest Code...

    Actually - Happa and Karmat1ka are live right now - code = GOTEAMOCEANMAP
  14. lunsmann

    Latest Code...

    Doesn't work already. It's impossible to get the token missions for us Aussies. All the streams are in the small hours of the morning.
  15. lunsmann

    Inside the Ranked container

    Nah - Italian midget submarine. Used successfully in a couple of raids on British ports in the Mediterranean. The 2 frogmen would make their way into the port, locate the target ship and manoeuvre underneath it where they would detach the warhead and attach it to the bottom of the target ship. Set a time fuse and then make their way back out again. No suicide intended. [Video] Naval Legends: Maiale | World of Warships