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  1. AnExtremelyWeakPlayer


  2. AnExtremelyWeakPlayer

    Thunderer and Ohio AP Comparison

    It seems like that the trajectory of Thunderer's AP is slightly distinguished to its HE, which makes the AP salvos somehow less accurate.
  3. AnExtremelyWeakPlayer


    Am I too late ?😭
  4. AnExtremelyWeakPlayer


  5. Maybe you can make a use of the Wargaming checking tool. https://asia.wargaming.net/support/en/products/wows/article/19498/
  6. AnExtremelyWeakPlayer


    With excellent concealment and high quality HE, actually it is not easy for gun destoryers to detect and hunt down an Asashio. The existence of aircarfts and radars is a great threat to all destoryers in tier 8, not only to Asashio.
  7. AnExtremelyWeakPlayer

    Warships on Air Special!

    Mounting with SAP, Italian battleship will become another troublesome nightmare to the game balance, just like the aircraft carriers in the past.
  8. AnExtremelyWeakPlayer

    ST 0.9.5, detectability with AA firing

    This is a ridiculous change.
  9. AnExtremelyWeakPlayer

    PT 0.9.6, balans "mostly nerfs" changes

    They all deserve these changes.
  10. AnExtremelyWeakPlayer

    Arizona or West Virginia for Operations

    Neither of them worths your doubloons since the margins of all operation have been significant reduced.
  11. AnExtremelyWeakPlayer

    Des Moines Unique Upgrade Compare (0.9.5 vs 0.9.4 Pre-Nerf)

    Poor Des Moines and Montana who get the unfair treatments
  12. AnExtremelyWeakPlayer


  13. AnExtremelyWeakPlayer

    ST 0.9.6: Slava, Ludendorff, Paolo Emilio, KM CV

    The strengths of the modifications always constitute the strengths of ships. Various of ships usually rely much on certain kinds of builds. Any changes to the modifications and upgrade will lead to a direct impact to the efficiency of ship, not to say the changes to the unique and exclusive legendary upgrades. Even though the unique upgrades of Des Moines and Montana are considered strong, the ships themselves are totally the opposites, ending up at the bottom of strength ranking. While the performance of these two ships are under average, it is their unique upgrades that enable them to make some use in tier 10 battles. Maybe WG would not intend to nerf Des Moines and Montana, but it is now actually doing so by nerfing their upgrades.
  14. AnExtremelyWeakPlayer

    Where players mostly go?

    That map is too small for high tier battles. Expanding it to 48×48 km will make it a much more suitable one.
  15. In my opinion, Russsian Bias does exist since most Soviet ships used to be given significant advantages overmatching all other counterparts when they were initially released to the standard gameplay.