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  1. AnExtremelyWeakPlayer


    After the existence of this crazy gun with horrible penetration abililty, battleships will have no choice but to stay at 23km to avoid being tore into pieces, furthering worsen the combat environment.
  2. AnExtremelyWeakPlayer


    Considering the traditional Japanese high quality guns and the crazy anti-aircraft firepower, Yashima will be much more powerful than anyone could think.
  3. AnExtremelyWeakPlayer

    Gearing sucks now?

    In terms of credit and experience reward, teamwork worths nearly nothing. Spotting? Capping? And taking protential damage? Doing all that instead of dealing damage may help a destoryer to win the game, but will also let it end up at the bottom of score list and lose money.
  4. AnExtremelyWeakPlayer

    [WoWS new news] No. 26 - Well, consider me stupefied. A-150.

    Defeating the disgusting Slava, Yashima will certainly become the most powerful and most awful warship in this unbalanced game.
  5. AnExtremelyWeakPlayer


    THIS IS 510 MM. How fearsome it will be. I doubt if there is any ship that can tank even only one single salvo from a direct hit. It will be able to ruin everything it can touch.
  6. AnExtremelyWeakPlayer

    New Ship balancing Change

    Well done. But another crazy one, Venezia is left. Hope they can do better in balancing British heavy cruisers and European destroyers.
  7. AnExtremelyWeakPlayer

    Italian cruisers are isanely powerful.

    Before the releasing of British heavy cruisers, I hope the Supertesters can do their job properly to avoid another protential balance problem.
  8. AnExtremelyWeakPlayer

    Italian cruisers are isanely powerful.

    I am totally surprised by your replies. I wonder whether you have notice the outstanding kill/death ratio of Venezia. This shows that Venezia has boths strong survivability and aggressivity. In some degree, Venezia is even more durable than some BB. Knowing that I can hardly get any hit on Venezia, why don't I choose another, especially a fragile battleship ? Venezia has a unique ricochet angle of 75-80. If other ship want to bounce the SAP shells, they only have a very narrow angle which prevent them from doing a full boadside or making a huge turning and signifiacntly their own efficiency. For cruisers and destoryers, angeling usually equals to suicide since they highly rely on turning to survive. Otherwise, cross fire can easily ruin them. For battleships, their huge and easy-to-hit superstructures do not allow them to get immune to SAP at all position. In exchange for SAP, Zara get a 25% longer reload time compared to Yorck and Algerie. If Des Moines can mount SAP, it can tear everything into pieces in minutes. In the data I get from wows number, there are some ships that are exclusive to the unicum players, such as Colbert and Puerto Rico, but none of their preformance can match Venezia as well.
  9. AnExtremelyWeakPlayer

    Italian cruisers are isanely powerful.

    Last time, many people disagreed with my opinion. However, supposing that you have countered many Italian cruisers in random battles or rank battles, I think you may now think differently. According to the data from asia.wows-numbers.com, Venezia is the most deadly cruiser in the current game. It can even deal more damage and gain more experience than Stadingard, which is considered a strong steel "Battleship". In defense, it is extremely hard to hit Venezia from its regular combat range. What' s more, its armor can effectively block low-caliber guns in all range while it can use its 40 mm belt to ricochet all kind of AP shell from battleships, combining with its crazy maneuverability. In offence, a single salvo of SAP from 17 km can deal over fifteen thousands damage to battleships. Nobody can do the same.
  10. Things are getting even harder for new beginner. The grap between casual players and enthusiastic elites is quickly widening. I do not thing that is a ideal trend to expand the lifespan of this broken game.
  11. AnExtremelyWeakPlayer

    List of Puerto Rico Marathon mission

    It is ridiculous. I doubt whether any human is able to finish thems.
  12. AnExtremelyWeakPlayer

    Puerto Rico, time to abandon ship

    Puerto Rico will be the most expensive ship in game cause it costs both money and health.
  13. AnExtremelyWeakPlayer

    Dev Blog (European Destroyers)

    7.5 km radars dealing with destoryers, 91 kt tropetoes dealing with cruisers and battleships, remarkable anti-aircraft firepower dealing with aircraft carriers. Having all these stuff and even quick repair party, European destoryers have the protential to handle all kind of enemies. They may be much more powerful than we think.
  14. AnExtremelyWeakPlayer

    Dev Blog (European Destroyers)

    The tropetoes seems to be fatal to cruisers and destoryers. Now Asian destoryers mounted with radars do not gain any value.
  15. AnExtremelyWeakPlayer

    From the Dev Blog - 'IFHE' change test

    Poor Montana. Great Kremlin.