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  1. Schiffszerstorer

    What Does KMS Stands For?

    It would probably make sense to use KMS prefix but the alies are looking for repeating patterns on enigma-encrypted messages. If ze Germans used it repeatedly, it would only make the encrypted message easier to decrypt.
  2. Schiffszerstorer

    What Does KMS Stands For?

    With HE spammers and planes flying around you would probably KMS with a German BB.
  3. Schiffszerstorer

    Thought I'd Try A High-Tier DD On The Weekend...

    This one adapted to the meta real hard.
  4. https://forum.worldofwarships.asia/forum/290-clan-recruitment/
  5. Schiffszerstorer


    It's not random since you can influence the outcome of the game (well if your team do so). It's weekend, just play once, if you loose, stop, if you win, stop. Don't keep playing until you get a win. You'll get frustrated everytime you lose and it will affect you somehow in the battle.
  6. (ONLY APPLIES ON COMPUTER/LAPTOP WITH SWITCHABLE GRAPHICS) ex. Intel HD Graphics + AMD/NVIDIA If you got a sudden drop on your FPS in the game, there might be a chance that your game is using the integrated gpu (Intel HD/UHD). You have to re-add the game in your respective gpu control panel (in my case "Radeon settings"). Your gpu's control panel might looking for the old executable "WorldOfWarships.exe" and can't find it so by default, the game runs on the integrated gpu. The game is now an x64 application and WG created a new executable for that "WorldOfWarships64.exe". Remember, don't pick the launcher icon (Wargaming Center) if you're re-adding the game, pick the "WorldOfWarships64.exe" directly.
  7. Schiffszerstorer

    Have anyway to change graphic API from dx11 to dx9?

    I don't know if this works but it doesn't hurt to try. There's a file "preference.xml" in wargaming installation folder. Open it and look for "GRAPHICS_API" and set the "activeOption" to 0. Save it and make the file "read-only" so the game can't change it back. If you gained fps by doing this then that's it and if not, revert the changes you made. OR If you have a discrete GPU, there might be a chance that you're running it on your integrated GPU (Intel HD Graphics if you're using Intel). WG said that they'll be running the game on x64 thus they created a new executable for the game "WorldOfWarships64.exe". The control panel for the discrete GPU might looking for the original non-x64 version "WorldOfWarships.exe" and you have to change it to the new one (x64 version) so that the will run on the discrete GPU and not the integrated GPU (Intel HD Graphics for Intel).
  8. Schiffszerstorer

    Server Problems

    Also me
  9. Schiffszerstorer

    problems connecting , getting kicked ?

  10. Configure it again on AMD's own control panel. Add the "WorldOfWarships.exe" and not the Wargaming Center executable.
  11. Schiffszerstorer

    Please fix DD matchmaking

    The MM tried "balance" it with T6 La Galissonnière, but still dumb decision by the MM.
  12. Schiffszerstorer

    Scenario Rotation

    What's next after Killer Whale?
  13. Schiffszerstorer

    Scenario Rotation

    What's the scenario rotation?
  14. Schiffszerstorer

    Anybody got a HD version of this pic?

    Waifu2x it (not kidding.. that's the name of the software that I'm using to upscale photos) Magnify only: Magnify w/ Denoise