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  1. This won't really help much imo unless the same mechanic applies to surface spotting. Not every game has CV, especially at T10. So this change does not solve the old issue permanently. The same long range cross-firing could still happen due to DD's "absolute" spotting.
  2. WG is really trying hard to beat FGO when it comes to drop rate.... Low drop rate of course
  3. Raika_Hoshikawa

    The true Super Battleship

    Now that you mention it. I have a feeling most of the regular posters might set the bookmark on the General Discussions. Or just too lazy to check the other sections
  4. Raika_Hoshikawa

    2022, what to expect?

    I'm surprised this thread is still up despite the heated war it contains. That's a hell lot of barrage from something that is supposed to be a clumsy torpboat I disagree with your opinion on the cringe collabs tho. They brought more money into WG's income.
  5. Raika_Hoshikawa

    The true Super Battleship

    It seems my idea is rather unpopular for this topic, given the low amount of replies. I suppose I need better ideas then.
  6. Raika_Hoshikawa

    The true Super Battleship

    Hannover & Satsuma don't feel like super ships at all. They are just oversized GK & Yamato with fewer barrels. This should have been the minimum! I mean since we are already seeing "fantasy designs", this should not be that far-fetched.
  7. Raika_Hoshikawa

    Azur Lane General Discussion Thread

    Alright memes & other things aside, so what is the best setup for Rikka? There are some meme builds on Discord & Reddit, but those are only for the lols.
  8. Raika_Hoshikawa

    Azur Lane General Discussion Thread

    It's NTR time
  9. Raika_Hoshikawa

    [ALL] Azur Lane Voiceover Collections

    Any plan to add Zui Zui? Also I really like the fact that they actually say something when they shoot their guns.
  10. Raika_Hoshikawa

    ​📰 PT 0.10.11, Balance Changes (Zao Gets Second Buff)

    The correct question should be; why would anyone play Tallinn again? I mean really
  11. Raika_Hoshikawa

    Why is it written backwards?

    WG forgot it's a warship, not ambulance
  12. Raika_Hoshikawa

    Make DD Great Again?

    It would be nice if there is a collab with Girls und Panzer. Katyusha would command a ship instead of a tank Still surprised WG have yet to actually use that name on a Soviet ship because there are indeed rocket launchers with that name. This thread gets derailed quickly for some reasons.
  13. Raika_Hoshikawa

    A few tips for dealing with Subs

    Do depth charge have specific blast radius? There seems to be no information about it.
  14. Raika_Hoshikawa

    Pacific War part 4 Speedrun

    It's almost as if WG is trying to push up the CV population again, considering how lengthy the mission is to be completed with anything but CV. Good thing I have Ryujo too, so I can spam through the shorter mission.
  15. Raika_Hoshikawa

    SHARE your Commander REWORKED skills for the New Update

    I did the same on Ryujo & there is really no difference between with or without Enhanced Aircraft Armor. Saved me the 4 points I could use on something else.