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  1. OK thank you, euro dd like a sharp knife in CQB, very interesting
  2. already got the IX euro dd, if I sail it, the exp will retained or set to 0 when the next version come? If earn enough exp , when the X DD come, is it possible to research it immediately?
  3. There are lots of AI problems in recent scenarios, so why not add some non-npc mode? Let's image an area, full of small island. There are lots of towers on the islands, and many routes can be chosen Every player ship has a score, and they should go though these islands to reach the destination,in a limited time, and the final result due to both the team scores and time remained. It is some kind of Tower Defense game like pc-game "Anomaly" series(can be found on steam), so developers just need to make more kinds of towers: more batteries and forts. As far as now, there is only one kind of forts,right? The one fires 2HE shells with 30K HP. Why not add more?Some big strong forts fire 4-6 high damage AP shells at slow fire rate, or some small weak forts fire 6-9 low damage HE shells at high fire rate? Or even torpedoes towers. It is more like Halloween scenario, but not the same, at least players wont take care of npcs. And forts can be generated randomly, so choose a proper route would be a huge challenge: for the team who want to make a speed one, would pay more attention on scouting and planning, get more final output by saving time. for the team who want to make a death one, just go ahead and destroy as many forts and batteries as possible and make a survive, get more final output by more ribbons or maybe there is not a speed route or death route due to randomized mechanism And teamwork is also important here. It will be a easy one for a good team, but for those who can't cooperate well, it would be a mess. Well, at least, I think such a new scenario will be easier to make, better than fix the former ones, because there are less AI here, especially forts can not move, so there will be no npc auto-pilot bugs.. I really what to find more fun in this game. I have more than a hundred ships, but find this game becoming boring...(I still keep login the game because I have more than 700days premium remained, i just don't want to waste, sadly)
  4. That would be OK too, anyway there are many kinds of navy operations, not always meet-and-shot
  5. well , what i mean is to sail them...I think it is real interesting to sail a cargo/transport ships in a warzone, any way, in WW1 and WW2, there are thousands of them...and some of them are very famous, like Queen Mary
  6. Well, I know it may be strange But, in war, there are also lots of Cargo and Transport ships May of them are armed with light batteries and anti-air guns, and water scout planes/fighters Why not add some of them and new game mode? Like, Cargo ships sail to trans goods, and try to avoid enemy scouts/patrols or transports try to land armies A fleet under CV attacks and try to survive enough time.. In PVP mode, to capture/destroy enemy cargo fleet... I know it may seems not that "Warships" but they are real "War ships" in war any way... and it may attract more players as well I don't mean the npcs in missions/scenarios, but real player cargo/transports, like other ships, u can research them from Tier1 to TierX Or, some premium ships is also OK, I really want to collect some of these kind ships, like Titanic /Queen Mary ... In normal PVP mode, they can be used as real tanker High HP, low-mid armor, short range batteries and AA, like other tankers in RPG game, high DEF and low ATK, it would be fun in PVP if we have these kind of ships
  7. I dont know why there are too many bots and AFKs recently. Almost in every battle, there is least one AFK bot there. Each day, only 8 reports can be made, but it's not enough AFK bots now will team to join the game, and yesterday, there are 3 AFK bots in a team and they just keep their position and do nothing. Is there any methods to avoid such a AFK bot join the game ? Or if some players are reported as AFK bot, and the bots does nothing since the battle start, change them with an NPC players? It is too bad when you contact enemy, and find no cover fire, while you look back, there are only AFK bots behind you Here is an sample, how three AFK bots join a team and mess up a whole battle
  8. OK I quit the game, than play it again, works...log off than in is not work seems a bug or sth..
  9. Strange that I just set up a Clan(only me) Than I find that I can't get any progress in daily mission by win coop battles. Now I have to play the Random Battle to get progress and complete daily missions. Is it a BUG? For daily missions are said can be done by coop-missions... Or not work if you setup a Clan?