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    well due the current meta,and state of the game,german BB are suffering because of the abnormal dispersion they have.also,they are a target for everry other ship when they try to get a little close.the main gimmick of the german line-the secondaries have become useless because of this.WG totally powercreeped this particular line for no reason.so,change need to come to these ships.
  2. GVK_destroyer

    BBs should be removed from the game.

    well i dont know which kind of half minded thinkers the people posting this shit are.when people say remove BBs,its funny.you got the CVs which can absolutely ruin a day of a normal player,and then you got cruisers which are FFing annoying with their DPM.well when people say BB have more HP and have punishing salvos,we also got the big vulnerable size and awful detectability.we dont have much maneuverabilty and then if someone has a bad torpedo salvo,then you can blame yourself for that.and also remember,the KMS bismarck used to go at 32 knots.the USS iowa at 33.5 knots.so keep in mind to know what you are speaking about.also,if there is a stupid class that needs to be removed from the game,its CVs.
  3. GVK_destroyer

    ST, changes to the commander skills system

    absolutely true.the current meta already encourages long range play more than enough.most secondary battleships suuffer from this.also the manual secondaries skill shold be at a usual of 60%.WG shouldt change that.because of the current meta,the game became insanely boring too.