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  1. AnExtremelyWeakPlayer

    Are 15 inch guns still powerful?

    380mm guns are now much weaker than before, especially in Tier 8 and 9. By overmatching 25 mm plating, 380 mm guns used to get the capability of dealing large amount of damage to cruisers before 0.9.2. Now these guns are bouncing a lot while dealing with running cruisers, just like how 406 guns hehave in Tier 10.
  2. AnExtremelyWeakPlayer

    2 new Ships on the horizon (Italian/Japanese)

    Calculating from the 152mm and 203mm guns on Italian cruisers, 381mm SAP will get a penetration ability of 106mm, and is able to ruin everything on hit. With exhust smoke generator, Impero will easily reach the similiar strength to Jean Bart or Musashi. It is absolutely not a good idea to put Impero at Tier 8. Or we can say, it is crazy for WG to mount high caliber SAP and smoke generator on a battleship.
  3. AnExtremelyWeakPlayer

    The Game Launching Problem of Steam

    It seems like that the steam client will somtimes go wrong and stop the players from signing in with proper usernanme. Do any of you face the similiar problem? Or do you know any suggestions ?
  4. AnExtremelyWeakPlayer


  5. AnExtremelyWeakPlayer

    Transfering from Steam to Wargaming Center

    I have installed my game through Steam and registered by my Steam account. However it seems like that Steam client is not as stable as the one in Wargaming Center since It is sometimes difficult to start up. I wonder whether there is a method allowing me to use WGC instead of Steam to launch the game.
  6. AnExtremelyWeakPlayer

    The New Invisible Soviet Railguns.

    It seems like that the new soviet cruisers can have everything done prefectly, including anti-aircraft defense, destoryer hunting, battleships baking and cruiser butchery. They will leave no place for all other cruisers.
  7. AnExtremelyWeakPlayer

    True or false?

    That is obviously a good decison. What WG have done is encourageable among the international enterprises since the donation of highly demanded medical equipment can not only enable WG to build up a good fame in the community but also, most importantly, help save invaluable lifes.
  8. AnExtremelyWeakPlayer

    Operation Narai - lead transport weird behaviour.

    If all the team members can corporate well and push fast enough, we can manage to kill all the enemy reinforcements and get 5 stars while all the transports are still on the way to parking harbour. However, this requires heavy firepower, good communication, and plenty of experience.
  9. 你可能高估了整體遊戲玩家的消費實力。wows作為一個網遊,人氣和熱度是維持良好遊戲環境必不可少的一部分。付費模式有將現時的玩家按課金力度進行分流,一方面會敗壞遊戲形象,另一方面會延長排隊時間,減少遊戲人數,並非好事。
  10. AnExtremelyWeakPlayer


  11. 你們可能低估了2850彈頭硬度綜合0.32風阻的影響。二十公里穿深都照樣有600mm可輕易爆頭尾,Yashima的强度絕對更甚於Slava。
  12. AnExtremelyWeakPlayer


    After the existence of this crazy gun with horrible penetration abililty, battleships will have no choice but to stay at 23km to avoid being tore into pieces, furthering worsen the combat environment.
  13. AnExtremelyWeakPlayer


    Considering the traditional Japanese high quality guns and the crazy anti-aircraft firepower, Yashima will be much more powerful than anyone could think.
  14. AnExtremelyWeakPlayer

    Gearing sucks now?

    In terms of credit and experience reward, teamwork worths nearly nothing. Spotting? Capping? And taking protential damage? Doing all that instead of dealing damage may help a destoryer to win the game, but will also let it end up at the bottom of score list and lose money.
  15. AnExtremelyWeakPlayer

    [WoWS new news] No. 26 - Well, consider me stupefied. A-150.

    Defeating the disgusting Slava, Yashima will certainly become the most powerful and most awful warship in this unbalanced game.