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  1. VodkaMolotov

    Please stop Planes One shotting DD's

    Waiting for "Just dodge" comment...
  2. VodkaMolotov

    FPS from 60fps to 30fps after 0.8.3

    I can't help if I don't know what he's using, AMD/NVDIA GPU. If he's using a laptop with switchable graphics, he might need to re-add the game on discrete(AMD/NVDIA) GPU's control panel. WOWS now have a separate executable for 64bit PC (WorldOfWarships64.exe). The GPU's control panel might be looking for the old executable (WorldOfWarships.exe) and if it can't find it, the game will use the integrated GPU instead of the discrete GPU which results in low fps. If he's getting exactly 30fps, he might need to disable V-sync
  3. VodkaMolotov

    FPS from 60fps to 30fps after 0.8.3

    PC specs please...
  4. VodkaMolotov

    Still a defeat

    Potential plesss....
  5. VodkaMolotov

    Big Trouble in Little Baltimore

    Island-hugging is pretty much ~meh~ with planes flying around. I have seen more success in open-water-long-range-HE-spamming-kiting tactics specially with my RU cruisers.
  6. VodkaMolotov

    Spotter Plane??? What Spotter Plane.

    If only WG can add another feature of a Spotter Plane like decreased main battery dispersion ( -3% to -5%) while active.
  7. VodkaMolotov

    This is insane

    YOU STILL HAVE THE AUDACITY TO POST IT HERE HUH... see what I did there... Audacity... Audacious... anyone?? Okay, I'll let myself out.
  8. VodkaMolotov

    If you think CV are OP

    Bow-tanking Pyotr Veliky (Bow shots only) ≤452mm guns: Nope... ≥453mm guns: Upper Fore End Armor belt BALANS
  9. VodkaMolotov

    Donskoi upgrades

    I'm currently running: Main Armaments Mod 1 Damage Con. Sys. Mod 1 Aiming Sys. Mod 1 Steering Gears Mod 2 Concealment Sys. Mod 1 Gun Fire Ctrl. Sys. Mod 2 PT,AR,DE,IFHE,CE (16 pt cptn., 2 pts. unused & waiting for 1 more for Superintendent) I played it twice and got a ~quote-and-quote~ good (50k+ and 100k+ game) only with kiting + long range HE spamming. Is it viable to run Donskoi with Steering Gears Mod 3 instead of Concealment mod for maximum kiting-dodging. (I always timed my shot, look who's aiming at me, and when I see "1" on PT I vanish.) Also should I drop DE and get Superintendent instead? and use the unused 2 pts. for Expert Marksman?
  10. VodkaMolotov

    Pobeda. why this thing exist?

    Deym... so they're bringing KV-2's Stallin Guidance System™ to WOWs now...
  11. VodkaMolotov


    Oh yeah..
  12. VodkaMolotov


    They can't kill those two BBs, all CLs & CAs, cowering behind the island. If I haven't pinged the FUSO, CV won't attack it. I almost solo'ed that Fuso and absorbed all the fires intended for the transport ship. If I haven't go with the transport ships we'd lose. It ain't weekends yet.
  13. VodkaMolotov

    unfair container ships !?

    To add salt to injury, I got Izmail and Pyotr missions from non-prem Soviet container.
  14. VodkaMolotov

    Aegis, some observation

    Often times you will see an over confident BB that tries to solo the second attack from the north and being ended up focused and melted down by AI ships. Also, cruisers firing HE at broadsiding AI cruisers (even the AI is smarter, they change ammo type). Also people who cower inside the Mahan's smoke and getting torped by two AI DDs.