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  1. The same, just spend some money on EPIC platform There are lots of good games nowadays, and epic give us lots of 10$ coupons. almost endless, you buy a game, use one coupon, they will refresh a new one that makes you happy cause you can feel epic really value their costumers I spend more than 1500$ in a year on WOWs without any coupons and when I ask why I can't get a 200% or a 30% off coupons and even my Moskva cant get any refund, they think I am Stupid They thought I should not demand anything just because I spend money, they thought I should dump my wallet to WG and better knee on the ground to worship Now I AFK for a month and WG just spam my email box very rapidly(they just tell you that you get a gift, dont tell you what it is, and ask you to login into the game ), and I only want to say F**K WG and those loyal free players can run this game better by their LOVE, they think every one who pay their money is STUPID

    Server overload

    I think bad players are even worse than bots.. bots dont say "*********" in the channel and team kill others....

    What is it with Newport?

    well, i think the useless of cv is not due to players, but the poor AI. normally the npcs have a fixed route and surface ships can predict their position and just shot the chicken but if Cv drops trops, then the npc will change their route to avoid get hit, then other npcs will change or stop to avoid ram, then a total mess. that means, the long-range trops that surface ships drops, will all miss, and most of the shells fired already will miss or jump too, and also poor shooting angle.. so CV better use rocket or bombs, but that means CV players will lose his own incomes, well some CV players lost their planes to fast that they have to use trops at the end.. anyway, just another case that CV is badly balanced...

    quitting the game

    a recent news say they find the virus in the outside air, according to an Italian research report. tested negative only means you are not infected yet, only IgG,IgM antibody positive mean your are really safe and test negative may also be fake result, for there is a latency. some cases show that the period may be even longer than 2-3 weeks: you tested negative, but you did get infected

    Have you Quit Playing World of Warhsips?

    Dont forget give WOWs a "Disapprove" on Steam page. I am back to Civ6 and Cites:skyline, and reduce my time on WOWs day by day, how to say, "flatten the curve"

    How many on our server are from China?

    that is not because the dam, but the localization no matter the height of the GFW, the aim is not for preventing players to play online games aboard LOL or Dota2, they all have been localized by tencent and perfected world , both are game giants in china domestic game marktet The localization , that means better chinese language client, better internet connections, better and easier payment methods, better local communities, more localized marketing, and also, huge basic users of those game giant. the WOWs, well, a fail localization in china, Kongzhong net has a very bad fame In 2017,before the Kong quit the NASDAQ, only worth 350m dollars. while, tencent, reach 500B$ in 2017 and PW worth more than 8B$ the same time WG chose a wrong partner. They are now coop with 360 (19B$ ), not the best choice, but still better than kong, for 360 has a huge user group You should know that, a fact that Most chinese young people who plays online-games, are, low-mid educated, poor english skills, and low income A typical figure of a chinese online gamer, is, mid-school or local community collage(called the 2nd,3rd level collage) graduated, low english skill(IELTS 3.0-4.0) , low-mid income in labor-intensive factories or service, small companies, 400-800$/ month If there is a good localized online game, they wont go to EU/NA/Asian server, for they cant read the english website or some even dont know how to register an account if official website doesnt provide chinese language, and normally, in chinese server, everything is much more cheaper The goverment know that, they dont need waste resource to ban online games, for most chinese players, they dont have motivation PUBG is special, for people can play it on Steam and it is not totally localized yet Nowadays, Steam is very popular in China Mainland, you can find it in every internet cafe, and PUBG is also a fashion, so the CS:GO is. It is Steam make those game popular in China so you can see the GFW has half banned Steam ,but not for game ,for people are gathering in steam community discuss some none-game content You can buy and play games on Steam in China Mainland, but you cant use the community. they don't prevent you play games

    How many on our server are from China?

    and in additional In fact, only few famous online games are banned in China Mainland by the Great Fire Wall Many online games, they just banned chinese player by developers for their own reseaons. For most not famous online games, GFW just didn't care and no need to waste resource WOWs, I think there are thousands high-active china mainland players in Asian Server, maybe a large number for some small country/region, but for a nation has 1.4B pops, who cares such a few scale so that's why they didn't ban WOWs if you are not banned by GFW, it is only means you are not famous/popular enough

    How many on our server are from China?

    sadly tell you, you are wrong most Chinese charters in the game are from Chinese Mainland, not those what you say, other places. it is very easy to recognize the difference of non-native speaker to native speaker, others will hardly notice the differences In china mainland, most players can connect Asian and EU server directly without any VPN and get a ping at 50-80 ms. few people use vpn to get a better ping, or sometimes their local ISP has connection problem some times, you can see at the beginning of a random match, some people are typing strange numbers, they are mostly from china mainland, and those numbers are some kind of "secret code" to identify who are chinese. Some korean, Japanese, or those who lives in taiwan or malasia, singapore can also use simplified chinese, but they can hardly understand those "code" Maybe you also did not notice some chinese player using their phone number or even QQ/Wechat number or Pinyin as their ID, for most of them use steam client with their Steam ID And also clan, some clan names are very chinese style but if you dont have a culture background, it is hard to understand, for exmple , -1-1S, do you understand? it is a Chinese political joke and also the ID name, you understand the meaning of NMSL ? it is a brief of a chinese "greeting" There are, lots of players from chinese mainland in Asian server already. And from some evidence, there are usually half players in a random match you meet are chinese. But only few of them come here to post, they have their own community such as Tieba and NGA Asian Server, some kind ,is somekind of a half-chinese server the so called "Invade", when the chinese player number is more then others in actual , you would better consider, who are invaders (lol, just a joke)

    How many on our server are from China?

    WG's WOWs is more and more like CCP's EVE-online,both their game environment, management and even forum EVE is almost a dead game, and I dont think WOWs will have a bright future if WG continue all these WG is using the same marketing rules to harm old players, and also there are more and more bots in the server for well-know underground account trading And also in this forum. you can see few activists give the WG an allusion that players feel good and they are doing the right thing, ignore those who hardly express, the "silence majority " I dont know whether WG notice what is happening on steam that disapprove floods, while only few is complaining here (like me) Anyway, I wont give any coin into wows anymore since the same trend happens here May be some activists feels good, but in fact WG is going into wrong direction I still remember past year I played eve, when we, the "silence majority" , go into the forum to complain, those forum activists use their "influence" to make the developer believe that we are "idiot"(I just got this same title here in another post), so what can we say ? just stop payment and leave I hope what happening on steam will alert WG, but I think they will not aware. Ah, and again, the chinese server you know what that mean, and so do I maybe some people dont know that , Asian Server and EU Server is all available in China Mainland, VPN are not necessary in most places there, the Gread Fire Wall didn't stop people join the game, for, yes, WOWs is not that popular in China, so they dont care that only thousands people play this game,no need to waste GFW resource on this "little thing" So you can see, when the Chinese Server is till running the 0.7.X versions, lots of Chinese are coming, and also bots and underground account trading This flood will give another allusion to WG that WOWs is more and more popular, but in fact , people are not increasing, they are just moving from there to here and they are more sensitive on marketing, that means they won't pay without gain, and won't pay to WG's "stupid" marketing mechanism this is a real "culture conflict" but anyway , no one care to read so long text from a "idiot"
  10. I know there would be some one like you that just said an "idiot" then ignore all the problems, maybe WG is doing the same thing Just like yesterday once more, the last game I played I spend 1500$ last year but I hardly post on the forum, there are lot of player like me , the so called "silence majority" Yes, you can see there kinds of people like you, post lots and play more, and your behavior give WG a illusion that "No matter we do, players will always suffer and believe in us" But that is not correct Those who disagree with you, that silence ones, will just leave and stop any further payment, only few like me will complain here Since you kind seems those "loyalty" , maybe you can do better than me for example, you can pay 1500$ to WG this year to balance their account income, for I am leaving. Good luck and sail safe
  11. In fact, I did interested in naval games but WOWs is not irreplaceable. Before WOWs, I used to play EVE-online for almost 10years, and Uncharted Waters online for 3 years Maybe I am not that kind of user groups WG is aiming, I mean, NAVAL and SHOOTER, either of the type is OK to me, EVE is a starship game and no shooter content, neither the UNO While I also played lots of Shooter game like CS1.5.1.6,CSGO,BF2/3/4... WOWs is my current online game but it doesn't mean I will play it forever, especially when WG is more and more "cruel" to old players. It just remind me EvE online. the same its developer CCP did. Many years ago, that developer change the game repeatedly to make the environment more and more unfriendly, and they ignore costumers' complain They have a similar market mechanism, and I believe WG did learn much from it, that how to "seduce" new players while ignore the old ones like you say, they are "loyalty", because none competitors among the MMO SPACE Sandbox game But CCP wrong, there is a competitors, that is itself. When they use "catch" not content/consumer experience to capture users, they began to step into a wrong way. CCP finally failed and was sold to a Korean company, while EVE-online suffers continued user churn I left Eve many years ago, and I "lost" how much? maybe more than 10K thousand US$. I am a producer/trader in that game, I spent a lot $ to buy PLEX and trade for ISK, set up a company with many friends. Everyday we login into 10 or more accounts to organize the in-game marketing, researching, transporting and producing. More than 10 years. That is what kind of user loyalty?? when we find CCP just treat us like "idiot", we all quit. loyalty, can be transfer into something opposite very easily well , I may complain too much, but I have a strong feeling that WG is another CCP they didn't focuse on how to increase customer experience, but only on how to increase profits from custormer. It like what? give some one shit and say "pay for it", is it so called loyalty?
  12. so a better way is link your WG account to Steam and pay from the steam wallet, Gabe Bewell will show you
  13. about $740 since Jan,2020 and about $800 last year. I pay the bill all from Steam account , really a long list. well, not that much money to me, the fluctuation of my stock account will greater than that in just a minute. If you pay, you get happiness, that's OK, we say you get the utility from you consume behavior If not, then all you have spend become into sunk costs If you are considering whether you should pay the next bill, we say you are measuring the stickiness Anyway, when I open my steam bill and wish list I realize that , it is not the money you wasted, but the opportunity you miss the M&B2 Sekiro MHW AOE1&2 2077 X4 AC7 ... Well, quite deep
  14. I dont think it is a "special treatment" It is Wargaming's "special" marketing mechanism that only those freshman who doesnt spend any coin are worth to "reward"(or we can say "seduce"), those who spend a lot are worthless Dont you think their marketing rule is strange that, normally sellers will give more discount or bonus to long-term (or key) customers You can see they are selling credit and doubloons in the shop under the normal rules that the more you buy the larger discount you get, But that is limited to one-time trade, your account never get any bonus by your passed consumes AND, when I was a freshman, one one told me that there is a 200% coupon that you must play the game free for more than 100 or 200 rounds before they give it to you You say it is a "Special Treatment" but I would rather to say it is a "Catch" or some kind of (discrimination) that you pay you are "punished" and you dont pay they will "seduce" you I am not care about those thousand doubloons I missed, I am unhappy with that marking mechanism In a long time, I can just tolerate this for I only interested in sailing-type online games, and I think I should pay the bill for my own "innocent" and blame on one else But when I notice what they are going to do in the 0.9.5, I think may be it is time to LEAVE THE TABLE As a player, I dont have other way to express my UNHAPPY about Wargaming's marking mechanism again That those freshman who dont have Moskva are reward, but those who already has it and spend 5000 doubloons becomes "idiot" Wargaming are using the same LOGIC again, right? And I am fear that they will using the same LOGIC in the future again, and again Maybe I should follow those who give a "disapprove" on the Steam, to show my disapprove If Wargaming want me back, they may should treat long-term customers better may be you think players shouldn't demand more only because they spend a lot, but I dont think so Since Wargaming is doing a game business, I think as customers, we can discuss some marketing and customer experience
  15. Just look the Steam page, lots of disapprove when players heard the news about moskva