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  1. lunsmann

    when you get TKed...

    That situation is 100% the cruisers fault. Try this one - A DD parked behind an island hiding from a BB. I sail past him and launch torps with a clear path to the target BB. After launching torps that DD engages speed boost and accelerates into my 4 torps, takes all 4 which somehow do not kill him then engages reverse to stop dead in the water and does nothing until the enemy BB kills him with secondaries. Whose fault is that?
  2. lunsmann

    German Containers

    Whales gonna whale. My son also bought the 25 boxes and also got all 3 missions. Rhein is already in my port - 8000+ base xp mission completed in co-op in one evening. Weser and Parseval should drop tonight.
  3. lunsmann

    Another Dose of Drama

    My take on all this is UNICUM players want to nerf CV's so ONLY UNICUM CV players can actually make them work. Unicum players want to prevent their domination of the game being challeneged by some NOOB in a CV who got lucky and ruined said unicum's game. I see a LOT of cry babies around, especially in Flamu's discord. I am a NOOB CV player, and from MY perspective CV's are already the hardest class to play effectively. I also observe that unicum CV players dominate matches every time. When a unicum CV player wants you dead, he makes it happen. Which is exactly what RTS CV was like from what I hear. Unicum cry babies want to return to when only they could do that, not some noob who gets lucky. That said, I did have fun in the recent clan brawl in my GZ. Apparently I am the only member of my clan with a T8 CV or so they said.
  4. lunsmann

    steel bundles for the Odin

    18 ship build tokens in the dockyard (not 20). 18 x 250 = 4500. There are 20 stages, but the last 2 MUST be bought with gold.
  5. Triple div with purple clan name. Another with purple clan name and so on. What OP got was a skill mismatch of EPIC proportions. Losing team did not stand more than a 5% chance of winning. I think 5% is being overtly generous actually.
  6. lunsmann

    Late, eh?

    Agree. I bought Haida again for the camo. Got the flag, 10 point captain and signals as a bonus.
  7. lunsmann

    Interesting stuff from the RU forums

    Over the year I have been playing this game, I have seen far more calls for a US BB split than anything else, facebook and youtube comment sections in official videos as well as popular CC videos. It makes sense wargaming will do that before some other lines. Besides, wargaming have said the Italian lines are going to come eventually, but getting access to blueprints is harder than all the other nations in the game. References to Italian bureaucracy here.
  8. lunsmann

    NTC Points / Tokens for Grinds

    I love that Atlanta skin - going to definitely get it. Become one with the island you are hiding behind. However, I assume the bonuses will be identical to the existing camo, and that for me is the real problem with most of these extra camo's we have to pay real money for. Give better bonuses and they will sell. Examples being the skins for Ashitaka, Kii and Roma - T7 and 8 ships with the same bonuses as the T10 permanent camo. I think wargaming are also missing a few tricks with ships like Atlanta, I want a rainbow skin (for pride month) that comes with rainbow tracers - to match the shell arcs. Painting lovely rainbows across the sky will cheer everyone up.
  9. lunsmann

    Getting steel after Odin completed

    I whaled Odin on day 1. I have now completed the first 4 directives and have secured 3000 steel. I expect to complete the last 2 directives as well bringing my total haul of steel up to 4500. Considering I would need to participate and win 45 clan battles to get the same amount (we only won 2 out of 15 battles last time), the doubloons spent was worth it to me.
  10. Actually, I have Asashio - worst choice for co-op ever. Earned me my first high caliber award, and the only DD I have used in randoms to dev strike a BB (Poor Tirpitz ate all 8 torps).
  11. lunsmann

    What is that ?

    Ok, I am going to pull you up on something. Neufert1 may well be annoying, but he is a PERSON, not a THING. His grasp of english may be less than ideal, but that is not grounds for dismissal/hate/harassment etc. Argue the points, not the person.
  12. lunsmann

    What is that ?

    Actually, I think you have misinterpreted what he said. He said it's weird that ships can always see planes 10 km away, but planes can't see ships from that far. We all know some ships (DD for example) can only be seen from very close range. For once, I agree with him, he is right that is a weirdness. Same with radar and hydro that can detect through islands. @ Neufert1 - It's an arcade game, and that is how wargaming have made it. Spotting mechanics have been this way since the very first release from what I can see, I doubt there will ever be any changes to this.
  13. I have basically spent the entire Odin dockyard in co-op in my Kurfurst. Not once have I lost credits. I usually manage between 50k and 250k profit. I run premium time, and I equip the basic economic flags (I have hundreds of these) as well as always use the permanent camo. The clan bonus of course helps as well keeping the service cost down (total 72% off the normal service with all bonuses etc equipped). I am running full secondary and it is frigging awesome, better than sex - in my humble opinion. LOL No, really. My best games are when the match is full of AI, those can often go the full 20 minutes. Very profitable in credits and satisfaction levels. What I have found is low tiers the best ships are DD's (up to T4), then Cruisers (with torpedoes) up to T7, but after that the best co-op brawlers are definitely secondary BB's.
  14. Co-op is a feeding frenzy. Get in and get stuff done or you won't earn enough credits to cover your servicing. There is only one type of player I despise in co-op and that is the bozo who deliberately charges in between you and the target you have been shooting for a while - just to block your shots so he can secure the kill. I don't care two hoots if he shoots past me to secure that kill, but I do mind when he blocks my shots to either prevent me from firing or to make me go pink. It is especially annoying when I am in a DD and he is in the BB that has absolutely no problem shooting over me. I am often tempted to just give that 4rsehole all of my torps as a present - I don't of course because I am not an 4rsehole even though my clan is called 4rse. 🤣
  15. lunsmann

    Fat whale is fat

    I have completed all 3 directives easily taking no more than 2 days to do each of them. I have predominantly done it in co-op with only a few minor directives needing to be done in randoms. I have found full secondary Kurfurst to be a monster in co-op and have chewed through the directives with ease while having a tonne of fun. It's definitely not been grindy so far.